Been raiding since mid BC till end of Mists of Panderia. Multiple US 20-40th finishes under my belt. Came back to WoW a few weeks ago to make some gold and get leveling gear before expansion, thought I'd go casual but the urge to raid is rising.
From latest to oldest that I can remember:

US 20th Heroic Garrosh kill
US 26th Ra-Den Kill US 29th Heroic Lei Shen kill
US 32nd Heroic Sha of Fear kill
US 40th Heroic Madness of Deathwing kill
US 37th Heroic Ragnoras kill
US 30th Heroic Al'Akir kill
US 33rd Heroic Sinestra kill
US 101th Heroic Lich King

Stuff before that doesn't matter.
Parted ways with a guild just now and am still looking for a guild where I fit in. I know this is last minute but I bring a solid understanding of my class, fight mechanics and theorycrafting. I constantly research each and everything I can about my class, other classes and raid fights. From Heroic Lich King to Heroic Garrosh, I've always performed in tip top shape. My lack of logs in WoD are a hindrance but my top finishes in previous expansions should prove otherwise.

Ideally looking for a 3day guild looking to push progression. CST. PM me for wowprogress/character link.