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    [H][Turalyon] <Purple Time> Seeks Awesome People and Raiders for Legion

    <Purple Time> is currently recruiting raiders and members for Legion.

    Current Progression: 3/7N

    Raid Days: Wednesday/Friday 7-10 CST

    Who We Are: A lovable bunch of misfits. We’re a blend of real life friends and friends who met on a previous raid team. We’ve decided to join forces to make a band the likes of which has never been seen, and we’ll call ourselves Tenacious D - wait, no, that’s not right. Where was I? Ah, right! We decided to band together to form a raiding guild.

    Our Mission Statement: To recruit people who are of tremendous quality and skill in order to clear all the raiding content that Legion will have to offer, but also to grow together as friends and comrades both in-game and out (though because of geography, probably not literally out of game).

    What Does That Mean?

    It means we are looking for people who want to push themselves to be the best and are not afraid of being challenged when they’re not. It means we’re looking for mature people, of any age, who want to get together and beat up raid bosses two nights a week. It means that we want people who can discuss and act like adults, but still have fun and have a laugh at something entirely immature, like innuendos.

    Our goal for now is simple: Gather guild members to grow our numbers and then build a formal raid team once we enter Legion proper. We currently have a loose roster and are going to recruit for a goal of 25 regular raiders. This allows us to have the flexibility to hang out in Heroic, but also to have a Mythic team with substitutes if we so choose. For now, let me be clear: We are aiming for Heroic at this time.

    Without further ado, the important things.

    Who to Contact: Questions? Concerns? Reach out to us via in-game mail, through our website, or of course through tells directly. Even on Reddit, if you like!

    Guildmaster: Batslap or his alt, Batflap, or Battrap, or Batscrap... you get the picture.

    Raid Lead and Officer: Deminaria or his alt, Ryziam. Alternatively, battletag Ryziam#1171.

    Officer: Cailiao or her alt, Holyhealix. Alternatively, battletag Kolix#1346.

    Officer: Kahna or her alt, Londiwe.

    If you don’t see any of those on? /who Purple Time and poke someone who’s on or if interested, or use the application on the website and we will reach out to you!

    Speaking of the website, I apparently do not have permission to make it a real live link yet because I am on a brand new account. So please, PLEASE reach out if interested. We're Purple Time on the Enjin website though. You may need to search for us like in Ye Olde Times.

    We currently have a strong preference and need for ranged DPS.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Looking for DPS, preference for ranged!

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    We might have tank covered - sorting out some details! We do have the bodies for a raid team and are going to put together some HFC shenanigans prior to the expansion launching.

    Still have a need for ranged DPS, preferably of the leather/mail variety. Melee DPS will open back up when we have a bit more balance

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    Update to our recruitment needs:

    Tank: Currently full.

    Melee DPS: Tentatively closed - but we're missing a few classes and won't turn down an exceptional application.

    Ranged DPS:
    Yes please, especially if you're a Boomkin. We've put out Boomkin traps but to no avail. Might be the bait we're using...

    We also don't have a hunter. Maybe we should recruit a hunter to help us trap a Boomkin? Is there logic in that?

    We already have 2 shaman (with probably a third transferring in), but could probably bring another ele shaman.

    No more mages or warlocks please (we have 5 total, maybe 6 depending on schedule). We don't have a shadow priest but competition for cloth gear is high.

    Healers: Currently full, though we are likely looking to add a fourth when we get to the 16-20 people range.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions, and do not hesitate to throw in an application if you're interested. We are trying to build for balance but aren't going to turn away exceptional people or players

    - - - Updated - - -

    Corrected my double posting mistake. I'm not as dumb as I look, I swear. It was my work computer betraying me.
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    Still looking for folks! Just found out our elemental shaman can't make it, so we could DEFINITELY use a ranged mail wearer, hunter or shaman.

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    Had a couple of folks add me to real ID to chat, glad to see some interest. Please don't hesitate to apply.

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    Nothing more really to add, still recruiting.

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    Still looking

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    Bump! First raid is tomorrow. Still looking for DPS. Asking for 825+ iLvL.

    Please feel free to add me to battle tag (Ryziam#1171) or apply on the forums!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was completely wrong about first raid being today. We raid on Wednesday. Whoops. Mondays are rough.

    Apply today for our first raid TOMORROW! For real. I mean it.

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    First raid is tonight, still looking for DPS.

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    2/7N after our first night, proud of all our raiders! Still need DPS!

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    3/7N and hoping for an even stronger week this week - a few of our folks raided on less well-tuned classes that are getting buffed, so that should help.

    Still looking for ranged DPS - we have no shadow priest or boomkin, but any interested ranged party can apply!

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    Still looking for ranged DPS, specifically a shadow priest, boomkin or elemental shaman. We're not super picky, we just don't happen to have any of those classes

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