About us:
As i stated in the title; we are a progression guild pushing as far as our gear restraints will allow (for now). Had a few people re-roll toons to better suit our raiding composition during the HM -> brf transition which slowed us down a bit, although temporarily. It is, however, time to push for 10/10 heroic in the next 2-3 weeks and then begin our mythic progression. Our core is comprised of an exceptional player-base with experience dating back to early Vanilla raiding. I truly believe that once we have a solid core of 20 at our skill level, we will naturally obtain a US top 100 ranking. We are located on the Boulderfist server cluster: Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Stonemaul, Bloodscalp, Maiev

Raid days/times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10 PM PST

What we need:
ANY ranged or caster DPS
Resto Sham
Disc Priest
Resto Druid

There is no ilvl requirement. However, plz be capable of pulling weight through H BRF. We will judge you by proper mechanic execution and DPS - Sim ratio.

Willing to help on transfer fees for above listed classes.
*In order to qualify for paid transfers you must first cross-realm raid with us through H BRF for 2 weeks and meet our up-most satisfaction*

Misc guild info, rules, requirements:
In order to earn a core rank in Provocative, you must meet 100% attendance for 3 weeks with only 1 sick-day (with notice) allowed in the 3 week period. Once core rank is earned, must maintain 90% attendance to maintain. Core ranks are given free repairs, guaranteed mythic slots, and the promise of not recruiting away their class/role.

Loot is handled via an officer loot system with help from the add-on RCloot council. All raiders are required to DL said add-on to speed along the loot process. Officers use this formula in deciding loot:
Core/Officers > DPS > Heals > Tanks. (Provided tanks/heals are equal in gear to DPS)

Our VoIP of choice is Mumble.

Please contact Liver-Dunemaul or MrProgressor#1266

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