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    [A]Seven Day Ban - Skywall - 13/13M Seeking A Few For Legion!

    Seeking recruitment for:
    Mistweaver Monk

    Other classes are considered, as all Mythic positions tend to be competitive among similar roles.

    Raid Days:
    Tuesday - 7-10pm PST
    Wednesday - 7-10pm PST
    Thursday - 7-10pm PST
    Sunday from 7-10pm PST (cleanup raid)

    Basic understanding of mechanics prior to raid.
    Excessive amount of Potions, Flasks, and Food.
    Teamwork mentality. Constructive criticism is both given and received.
    Stay motivated and positive. Especially during progression!
    Evaluate situations and see where we can improve, as to not repeat the same mistakes.
    Communicate verbally.
    Contribute to the guild in some fashion, including the guild bank.
    Mutual respect, but honestly just don't be a douche.

    What can you expect from us?
    We WILL NOT recruit you just to have you sit on a bench. That's rude.
    There's always guild groups of something going on. Log in and join the fun!
    We do wind up selling raids, enjoy the profit.
    We have a very respectful leadership. We understand that we all make mistakes.
    There is adult humor. A lot of adult humor. Must of us are 25+
    Guild bank welfare option for progression.
    Server Firsts.
    Evaluation of logs.

    Being in a Mythic guild requires you to have a specific mindset and understand there are certain expectations and standards. While we take plenty of time joking around; coming to raids on time and prepared is an absolute must. You should always try to be the most prepared person in the raid. While we will NEVER recruit someone to keep a bench warm. However, we do maintain a competitive state. We will always consider guild progression over personal progression. Topping the meters doesn't mean a thing if you can't follow mechanics or have a piss poor attitude. We always try to guide and improve our raid in the most positive manner we can, without hindering our overall progression.

    Apply Here:

    More about us and what to expect:
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