Ad Victorem, a Mythic progression guild is now looking for exceptional applicants with a passion for progression raiding, their class, and the game. Raiding M/T/W/TH 7-11 central. Looking for players that are willing to push past those days/times to finish this tier strong. Times will be greatly expanded the first week or two of BLACKROCK as we look to push hardcore for top 25 US.

What are we looking for:

-Players who are as passionate about their class/role as our other members. We are looking for players that will spend time theory-crafting to be that much better than other that play there same role.

-As much fun as it is being on top of Recount/Skada we are not looking for players who tunnel vision their recount meters and stand in the bad stuff Ergo - Get out of the FIRE!

-Players that have plenty of time, and interest to raid. People that can push for top ranks at the beginning of tier releases. If you get mad after a few wipes, or frustrated too easily, we don't want you.

-Players that don't think they know it all. That are willing to research and think outside the box about what they can do to improve their own performance and that of the raid. This is not the place to be taught how to play your class correctly for which fight.

-Elitists without the attitude. I don't care how good you are, you can always learn more. Check your ego in at the door.

-Perfectionists. You have to want to be the best at what you do. If you see someone outperforming you, we want players with the passion that they will not let that stand, and will do everything until they're at the top.

-Players that are 18+ (no exceptions) and have a stable internet connection and living situation. IE - your mom is not going to unplug your computer in the middle of the raid to go take family effing photos or some such nonsense.

-Players that want to be challenged and stimulated, pushed to their max ability. If you just want to out gear fights and not be challenged this is not the crew for you.

If you're still reading, you might just fit into what we're looking to build/accomplish! Congratulations, and we deeply encourage you to apply and/or talk to myself or an officer in-game and be apart of our crew! Look forward to talking/hearing from more like minded people.

If you're interested in a serious Mythic focused guild who are passionate about competing for top realm clears than we are for you! For any questions add Bishop(daestrom#1108) or Bamfsdruid(Garret#1492) Or apply at