Hello Everyone! As the title suggests I am planning a Re-Roll on a new server, Lightbringer on Alliance side for the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor! This Re-Roll will ultimately end up as a Raiding guild, focusing more on a 2-3 day raid schedule where people get on, get in and get things done (Preferably in Mythic fashion!).

Having said that, we're a Re-Roll right now! So, everyone is welcome to come join us and make the guild a new home for themselves, make new friends and do some fun stuff along the way, such as legacy raids, PvP and lots and lots of questing / dungeons!

I'm also going to borrow a little feature I seen from a recent Horde Re-Roll on the forums here, it was called TRUE Re-Roll! What is this TRUE Re-Roll? Well, basically it's a little random generator that will select a race/gender/class/spec for you to play! This is not required for this Re-Roll! I included the OPTION to use it, because some people have been playing this game for 10 years (myself) and sometimes a little bit of random can breathe life into a stale class!

To take advantage of the random element, use the link below and select Alliance!


Now, the reason I'm not going to force anyone who would like to play with us to use this tool is some people know exactly what they want to play and exactly what they're good at and because eventually we'll have to play these characters at a high caliber level in WoD, so I would not want to force someone to play a class or spec they are not comfortable with.


As previously stated, we will be Alliance faction. We will be leveling the guild through all content, stopping briefly at Legacy raids to complete guild achievements and get to know guild mates in a raiding environment. This is a good time to test raid awareness, showing up on time and listening to directions, all things that will prepare us even more for WoD content.

PvP will be possible while we are leveling, and is a great way to fill in some gear gaps for when we lock for raids, however let it be known once you lock your experience you get put in a special PvP bracket that is VERY stagnant.

As this is a fresh start for everyone, the guild will only have a leader to begin with, all officer positions and raid lead positions will be filled in game. They will not be handed out, but they will be available for the dedicated few that are interested.

The Guild name is undecided at the moment! As this is something we will ALL be building, I feel we should ALL have a say in it!


This Re-Roll will NOT be a race to 90 to do content that all of us have been doing already. We will be stopping a long the way to lock ourselves and participate in level relevant raids, not only to give some a bit of time to catch up but also to learn who we're playing with! Since this will eventually be a raiding guild, we need to know that everyone knows how to STAY OUT OF FIRE and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

Let's face it though, all of the 60 content is not what it once was, and myself and the others currently involved in this Re-Roll agree that stopping here is a waste of time - We will schedule a night roughly a week after the start of the guild to DESTROY AQ10, AQ40, MC and BWL and then we will continue our endeavors to TBC. The time we spend in TBC content is up in the air, however I would prefer we move through it swiftly so we can concentrate on WOTLK and a bit of Cata for more intense raid mechanics and also more achievements (mounts, titles) for the guild. WE WILL BE STARTING WOD ON TIME!


We are currently planning the official start date and time of this guild to be 9/3 (Wednesday) at 2PM EST. The reason I say planning is, we don't really want to start this beast up without around 20 - 30 people that share the drive to Re-Roll and put the time into developing and cultivating a great guild atmosphere, it would be a good feeling to have multiple guild groups leveling up and not have to worry about getting in that horrible random dungeon finder group!


No to both. We want to keep an even playing field for EVERYONE that wants to Re-Roll with us. We don't want to see a guild group break up because Jimnoob was the only guy without heirlooms and he was the reason you kept getting gnomer over and over and over.

Also, when we lock for Legacy raiding, Heirlooms will not be allowed, not only to preserve whatever is left of a challenge out of these raids, but also it's a lot cooler to see all those purples that drop get equipped!


"What voice communication software will you be using?"
Mumble will be the guilds voice com, 50 person server already purchased.

"Why aren't you doing the TRUE Re-Roll all the way random?"
We intend to be a raiding guild, and our goal is Mythic. Putting people in a role they are not comfortable with is counter intuitive.

"What if I don't want to level lock and do Legacy raids?"
Then you have missed the point of stopping and doing the legacy raids and this guild is not for you.

"I want to Re-Roll but I want to PvP / focus my garrison in WoD"
That's completely fine! Multiple interests can mingle in the same guild!


If you would like to show interest in this Re-Roll and be a part of what I hope becomes a long term guild for Raiders, PvPers and everything in between, drop by this site and fill out a very short app as this will let me keep track of everyone interested. Also, feel free to post in the forums any questions you may have, though I will be checking this post to answer any questions that I can.


This site is VERY BAREBONES and unfinished at the moment! It is merely here to judge interest in this Re-Roll project, once enough people have shown interest and we have selected a name, we will move to a bigger and better website!

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- - - Updated - - -

We've added 15 members on the first half day of recruitment! Shaping up to be a good time!

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Excellent turn out so far, still 6 days of recruiting until we launch!

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End of the first day of recruiting, 23 members!

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5 days until start time!

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Would like to be 40 or 50 strong by 9/3!

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Still looking.