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    [A] U.S <We Wipe At Zero> Looking for Mythic Raiders Friday/Saturday for WOD Raiding

    Hi There and Welcome to <We Wipe At Zero> of Integrity @ Kaelthas US.

    Are you a Friendly and Skilled raider who likes to kick back, relax and kill some big bad bosses?

    We currently have a great core team and for Mythic are looking to welcome few more brave souls to join the fun.
    We do not recruit for bench so if you are a DPS player who share a passion for raiding
    and want to have a good time while clearing content, then give us a Shout.

    Please check our raid times and recruitment requirements below:

    Update: We ALMOST SET

    Would love to have MAGE and HUNTER to join our core group

    Past Progress:

    SOO 9/14 HM (10-man before 6.0)

    Raid Times:

    7:00 - 11:00 pm CST
    Invites out @ 6:50 CST

    7:00 - 11:00 pm CST
    Invites out @ 6:50 CST

    Recruitment Requirements are Simple:

    • If you got skills we can gear you up.
    • We don't care how many HM bosses you've killed as long as you know your class, play well and bring your A game to raid.
    • Be able to commit to the team and have no known conflict with the raid hours.
    • Must be reliable and friendly.
    • We use Mumble so working headset or speakers (mic not required, but a way of listening is a must).
    • Must be 18+.

    Guild Info:

    US Kaelthas Alliance
    10-man Heroic Raiding going for 20-man for Mythic. We have 2 weekly raid groups going.

    Integrity is a semi-hardcore social guild with great collection of fun people who love raiding but do not forget to have fun.

    You may ask what <Integrity> has to offer you?

    • Alliance - Enough Said. Oh Horde don't be jealous!
    • Convenient, friendly 2 night a week raid schedule.
    • Immediate openings for dps and healers.
    • Great Friendly, Mature/Adult atmosphere.
    • Just because we are nice, doesn't mean we do not take raiding seriously.
    • Active guild on off nights - We always have people on doing things.
    • Food, pots, and flasks to be provided.

    How To Apply and Contact Info:

    Hit us online so we can chat or jump into our Mumble for a quick rumble:


    Deadbanger Battle-tag: Deadbang#1220
    Icylina Battle-tag: Lightheart00#1611

    And if you can't find any of us online, and you happened to be on Kaelthas, you may also speak to Jaidiah regarding recruitment.

    Hope to hear from you here, in-game, or at our website above.

    See ya'll around !!!
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    Still looking so here goes the bump.

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    Still looking for a healer or 2 and some range dps.

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    Doing weekly weekend Mythic/Heroic SOO runs every Friday/Saturday so come run with us and lets get to know what we got to offer.
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    Here goes bump. Still looking for a healer and couple RDPS

    Come join us for our weekly SOO runs.

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    Another friendly bump

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    Here we go, you know the drill.

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    Just looking for a friend Mage and a Hunter now.

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