We are currently searching for Cloth and Leather Ranged DPS and a Mistweaver Monk for Progression in Legion and although we are on an RP Server we are focused primarily on Raiding. Our goal is eventually field a roster to do casual Mythic but we also understand that not a lot of people have schedules that allow a series Mythic Raid schedule, but who want to still see the content. We don't plan on pushing server firsts, but we do want to try to clear all of the raids on Mythic.

Raid Time: Currently Mondays & Wednesdays from 7pm-10pm CST, This is subject to change based upon availability in Legion.
VoIP: Discord
Loot: Rolls. We are considering changing the loot system to DKP though for Mythic raids.

Feel free to apply on our website or contact me here or in game at Unsnapped#1931.

Website: outriders-mg.shivtr . com