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    [A] <Seven Day Ban> Skywall - 3/7 Mythic

    We are always looking to upgrade our roster so if your class isn't listed but you feel you can be an asset to the guild don't hesitate to apply.

    Holy Priest
    MW Monk

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday - 7-10pm PST
    Wednesday - 7-10pm PST
    Thursday - 7-10pm PST
    Sundays - 7-10pm PST (optional pickup raid, generally cleanup)

    About Us:
    We're a pretty laid back bunch of people. There is some friendly trash talk, as well as some dry humor. So if you can't take a joke or shake things off this may not be the place for you. We're all friends so nothing is personal. We group outside of raids for Mythic+. The unique part of our guild is there is literally no cliques. There is almost never the same groups of people running M+ together. We all learn from our strengths and weaknesses, and its better for everyone to be able to play on a smaller scale with a variety of mythic raiders. Skywall is a low population server, however those who have transferred here have learned to love it.

    Qualifications for Mythic Raiders
    We are the #1 guild on the server and intend on staying #1.

    You’re not a douche

    Must attend raid Tues-Thurs from 7pm-10pm PST.
    Must be available to raid Sunday if deemed necessary by raid leader (mostly for progression raids).
    Must be on time and stay for the duration of raid. *If you are continually late to raid or leave early frequently, recruitment for you spot will be opened. *You will not be kicked out of the guild, however, you will not be invited to mythic raids until your schedule is fixed.
    Must be willing to sit if asked and not throw a fit (guild progression > personal progression)

    Must come to raid prepared with enough consumables (food, flasks, pots, etc) for a minimum of 100 wipes.
    It will be expected of you to watch videos and/or read forum posts regarding each boss prior to raid. *Know the fundamental mechanics well enough that you would be able to explain them to others if asked to.
    Level and gear a raid ready alt.
    Be prepared to get all addons deemed necessary by the raid leader. *These include, but are not limited to: *DBM or Bigwigs, Angry Assignments, Weak Auras, Exorsus Raid Tools, and encounter specific addons (Mark of the Legion Helper, Iskar Assist, etc).

    All raiders will be expected to rank in the 50th percentile, at the very least, for their role and ilvl.
    Executing mechanics will be valued more so than dps. If mechanics cannot be performed, you may be asked to sit for the night, the boss, or the entire instance depending on the situation.
    If you cannot depend on your internet, we cannot depend on you.
    Communicating via voice chat is a must.
    Your spot is always up for grabs, so playing at your highest level at all times is an absolute must.

    You will be expected to contribute to the guild bank (gold, mats, items, etc) to help during raid progression.

    Apply here!

    Feel free to contact me in game with any questions.
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