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    [H][Zuljin] Deaths Echo LFM for legion!

    === Who We Are ===

    We are a guild located on the Horde side of Zul'jin. The officer core is 13/13M and is preparing for legion. We provide a friendly atmosphere with the intent of downing content and having a ton of fun while we are at it. We are currently 9/13M, and will probably try to get as far as possible still before legion.

    === Raiding With Deaths Echo ===

    if you choose to join our ranks, you'll have an opportunity to down content at a pace that is fairly quick while at the same time having fun. We currently raid Friday/Sat 8-12 EST, but we will be changing days to Tuesday/Weds/Fri to be more competitive in progression, same 8-12EST. We have core raiders and officers who were tip of the sword during WOD and as well as people who have server firsts in other expansions TBC Wrath ect. Deaths Echo requires some commitment and dedication for raiding. Preparedness, attendance, consistency, and awareness ( PACA ) are crucial components to a successful raid team. We understand reallife stuff happens, just let someone know so we can work things out. If everyone is responsible and works together we continue to be successful again.

    === What We Need ===

    Currently we are in most need of healers, primarily Pally/Monk/Druid, but could also use another Resto Shaman.

    DPS - we as most guilds I'm sure will probably be heavy on DH, but all other classes are welcomed to apply

    All class/chars are welcome to apply and exceptional applicants will be taken.

    === Who To Contact ===

    These are some battle tags to contact if your interested in talking with an officer about joining or any questions:





    or visit us at DeathsEcho.enjin.com !
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    Need some healers but taking all new applications! come apply!

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    still taking all exceptionall applicants

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    Still could use some ranged and any healers would be welcomed. all are still invited to apply!

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    still recruiting some melee. please visit us deathsecho.enjin.com

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