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    Horde [H] Nocturnus LF Mythic Raiders for Legion

    Nocturnus - Illidan

    Newly transferred to/created in Illidan and currently recruiting for upcoming Mythic Legion raids. Once Legion goes live, we will be gearing up and hitting raid content as soon as possible.

    Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7PM-10PM PST

    Current recruiting needs:
    ALL (Higher priority given to off-tanks)

    Exceptional Raiders are always considered.

    -We expect 100 percent attendance unless otherwise notified 24+ hours in advance.
    -Modern PC capable of handling 20 man raids without excessive lag (stable 50-60 FPS throughout raid instance).
    -Stable internet connection.
    -Ability to communicate using voice chat (Curse Chat).
    -Consistently post above average numbers for your class/spec.
    -Raiders will be expected to not fail to the same mechanic more than once or twice. Read up on the fights beforehand, familiarize yourself with the mechanics, and learn from your mistakes.

    Loot is distributed via a Loot Council, made up of the GM and the officers and the selection for loot is based on what puts the raid further ahead as a whole. Loot order is generally but not limited to:

    1. Progression needs. (Is DPS not up to par? Are our healers struggling on the boss we are trying to kill?)
    2. Biggest upgrade
    3. Seniority

    Nocturnus was formed by experienced raiding acquaintances across multiple realms that have extensive raiding history spanning back to Vanilla/BC. We have relocated to Illidan and are currently looking for serious raiders of all specs to fill our mythic raiding roster for the upcoming Legion raids. Our schedule consists of raiding 3 nights a week but we expect all of our raiders to adhere to our hardcore standards and perform to the maximum potential.

    Please apply at:

    You will be contacted by one of our officers within 1-2 days.

    Recruitment Officers: (Contact us with any questions / concerns with applying)
    Deathbeckon (feel free to add Deathbeckons#1994)

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    Still recruiting!

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    Searching far and wide
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    Still looking!

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    Still looking

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    Still searching!

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    Bumping into the night

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    Still recruiting

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    Bumping for good cause

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    Still recruiting!

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    Still searching!

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    Bumping for good measure

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