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    680 Holy Priest LF early morning, late night raid guild

    I've raided since launch
    in Vanilla I played as a mage raiding through the first bosses in Naxx and all but C'Thun in AQ
    in TBC I played as my current holy priest clearing all content, though not before the Mu'ru nerf
    in WotLK I played my holy priest clearing through all content except LK 25H
    I played the first tier of content in Cataclysm in a 10m raiding focus though my schedule changed before heroic end-boss (Al'Akir, Cho'gall, Nefarian, Sinestra) completion in any of the dungeons.
    I then took a break from raiding until the end of MoP clearing SoO on Mythic difficulty (not 25H before the raid change, though I was 13/14 25H)

    In WoD I have cleared Heroic Highmaul, and all but Thogar, Blast Furnace, and Blackhand in BRF. Our raid composition in my current guild has frayed apart only having us completing Kargath on mythic with a raid team that is unable to get to 20 on most of the raid nights currently.

    Due to continuing degradation of raid quality I am looking for other options that better reflect my capabilities such as killing heroic Iron Maidens in the first group I did the fight with, with no normal completion, I was not on the boat team, however none of the other mechanics proved difficult to learn or avoid as rapid fire turrets,blood soaked heartseeker, blood ritual were all straight forward mechanics as was the laughably easy alpha/omega bombing patterns. One reason I have chosen to seek other raiding options is that my current GM routinely has difficulties with the increasingly difficult fights in BRF and the idea of accomplishing mythic difficulty within my current guild will not be achievable given where it is at now.

    I am currently speced for Holy/Shadow though I am familiar with Disc, I find I am a more viable healer as holy and prefer the healing role

    My availability is until 0100AM-1200PM CST Mon-Thu and fully available Fri-Sun, to this end I am looking for either an early morning or late night guild and would consider a weekend guild. Server transfer is not an issue but I need to know that there is a legitimate offer of trial.
    my char is
    my battletag is Demosthenes#1954

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    Guild: Persona Non Grata
    Realm: Alleria (PvE)
    Faction: Alliance
    Progression: 1/7 Mythic HM, 5/10 Heroic BRF
    Raid logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/9023/

    Raid times
    Friday night - midnight to 3:30AM Central Time (technically this is Saturday morning)
    Saturday night - midnight to 3:30AM Central Time (technically this is Sunday morning)

    We are looking for exceptional players of any class (we are fairly well balanced).

    Please contact Raidaren#1963 or KootaBANG#1841 or Strobe#1308.

    I used to raid 4 nights a week from Vanilla to Wrath. It became like a second job and I quit. Since returning to the game in WoD, I've been very happy that I joined PNG. The 2 night per week schedule ensures it never interferes with my real life, and I'm always looking forward to our raids. My only hope is we can progress faster and faster. Hope you can help us do just that!


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