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    [H]<Heartborne> US-Zul'jin LF Heroic/Mythic Raiders For WoD

    ***Recruiting Exceptional Players For Heroic and Mythic WoD Progression ***

    Our Current Needs:
    Ranged DPS: Low
    Melee DPS: High
    Tanks: Closed
    Healers: Very High

    About Heartborne:

    We are a Horde guild on US-Zul'jin.

    We raid Thursday/Saturday/Sunday, 7 pm server until 10 pm server (EST).

    We use a Loot Council system with officers + 2 random raid members, raid members will be swapped out each week. Trial raiders will not be selected to participate in the loot council.

    We will provide food, flasks, potions as well as repair money for our raiders.

    We are looking for players who come prepared before raid starts, and get started rolling through content come raid time. We are looking for those individuals who can commit to the following:

    Come with the knowledge of their class, spec, and role.

    Have researched the mechanics of boss fights.

    Have an excellent attitude and willingness to be part of a team atmosphere.

    Able to arrive on time for invites and stay until raid completion.

    To apply you can head over to heartborne.wowlaunch.com, you will have to make a guildlaunch account if you do not already have one. After applying you will receive a response within 24 hours.

    If you have any further questions about Heartborne and you cannot find the answer on our website feel free to contact us on Realid:

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    bump still looking to fill a few slots!

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    Bump in need of healers!
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    Bump still in need of healers!

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    Bump still in need of healers!

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    But still looking to fill a few raid spots!

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