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    [A-Proudmoore] EK Recruiting for top 100US and more

    Guild Info:
    Eternal Kingdom is a late night adult raiding guild on [US] Proudmoore. We have multiple teams and focus on solid progression, with tons of options for mains/alts. We have raids going every night of the week and are looking to continue growing our community.

    We are always recruiting quality raiders and raids spots are given based on performance. We keep a professional atmosphere in our guild and are focused on developing a long term gaming community of highly competent raiders.

    If you are interested in joining the community and helping us meet our progression goals please apply at http://www.eternal-kingdom.com

    Our raid teams:

    Hard Core Mythic Progression - 12+hrs/week
    Tue/Wed/Thur/Mon 9pm-12am PST
    This team may require extra raids during progression
    Goal: Top 100US content clears

    [K] Knight
    Mythic Progression - ~9hrs/week
    Wed/Thur/Mon 9pm-12am PST
    Goal: Current tier content clears

    [S] Sellswords
    Mythic Progression - ~9hrs/week
    Wed/Thur/Mon 8pm-11pm PST
    Goal: Current tier content clears

    [HG] Honor Guard
    Mythic Progression - ~8hrs/week
    Sat/Sun 8pm-12am PST
    Goal: Mythic content clears

    [A] Avengers
    Entry level raiding - ~4hrs/week
    Tue 8pm-12am PST
    Goal: Clear Heroic content weekly (this is primarily for app trials, alts getting gear etc...)

    Normal run for casuals, alts, friends, apps - ~3+hrs/week
    Fri 9pm-?? PST
    Goal: Clear Normal and some Heroic content possible if time permits

    Raid week at a glance (all raids are between 8PM-12AM PST)

    Tuesday: 1 heroic entry level raid, 1 Mythic hard core raid
    Wednesday: 2 Mythic progression raids, 1 Mythic hard core raid
    Thursday: 2 Mythic progression raids, 1 Mythic hard core raid
    Friday: 1 normal entry level raid
    Saturday: 1 Mythic progression raid
    Sunday: 1 Mythic progression raid
    Monday: 2 Mythic progression raids, 1 Mythic hard core raid

    For more information please visit http://www.eternal-kingdom.com
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    Great guild and great leadership. A new team is being created for Mythic content clears raiding W/Th/M 8p-11p Pacific Standard Time on the Proudmoore (PST) server. Come check us out!

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    Your Site is not Confirming my email. {i get an email but the link to confirm is no good}
    Aracnite- Lightbringer US
    ilvl 670 Frost/Fire mage 7/7H 1/7M had twins to sub 5% :{ *None of my Mythic Exp is from guild runs :{*

    Battle tag Sacredshadow#1854

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