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    <Group Therapy> 14/14 H 25m looking for dps!

    About Group Therapy

    Group Therapy is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on thrall. We are a group of dedicated raiders who like push current content with like minded players. We run a very small roster compared to other 25 mans, usually 30-33 raiders. As a result, we hold our raiders to a very high attendance standards. We do not recruit for a bench, backups or fill-ins, etc. Just like any other we do however swap people in and out for fights depending on the requirements needed. We do keep it fair and ensure that nobody gets rotated out excessively.

    We use a loot council system based on attendance, performance, Best in slot, last loot recieved, etc.

    Mists of Pandaria Progressions and achievements.
    Mogushan Vaults: (6/6) Heroic
    Heart of Fear: (6/6) Heroic
    Terrace of Endless: Spring (4/4) Heroic
    Throne of Thunder: (13/13) Heroic US 68th 25 man
    Siege of Orgrimmar: (14/14)Heroic US 72nd 25 man


    Even if your class isn't listed we encourage you to apply! We are always accepting exceptionally skilled players!

    Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman
    Ranged: Boomkin,Warlock
    Melee: Feral druid, Windwalker

    We are always looking for intelligent, mature, and active players that are eager to down new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama free, min/maxers that know their class inside and out. Potential applicants should be able to attend almost every raid without any recurring conflicts. Applicants should be well versed in their class and be able to play any spec if the need arises. We ask for a minimum of 90% raid attendance during our standard progression schedule.

    We are always recruiting exceptional players regardless of class and spec!

    Raid Times :

    Sun - 10pm-2am (est)
    Tues - 10pm-2am (est)
    Wed - 10pm-2am (est)
    Thurs - 10pm-2am (est)

    Invites 9:45 (est)

    If you have any other questions about us feel free to ask an officer or contact me directly.

    Trudyn - Trudyn#1665
    Fiveyoushi - Fiveyoushi#1318
    Cious - Cious#1359
    Akxz - Akx#1764

    Apply at www dot grouptherapyguild dot com
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    looking for some good dps

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    Looking for exceptional players!

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    Looking for good dps for farm status!

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    Looking for friends!

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    basic thuganomics

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    updated for WoD!

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    Still recruiting for WoD. We're running 25m every week/beta testing/selling runs/2200 guild rbgs/etc. Apply asap.

    If you have any other questions about us feel free to ask an officer or contact Suffokate directly.

    Suffokate - Recreant#1983 (MT)
    Trudyn - Trudyn#1665 (GM)
    Fiveyoushi - Fiveyoushi#1318 (Officer)
    Cious - Cious#1359 (Officer)
    Akxz - Akx#1764 (Officer)

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