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    [H] Late night <Dark Animosity> EST Guild 11/14H LFM for Mythic!

    <Dark Animosity>
    Server: Skywall

    Raid times are Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday @ 11:30 PM-2:30 AM (EST)
    Progression: Being a guild for only ~6 months we ended SOO with a very late start @ 11/14 Heroic.

    Currently Recruiting:
    Even if your class is not listed if you are a good player we will always be interested so do not hesitate to still talk to us!

    High Demand Healers:

    High Demand DPS:
    All specs and classes being looked at.

    A Little About Us:
    <Dark Animosity> was originally a guild made 2 years ago by a bunch of real life friends on the Quel'Dorei server as Dark Scion. During Cata the guild was able to go 6/7 Heroic Firelands and 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul before being disbanded early MoP during HoF progression due unavoidable real life circumstances. Those who continued playing the game went on to continue their Heroic progression elsewhere while keeping in contact with one another. In April 2014 everyone was playing the game again and decided to create our old guild and build a new team and raid together like we all once did. We moved the guild to Skywall and renamed ourselves Dark Animosity and began to rebuild our team. Here we are now at the end of the MoP expansion with our new and improved raid team becoming one of the top 5 guilds on the server and plan to push further come WoD. As a group, we are a fun young group of people who like to raid Heroic modes but on a slightly lighter schedule and without all the hardcore influences that usually come with top Heroic guilds. As a guild we challenge ourselves to be the best we can while killing as many Heroic modes as possible and have a good fun time while doing so. All we ask is all our raiders keep up to date with their class and performs at a level that is on par with the rest of the group. We do have some funny and crude humor that happens in raids at times so if your not easily offended and looking for a great guild, with great players and great personality than we might be a good fit for you.

    What we offer you:
    - Experienced guild leadership
    - Provide flasks and food
    - Guild repairs
    - A guild full of friends and raiders alike looking to compete in raiding.
    -Guildies online outside of raids doing stuff in the world ranging from achievements to PvP

    If interested you can contact me in game via Battletag = Zykenwolf#1890

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still some spots open!
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    Still some solid dps spots open!

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