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    [A]<Consecration Camp>[Frostmane] - LF Ranged DPS / 1 Healer - 2 day guild

    Guild Info:
    We're looking to grow our ranks for raiding, mythic dungeons, PvP, world quests, and more. We're currently taking all classes/specs, but are in need of more DPS at the moment.

    Current progression - 4/7 N

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday: 8pm-10pm Pacific
    Wednesday: 8pm-10pm Pacific

    We will continue later in the week depending on guild availability, and try to complete final pulls (if there are any) before reset.

    Currently looking for:
    1 Healer
    Ranged DPS

    Raid Plans:
    Raid Size: 10+
    We're going to use the flex system to our advantage. All raid ready players who want to come can come during our raid times. We can run anything from 10-30 players in a single raid thanks to Blizzard. We prefer 12-15 member raids.

    About Our Current Members:
    Many of our members come from older, more hardcore raiding guilds. We've moved on to a more casual friendly raiding guild to allow people flexibility and fun in play. A lot of us have families outside of the game, and we don't think playing a game should equate to a second job. WoW is supposed to be fun, and we want to make sure we enjoy the content without being stressed.

    What Want In Members:
    Reliable - If you sign up for a raid, please be sure to attend.
    Self-motivated - Players who can look up boss fights and class information on their own. For our first runs, or when we add new members, we'll make sure everyone is initially briefed on the encounters.
    Attitude - Keep comments positive, and help people when you see mistakes.
    Mature - We aren't always politically correct.

    Please contact SkiZZo316#1122 via Battlenet or PM Steelbubble, Lunk while in game.
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