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    [H]<Pixelated> (10-man 14/14H SoO) recruiting tank and dps for T-W-R raid

    <Pixelated> is a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild on US-Deathwing (Horde), and we're looking to recruit a new tank for our core group. We also are seeking skilled dps players both for current content and as a move towards a larger roster for 20-man raiding in 6.0 and WoD. The guild has existed since Cataclysm and has been consistently raiding through MoP, with better progression with each new raid that has come out. We're currently 14/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm MST (Deathwing server time).

    We seek serious raiders who know their classes, can handle mechanics, don't stand in fire, and really push for higher damage on the meters. We want people like us who do the research on fight strategies, like to discuss how to manage the raid's cooldowns, strengths, and weaknesses, and are willing to put in the necessary time for progression. Still, we're a small, social guild composed mostly of raiders, with little interest in the drama and stress that can come with a hardcore raiding environment. So while we're not a world-first group, if you're interested in seeing heroic content, pushing your skills, and cooperating with a like-minded team, <Pixelated> might be the guild for you.

    Right now we want to recruit a tank and high quality dps of any class. We'd particularly welcome a tank with a viable dps OS or a dps with a viable tank OS for versatility in handling tanking situations. We require that you already be at least 570 ilvl so you can begin to compete with our current raiders and alts to showcase your skills (most of our core players are at least 580 ilvl, and our alt raid is 570ish). We will trial new potential recruits in our alt run, held on Sunday at 6:30 pm MST...that group is currently 10/14H. If you're interested in raiding and impress us in the alt run, we are willing to rotate new players into the main raid for a full heroic clear, as we get to know each other and gear up with 6.0 and later WoD in mind. Although we expect raiders to join the guild for long-term raiding, especially once mythic requires we all be on the same server, we don't require that initially...attendance, dedication, and skill are more important as we begin raiding together.

    We require that all raiders have Mumble for voice communication (you must be able to hear, even if you prefer not to speak), and we let the in-game roll system determine loot distribution, with players clicking need for their main spec and greed for their off spec, and never clicking disenchant. We expect players to be respectful of others in loot distribution. If an item is a minor upgrade for them, but a major upgrade for another, they should pass to the player with the higher need. Trial players are equally eligible for loot as every other player in the group.

    Aside from the main and alt raids, we do a variety of activities together as a guild, including both casual gold and realm-best challenge modes (our group currently holds the realm best titles in 6 of 9 dungeons, with more on the way); some basic pvp; old raids; and achievement runs. We welcome altoholics and have players with all of the various professions willing to share skills.

    If you have any questions or are interested in potentially raiding with us, you can visit pixelated.enjin.com for more basic information about our group or to apply. You can also contact Damarisalynn#1761 in game.

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    Still looking

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    Still looking

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