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    [A] Lightbringer The Coalition 14/14HM 10M T/W/Th 7-10pm.

    The Coalition of US-Lightbringer (PST-PVE)
    14/14HM 10 Man Guild Recruiting for Mythic Raiding in WoD.

    The bulk of the of the guild has been together since Vanilla and offer a progressive minded raid while having a laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

    Raid Times:
    Tues/Weds/Thurs Currently in MoP we are doing 7-10 since its on farm. Times might slightly change for WoD

    As we continue to inflate the roster we are considering running 2 10mans when possible or eventually a 25man.

    Loot would be distributed by a loot council. Gear is a tool to help progression so depending on the situation we will favour Healers or Tanks or Dps.

    Raid Consumables (Flasks, Pots, Food, Repairs) will be supplied by the guild to help the burden of raiding.

    We are looking for the following classes/specs but we will always consider any exceptional application of any class. We will also consider mergers or bulk apps

    Always looking for people that can play their class and not their specific spec. Flexibility is important.

    Disc/Holy Priest
    Resto shaman
    Mistweaver Monk (Might be an issue in a 10man setting while we recruit to 25) - Be prepared to play an offspec.

    Ranged DPS:
    Shadow Priest

    Melee DPS:

    If you have any questions feel free to add me Xellos#1969
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