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    676 Resto Druid - LFG that raids after 8pm Eastern - am willing to FC / transfer

    Long time resto druid - have been playing since about 6 months after release.

    I am an older player (30s) and am seeking a guild of the same (relative) makeup.

    i have experience ranging from BC through heroic ICC in wrath - missed most of Cata - I came back towards the end of MOP.

    I am 7/7 HC HM and 8/10 N BRF - the guild I'm in started from scratch about 2 months ago but their schedule no longer matches mine.

    PM for more info or questions.

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    Hi, <IQ> on US-Proudmoore (Alliance) 2/7M HM & 8/10 H BRF is recruiting for Mythic & WoD. Our raid times are Tue/Wed/Thu from 5-8 pacific (8-11 eastern). We are a very stable, semi-hardcore drama-free guild looking for exceptional raiders for Mythic under our relatively light raiding schedule. We finished the tier at roughly US-470. We are looking primarily for an exceptional Resto Druid, Shadow Priest, Warlock, and Boomkin to round out our 25m roster. Reasonably geared applicants can expect an immediate trial. Our website is iqguild.enjin.com, or you can contact me at Wushen#1308

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    Would enjoy a chance to chat as we have spots for a resto healer on our team! We raid Sunday 8:30-12AM EST(optional) and Tuesday-Thursday 9-12AM EST. Just rejoined MMOC so can't send PMs yet. If you're interested check out my post and add me on battle tags Alsorin#1361 Good luck!

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    Hi Rifter! We have a core spot open for a resto druid on <Clouded Minds> currently 7/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry, 1/7 Mythic and 7/7 Heroic Highmaul. We raid T/W/Th 7-10pm Pacific Time on US-Silvermoon (A). Many of us are professionals in the same age-group as you

    Our guild has been well-established since Vanilla. We manage to stay competitive with other progression teams while maintaining a friendly, fun and drama-free environment.

    For more information, visit cmguild.com or add Bluttrinka#1823 to Battle Tag. Hope to raid with you soon!
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    Hi Rifter, would love to talk to you some more.

    <Cake Plantation>
    4/7M, 9/10H
    Fri/Sat 8-midnight EST


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    Hey Rifter, Our guild sounds like it could be a good fit for you. Take a look and see what you think. Message me in game and I'd like to chat with you.

    Reck @ Ularius#1358

    Dark Legend is an Alliance Mythic progression raiding guild. We are a balance of being serious about progression, but also having fun, all while keeping that "family-like" atmosphere. We intend to stay current with new content as it is released and continue to do what we have always done, down bosses.

    All the high standards of other good guilds. You know the drill. Our group is consisted of a lot of friends, a few couples, and many high end raiders of the past that don't want to commit more than 3 days a week. We have a real healthy raid environment without the pressure and animosity many other guilds have. Trials will have a chance to prove themselves during Normal/Heroic runs.

    Leadership promises to do the right thing, promote excellence, and care about our members. We trust each other and promote a great raid environment.

    Our raid group is pretty well set, but have a couple more spaces. We could use any great dps, healer, or another tank.

    Main and off spec flexible is desired.

    Suicide Kings.

    Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday nights 9pm – 11:30pm EST

    A stable & mature raiding environment
    A chance to get a full-time raider position in a progression guild.
    A simple guild rule: RESPECT. Our guild is drama free and “family” like because of that once simple rule.

    Interested in joining? Apply at http://www.darklegend.us/

    Questions? Ask Reck @ Ularius#1358, Colera @ MikeDLary#1708, Arienn @ Arienn#1677

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    Yo how do you feel about weekend raiding? We're 7/10H with low % wipes on iron maidens. And we just had a spot open up for a new resto druid.

    Sat: 9-11 EST Sun: 9-12 EST

    hit me up on huzzleduff#1153 really would love to chat.

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    Hey Vindictus is recruiting players for its 20 man mythic roster for Warlords of Draenor. We moved from Ysera to Thrall for WoD for a higher pool of talent. I feel you would be an exceptional fit to our team. Let me fill you in with some quick and simple information about Vindictus.

    Here is some quick information about Vindictus.
    Raid Days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    8-11 EST
    Loot Council / biggest upgrade

    9/10H BRF
    10/10N BRF
    5/7M HM
    7/7H HM

    Theatious#1814 is my Battle Tag if you would like to talk about what my guild has to offer. Thanks

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