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    [A]Reforged 14/14H US 76th LFM WoD - 4 Nights

    <Reforged> is located on Draenor alliance

    Raid days/Times (during progression):
    - Tuesday: 6-9 PST
    - Wednesday: 6-9 PST
    - Sunday: 6-9 PST
    - Monday: 6-9 PST
    (Currently doing 1-2 day clears with alt runs randomly thrown in)

    Plans: Currently have a roster of 20, Will be converting to 25m within a week or 2. Still have a few apps/trials to run through, but should be good for 25m/Mythic.

    Primarily recruiting the following:
    - 1 Tank non-paladin
    - 1 Healer Mistweaver or Shaman preferred
    - 1 Melee Ret, Warrior, Enhance, or Rogue preferred
    - Couple ranged Mage, Lock, Ele, Hunters Preferred

    - Apps from exceptional players will always be considered and our roster is flexible to accommodate.

    Requirements: We do not require 14/14H SoO for our applicants, but if applying with a low amount of progression (sub 8/14), then some previous tiers of heroic experience is a great asset to have. (IE. some heroic kills in T14 or 15, or in previous expansions before a break was taken etc). If your logs show that you're extremely strong without this experience, then that is also fine.

    What we expect from our raiders:
    - Being on time and early for every raid
    - Advance notice on a missing or late day
    - Optimizing your characters to the best of your ability
    - Giving your best on both farm and progression bosses
    - The ability to have fun raiding with like-minded individuals

    If you're interested, please fill out an application at our website:
    reforgeddraenor (dot) enjin (dot) com <-- Not a frequent poster, can't use URLs..

    The amount of effort you put into your application is our first impression of you, so make it count.

    Protect (GM): Protect#1609
    Xfighter (RL): Xfighter#1693
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    X is a beast!

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    Bumpan it up der

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    Kaze is a beast too! Aw snap.

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    Str8 to the top m8s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeijin View Post
    Str8 to the top m8s
    Kaze for President!

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    Bump for reforged-needing-two-to-three-more-dps awareness

    - - - Updated - - -

    Join us, we raid and things

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    Bump, Reforged is still needing a few DPS!

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    Join us and you can dps bosses and receive loots

    - - - Updated - - -

    We still lookin for dat ranged deeps

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    Ranged deeps ples

    - - - Updated - - -

    Any casters in da house? Apply to guild and receive epics

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