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    Eighty Six - Alliance 25M Heroic Morning guild

    If you prefer to skip the long post, contact an officer in game and start a conversation.

    <Eighty Six>
    Tanaris - US - PVE - EST
    Heroic 25 Man Casual
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am - 2pm EST /// 8am - 11am PST

    Everything Cleared up to Heroic Siegecrafter which is our progression encounter at the moment.

    ====A Little Information====
    We are a Morning Heroic Raiding Guild! Most of the officers are based in the US, but we have members located in a dozen different countries. Our time-slot fills a niche that just isn't available on US servers for many players. Many of our players work in the restaurant industry, hence the name, Eighty Six, which is what people say when they delete something from a menu, or cancel an order.

    Eighty Six is run by an Officer Council. They are:

    Evenstar - Healing and Cooldowns
    Veveren - Raid Strategy & Loot Distribution
    Yoshimeti - Guild Bank and Website Admin
    Gwennymph - Erstwhile Healer & Forum Troll

    Our raids distribute loot using a Loot Council system. If you are raiding with us as a cross realm or trial raider, you will be subject to this loot system. X-Realm Trials are treated like recruits. Therefore, naturalized raiders are given priority over recruits. However, many of our raiders have gotten the pieces from the Bosses we have on farm, so there's not much loot competition.

    ====How to be Recruited====

    Fill out an app on our website and read our about post regarding guild policy



    If you're serious about raiding and want or need to play during the day, this is the guild for you. Our raiders are treated well, with all the perks that come with a heroic progression guild. We provide all potions, gems, flasks and enchants, including repair costs for progression. We enjoy learning fights and applying our own strategies to them and work together as a team to down them.

    If you're the ideal candidate you're raid aware, competitive, experienced with end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. Everyone who makes it past recruit status in this guild demonstrates those character traits. We want to cultivate the best experience possible when raiding, and that means no yelling, no stress, no drama. We are not hardcore, but we do dedicate ourselves to being skilled players who help each other try and beat the hard bosses of this game.

    ====The Must Haves====

    Access to Mumble/have a working mic [link to Mumble: mumble.sourceforge.net/]
    80%+ Raid Attendance. We're recruiting for raid spots, not bench spots. Absences communicated in advance are 100% excused, no questions asked.
    The ability to stay focused. We don't need people who tunnel vision.
    The ability to communicate when something is wrong, either with guild policy, raid strategy, or a squabble with another raider. All drama will be dealt with using an open communication policy, so as to be alleviated immediately.
    The ability to communicate when you will be tardy or absent in advance on the guild forums.
    Be able to transfer to Tanaris - USA (i know, cross realm raiding, but no)
    Raiding Experience
    Appropriate Gear Level, Build, and ...
    An obsession with improving your character

    ====Current Needs====

    We are in heavy need for Healers with DPS off-spec. You must be able and willing to heal and dps. We will prioritize gear to help with both specs.

    Mistweaver / Windwalker Monk
    Discipline / Holy / Shadow Priest
    Holy Paladin / Protection Paladin
    Restoration / Elemental Shaman

    We are in need for a tank to step up and join us in downing the last three bosses.

    IF you don't see your current class alignment above and still would like to apply, please, do so. We lean towards picking up exceptional people.

    ====Need More Information?====

    Make a lowbie on Tanaris and come talk to us if you want. Our recruitment officers may be reached at Yoshimeti#1404 or Flintar#1674, respectively.

    ====86 in the Community====

    ==Youtube Channel:==

    ==Twitch.com Channel==

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    Could really use some morning healers!

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    Could really use some morning healers!

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    I got you bro!

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    This seems like an awesome guild.

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