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    Join <Business Class> H-Trollbane for Progression Heroic Flex/Mythic Raiding in WoD


    Our Philosophy

    Business Class was conceived to service seasoned individuals who may have grown older but have not outgrown the thrill of an elite raiding experience. Priorities change, and so must the old way of doing business.

    Our team operates under a directive that promotes minimal time investment with maximum efficiency. Unobtrusive raiding times ensure that members are free to attend to life’s evolving demands while still fulfilling the pleasure of our shared interest. Our shared time together will be condensed and far more productive.

    We look forward to having you on board!

    Warlords Strategic Plan

    Business Class’ roster is currently built to support a Heroic Flex raid team. Our goal is to recruit up to a total of 24-26 raiding members in order to support Mythic raid progression. Members will be encouraged to level to 100 in a timely manner once the expansion releases in order to get a jump start on heroic dungeon farming and attain early access to flex raiding content.


    • Heroic Flex raid team as a base for future 20-man mythic raiding.
    • Bi-coastal raid schedule

    Tuesdays 9:15pm EST to 11:45pm EST
    Sundays 3pm EST to 7pm EST

    About the founders

    Pokeadot (31, Sr. Partner & Raid Coordinator) - Successful guild leader and community organizer in World of Warcraft. Consistent Top 20 World Parsing Rogue. Top 100 in US Guild Progression. University Professor & Administrator.

    Kriegsheld (27, Partner & Asst. Raid Coordinator) - Guild leader, main tank, and assistant raid leader of 2 Top 100 US guilds in World of Warcraft over 6 years. Senior Software Engineer.

    Corexar (25, Partner & Asst. Raid Coordinator) - Literally one of the best hunters in the World of Warcraft with enumerable #1 World DPS parses. Participant in multiple top 50 US guilds. Fund Accountant.

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