<End of Days> (US Thrall - PvE) 7/7H, 5/10N, 1/10H is currently seeking exceptional and friendly adults (18+) to fill core positions to continue Heroic/Mythic progression.

Currently Seeking:
Skilled Ranged (Caster) DPS - Shadow Priest preferred but not limited to.

Raid Schedule:
Tues./Wed. 7:30 - 10pm EST
Sun. 6pm - 9 EST
Depending on the current progression or RL events, these times are subject to change; however we do not foresee any required raiding beyond the above times.

Loot council for Heroic/Mythic Raiding. Personal for Normal Raiding

Attendance Policy:
We take our attendance policy very seriously and expect raiding members to attend a minimum of 90% of our raids. We are looking for players that can consistently make our raid times.
Being and adult guild, most of us have careers/families and understand that sometimes real life can interfere with raiding. These sorts of situations are understood as long as it does not become a consistent problem. If you cannot make a scheduled raid, you are expected to notify an officer as soon as you are aware of the conflict.

What We Expect From You:
ilvl 650+ (Willing to help if needed)
Be on time for raid
Come prepared for raid with enchants, gems, flasks/potions, runes & food buffs.
(Many of these items are supplied in the guild bank)
Be knowledgeable about your class/spec
Study the mechanics of any upcoming progression fights
Mumble is required (at least to listen)
Deadly Boss Mods is a must!
Tanks/DPS - Threat meter (Some prefer Omen but there are others)

Apply at: endofdays-thrall.com
My Battletag: Lisastrasza#1713 or
Contact Wärbreaker, Riehl or Manapawz in game

Thank you for your interest!