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    {A} BRIDGE FOUR ~ Legion Raiding Guild

    [A] Achievement MANNOROTH- 3 Night Mythic LEGION Progression
    Faction - Alliance
    Difficulty - 20 Man Mythic
    Raid Times - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8.30pm to 12 midnight (EST)
    Loot System - Loot Council

    About us

    If you are a mature-minded and competent player, that likes to bring your best to every raid - we'd love to hear from you. We bring to the table an excellent group of similarly minded players that have been together for many years and understand how to run a successful 20 man team, within a friendly yet serious raiding environment.

    Recruitment for Oct.28.2016

    Currently looking for TOP DPS classes to join our Mythic Progression Group!!

    More about us

    We are a very social guild with an extremely active and large player base. Our activities extend to top rated challenge mode runs, pet battle competitions, achievement runs, hearthstone tournaments, and a lot more.

    Discord & Application

    LINK to our World of Warcraft Raid Application >> https://discord.gg/ZqY8v3J

    As Always, we are open to Exceptional players of any class! If you have any Questions please contact Myself or any of the officers in game:
    • Recruitment Contact: Carize#1916 • Ranged Officer: trippinface#1524 • Melee Officer - Riokou • Healing Officer - Babybottle#1133
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    Looking for an above the rest Warlock for Mythic Progression!

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    Would LOVE to hear from you if you are a Warlock looking to progress through Mythic Content!

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    Working on our 3rd Mythic kill! If you are a warlock and looking to join a progressing group hit up our forums!

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    3/7 Down! Ursoc has gone back into Hibernation Interested in joining a great group and pushing through Mythic content? Apply today!

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    Always looking for amazing players to add to the roster! Check out our new Application!

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    Bumping for Bridge Four
    Thank god this game isn't just for Rym, we'd have a pretty shitty time - Me

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    Currently 4/7 in the Emerald Nightmare, we are looking to push those DPS meters a little higher! Are you a top of the meters class? Are you looking to join a serious and strong progressing Raid? Apply today!!

    LINK to our World of Warcraft Raid Application >> https://discord.gg/ZqY8v3J

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