Raid availability: 12:30AM EST until 4:30AM EST. Time zones don't really matter as long as it translates into those ours on EST. Willing to transfer servers. Prefer alliance, but I will go horde too for the right guild.

***I have 3 tanks (Bear, DK and Warr) I only play my Dk mainly as frost now for fun (875ilvl) I prefer Raiding as Bear because I enjoy it so much.

My Bear armory: Apparently I can't post links yet, so look for Hagi - Thunderlord

What I look for: A solid raiding team with strong, stable, mature and fair leadership. Progression mindset (will push for Mythic content) while still keeping the raid environment fun and relaxed. Active members for Mythic+. Please mention in your ad, what kind of loot system you will be running in Nighthold.

***About me: I'm 36, playing wow since Vanilla. Have been part of Top 50 Us guild back in Vanilla up till' Wrath. Took a break in Cata and came back strong again in MoP. In Wod I was still part of the Top server guild on Terenas but due to my schedule changing I couldn't raid Mythic with them so I raided with them when I could. In Legion I started raiding at night and I have a 100% attendance since the start of Legion. Experience in Legion is 4/7M, 3/3HC ToV, 10/10N NH.

I am the kind of guy who researches his class, uses simcraft for dps toons, etc in order to be at the best of the ability of that character. I have extensive experience in wow and tons of motivation to progress. Wiping for hours during progression is not something that I am scared of.

Please post your guild info, make sure your raid fits my schedule and I will add your Bnet acount if we are a match. Thank you in advance. Hagi