*Looking to stay horde*

Hey, I am looking for a stable guild that is working on finishing up Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and is looking to jump into mythics shortly afterwards. Not looking for a brand new guild, looking for a team that has been together for a while.

I am a 852 Protection warrior, with 23 artifact traits working on my 24th. I have 5 research notes, so the 25(my 3rd golden) should be here within the next week. I am revered with all reps, and exalted with the nightfallen.

My experience:

Dragon Soul: 6/8H (with 3rd plate wipes on Spine)

Tier 14: 14/14 Normal 7/14 Heroic
Tier 15: 12/12N
Tier 16: 14/14 Normal 11/14 Heroic (a lot of 1% wipes on Siegecrafter) Pre 6.0

Highmaul: 4/7M (with a couple 1% wipes on Mythic Butcher)
BRF: 8/10M (with xp on Mythic Blast Furnace)
HFC: 7/13M (with 1% wipes on Mythic Fel Lord) No xp on Mythic Gorefiend.
(I have also killed Mythic Xhul,Manny, and Archi but it was after the patch so they were nerfed.)

Emerald Nightmare: 5/7N(didn't didn't do the first two on normal) and 2/7H with a few 14% wipes on Ursoc.

Monday-Friday: 6pm to 11pm Central

I am mainly looking for a guild that raids 3+ days a week.

(The times/days aren't set in stone so feel free to post if your times are outside of those times.)

Twiggy#11522 - please leave a comment below before you add me so I know you are from this forum.


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Hello everyone