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    [A] - [Stormrage] - 2 Night Raiding - MoP 14/14M LF WoD Mythic Raiders

    ¶: Introduction:
    This thread is in specific reference to our raiding aspect but I would like to also let folks know that Intolerant will always maintain open doors for those players who wish to join our guild for other purposes whether it be PvP, achievement farming, leveling alts, or just being a general member. If you are interested in joining in an aspect outside of raiding then please visit us on our website and let us know, post here, or even get in touch with us in game and we'll be more than happy to bring you aboard.

    ¶: Realm Details:

    • Realm: Stormrage
    • Realm Type: Normal (PvE)
    • Realm Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    • Faction: Alliance

    ¶: The Raid Facts:
    Please know that all of our information can be found on our website pertaining to the raid team. However, for quick reference, here are the quick facts:

    • Raiding Days: Tuesday, Wednesday
    • Raid Time: 2200 - 0200 EST
    • Invite Time: 2145 EST
    • Attendance Requirement: As close to 100% as possible
    • MoP Progression: 5/14 Heroic (Pre 6.0), 14/14 (6.0)

    Team Mission:

    ¶: 20M Expansion Recruitment Needs:
    With our current process to expanding into 20M raiding for 6.0 and WoD, we're in the need of the following classes and specs. Please keep in mind that the raid composition here can be adjusted. We say this because we recruit the player; not the class. These listed reflect the following needs:

    • 2 - 3 Ranged DPS

    We highly encourage a potential raider to be at least 565 in equipped item level and owning their Legendary Cloak so that we can continue our progression in Heroic SoO. If you are not at this point do not hesitate to still get in touch with us, however. For preference, we would like to fill these spots with the following classes / specs. Again, though, these can be adjusted for the right players:

    Ranged DPS Preferences:
    • Warlock (High Preference!)
    • Balance Druid
    • Shadow Priest

    ¶: Contact Information:
    If you are interested in joining Intolerant to raid then your next step is to visit our website, register, and submit your application. Prior to doing this, though, you are encouraged to review our website to ensure that we are what you are looking for. You are also encouraged to contact me in game if you should have any questions; I have provided my BattleTag information for this purpose.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have done so to this point, and I hope to see some new faces in our guild.

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