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    Swagger H Stormreaver now recruiting for WOD Mythic Progression

    Swagger is back and recruiting for Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor.

    Why choose Swagger?

    Swagger caters to a niche: skilled players that cannot or do not want to raid more than two nights per week. Our players typically have been in more traditional guilds that raid much more often, but join us because some aspect of their lives–be it significant others, work, or family–makes those traditional guilds impractical.

    Yet while there are now many two-night guilds, few come close to matching our roster in experience, skill, and passion for hardcore

    Every member of our raiding roster is a valuable part of the team, and we won’t invite someone to the guild just to be a backup in case one of our raiders can’t make it. Sometimes you’ll see a guild advertise an open spot and end up disappointed when you’re allowed in for just 1 or 2 bosses. We strive to get our trials into every single boss and to be as welcoming as possible. Our roster has at maximum 25 members.

    A limited raid schedule means that our members do not get burned out on the game. They continue to enjoy raiding tier after tier without feeling like the game is taking away from what they like to do away from the computer. Several of our members have found that if it were not for the raiding atmosphere that Swagger provides, they would not be able to still enjoy the game as they do now.

    Although we only raid two nights, our members play the game much more. They choose to join our team because they are only committed to raiding two nights, not because they do not want to play more. Outside of the game, our members are extremely active on the forums, both in strategy discussions and about everyday things in the forum chatbox.

    Our raids are run in the exact opposite of a top-down style. Everyone contributes to strategy discussion both on the forums and during the raid. It’s truly a team effort.



    Raid Times

    Tuesday - 7:00 to 11:00 server
    Wednesday - 7:00 to 11:00 server

    Raiding with Swagger

    Some would consider our raiding schedule casual since we only 8 hours a week. But during those 8 hours we expect our members to be ready to go for the full duration of our raid time. Before joining Swagger Players must have a solid understanding of all boss encounters. This helps to minimize downtime and to make sure we get maximum progression time on the boss. Consumables are provided by the guild but each raider is responsible for their own consumables in case of emergency. We expect our raiders to maintain 90% raid attendance. Attendance and reliability are the two most important traits we value in our raiders. Because of this we require notice of potential absence 24 hours in advance so we can make the necessary preparations.

    Now Recruiting for Mythic raiding.

    All Classes

    Loot with Swagger

    Swagger awards all gear by loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, performance, seniority (how long you've been in the guild), and previous loot received. Simply link the item you want to replace and if someone else links for the same item we will vote to break the tie.

    Our goal is to put the loot where it will best serve the guild from a raid progression standpoint, we do not punish members for taking items that are not their best in slot but still a fairly decent upgrade. We place a high value on loyalty and attendance, and tend to award the best items to individuals that have proven they are trustworthy and reliable.

    PvP with Swagger

    Although PvP isn't our primary guild focus it’s still a lot of fun. We have several arena teams active with high rating's in the 2v2 3v3 bracket and will also be working on a 5v5 guild arena team. Our biggest PvP focus currently is establishing a solid Guild Rated Battleground team. Please let one of the Officer's know when they review your application if you are interested in PvP.

    PST Mortalitas#1653 for more info..
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