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Quit at the end of Cata, found out all my old guildies went to Blood Legion and I'm stuck here on Tich guild-less and bored out of my mind. Didn't really get into MoP to begin with because the whole idea of pandas was such a let-down.

Currently in the army and don't have that much time to spend on WoW except on the weekends hence the reason for a casual/weekend guild. Trying to find a place to get comfortable with a consistent community and play WoD I guess. Not that picky so just reply and I'll do my best to contact you. I'll also do interviews if need be but I work everyday until 1700 central time so the best time for me is on the weekend or after then.

I used to be called Roddock but I changed my name here's a few guilds and servers I was in even though they were mediocre at the time in order of first to last:

Ravencrest - ( Forgot the guild name )
Eldre'Thalas/Stormrage - Epic Again ( Main guild I was in until disbanded )
Black Dragonflight - Last Attempt
Blackrock - INO Gaming

I had a lot of parses on WoL but I'm pretty sure they're gone and I don't feel like looking them up while writing this since I have more important !@#$ to do but if you want look for my name use those servers and guilds.

Willing to pay for server and or faction change obviously. I also have a number you can text me at if you want to get more info. Just let me know thanks. My Battletag is Roddock#1442 if you need to reach me.