Hey all!

<Altered Time> WEEKDAY DAYTIME GUILD on Illidan(US)!!
Currently recruiting an amazing HEALER and DPS to expand our current roster.

We are currently:
3/10M NH
10/10H NH
3/3H TOV
7/7M EN

We seek a healer and couple dps (ranged dps) for a core spots. Immediate core spots available!

Resto Shaman!!!
Holy Priest
MW Monk
Ele Shaman
Hunter (MM)

Min requirements are:
1) ilvl 890+
2) Artifact Weapon level 45 or better and working on it
3) DPS: Min DPS for EVERY boss in NH = 600k.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for mature and progress minded people who want to be a part of our community. We are looking for someone who is always looking to improve and shows up prepared and ready!

Raid times:
Currently, we raid 3 days a week ( 4, to be 100% honest but the 4th raid is optional and we only step in to farm content).
Tuesday: 1-4pm (CST) server time
Wednesday: 1-4pm (CST) server time
Thursday: 1-4pm (CST) server time
Friday (Optional, no requirement to participate): 1-4pm (CST) server time.

Apply at alteredtime.enjin.com
Feel free to add me on btag if you have any questions!
Btag: Rumblemintz#1475 or Trackballz#1989

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bump! looking for ranged dps!!!

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bump! really need ranged daytime players!!

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