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    Alliance [A - Azuremyst/Staghelm PvE - US] <The Dark Swarm>

    Quick info:
    Guild Name:
    The Dark Swarm
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Azuremyst/Staghelm connected Realms- US
    Realm Type: Normal (PvE)
    Realm Timezone: CST
    Battlegroup: Shadowburn
    Progression: Not currently progression raiding.
    Raid Times: -
    Raid Schedule: -
    Openings: We are accepting all classes/races/levels/playstyles.

    The Dark Swarm {US Azuremyst/Staghelm connected PvE Realms} is looking for laid-back adults (18 and up) that want to have fun and be a part of a friendly, relaxed guild- perfect for people with the duties of full time jobs and floating schedules.

    We are always looking to bolster our roster! Re-rolls are welcome, or if thinking about transferring, feel free to roll a level 1 to contact us with any questions.

    Some things The Dark Swarm is:

    ►A guild who has been around since BC.

    ►A place for fun, mature people. You must be 18+ to join. Sense of humor strongly recommended ☺

    ►A guild interested in doing all kinds of content. Some of us like to PvP, others like to run heroics and raids. Some like to level characters and professions, some love to collect things and camp rares. We welcome all styles of gameplay.

    Some things The Dark Swarm is not:

    ►Currently progression raiding. Our current focus is building a large, active, and stable base of members. We have players interested in raiding, so when we get our team/s reformed, we will resume.

    ►A hardcore raid guild. If and when a team is formed, we will raid, albeit on a 'casual' schedule. We do expect people that raid to know their class, do research and prepare themselves. Have your talents set, sockets gemmed, and gear enchanted. Punctuality is important.

    ►A leveling guild. We accept characters of all levels, but we are looking for people who want to make us their permanent home, not leave once capped and geared.

    ►A hardcore PvP guild. Some of us do Arenas and aim to start Rated Battlegrounds, but if you want a guild who is strictly PvP oriented, we might not be a fit for your interests.

    The Dark Swarm is interested in:

    ►'Casual-core' raiding. If and when a team is built, the schedule will be determined at that time.

    ►Guild events. We have many events in the works, with more being added.

    ►Achievements. We enjoy getting groups together for achievements including metas for mounts, and guild achievements.

    ►Past content; we like to go back into some older content for fun from time to time as well. Examples are guild OS3D to get people Drakes, or BC raids for Transmog gear.

    ►Fun; most importantly, continue to be a relaxed environment to hang out in and meet fun people. Play when you want, the way you want.

    Interested in joining? Questions? Contact us!

    ▪ Our website is

    ▪ We are listed in the Guild Finder!

    ▪ We use Discord for voice/text.

    Leader: Suicune

    Officers/Recruiters: Acro, Ruinoxx, Azgrim, Malphis, Sylestaria, Cynderelli, Ceredar

    Drop us a line on the site, this thread, or via in-game mail and we will promptly get back to you!
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    New members are joining daily! Will you be the next? Contact us!

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    Starting to have a nice bunch of people on nightly, come join us

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    Been awhile since I nudged my posts, we are still looking for more fun people to join us!

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    Still looking for more people for the days leading up to, and beyond the new xpac!

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    *nudges post* Hi! Still looking for more!

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    Getting tons of awesome new members, come join us to be one of them! We will be adding fun events soon, with the chance to win prizes! Join now so you can participate in them- and bring your friends!

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    Having a decent amount of people on at all times of the day/night. Come join us!

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    Still looking for more; roster growing some every day, looking for all levels, classes, races, and playstyles!

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    Not too much longer until Legion comes out, so come join us and get settled in!

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    Hello! We are still recruiting in force before Legion! Many people on to talk to and get to know, with more joining daily

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    Moving on up! Still looking for more members looking to make us their forever home!

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    We are still looking for more members! Contact us if you would like to join

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    Trying to get some fun guild achievements done before Legion! Come join us!

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    Still looking for more additions to our quickly growing active roster!

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    Legion's release date looms just on the horizon! Come join us and get to meet tons of friendly new faces!

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    Pre-patch here, and we are still recruiting for Legion and beyond!

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    Expansion end of this month and Demon Hunters coming soon! Come join us to get to know people

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    Demon Hunters are live! Come join us and defeat the Legion together!

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