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    [US-Skullcrusher] [H] <Modest Power> Recruiting for legion!

    [US - H - Skullcrusher]

    Who we are: <Modest Power> Is going to be a heroic focused raiding group for legion. We are a close group of about 8 friends who have raided and played other games together. In WoD we raided through heroic blackrock foundry and then moved onto other games. We have returned for legion and want to get a running start into the expansion!

    Atmosphere: "Semi-hardcore" would be the best way to define us. When its boss time we are focused and give our all into each encounter. Overall we are relaxed and just want to have a good time. We respect our players, don't yell, but do strive to make each other better.

    Legion Plans: In WoD we strived to be a mythic raiding guild and ended up falling short. We had a strong core but building up to the needed 20 players for mythic ended up being too difficult. This expansion we plan to focus in on heroic raiding only. At the current moment we do not plan to do mythic raiding at all (although we will be doing mythic+ dungeons). However, if we happen to clear the heroic raids very quickly, we will shift gears and start to focus on becoming a mythic raiding guild.

    Guild logistics:

    *EPGP is used for loot distribution

    *Discord is our voice/text communication

    *Raid times are 8-11pm Eastern Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday

    What we are looking for:


    *Can make all raid days (most of the time)

    *Healers (Monk/Druid/Shaman)

    *Mature attitude

    *If not on our server, willing to transfer to skullcrusher

    If you are interested in us contact me on battlenet @ HazeDust#1294
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    Looking for ranged DPS still!

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    Still looking for new members!

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    Updated. Looking for healers!

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    Still looking for some more healers!

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