<Renowned> is a newly formed guild built upon two different groups of longtime friends that met at the release of Legion. We discovered that each group had similar goals, and that we would each like to continue progressing on the Legion raid content together. We are in a transitional period currently, and need to work toward fleshing out the roster further.

We strive to create a raid environment that can push the content, while still having a good time doing so. We are all adults with other commitments, but expect consistent attendance and exceptional performance from one another.

Our aim is to be a Mythic progression guild with a relaxed raiding schedule.

Loot is to be distributed with EPGP, ensuring commitment is paramount to receiving loot.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 8-11pm server
Thursday 8-11pm server
Monday (Clean Up) 8-11pm server

If interested whisper Blasti/Yodahh/Harambáe in-game, or add my battletag blast#11499

Currently accepting all roles.