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    I remain optomistic that when the bases are built in Karasang that we will get boats there.
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    World of Wisconsin. We travel to the real world to fight the minions of the latest Old god, Kurdwheychez the unudderable. Introducing the long-awaited cow level.
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    Small thing, and it is nit picky, but this I don't get:

    So how did we accidentally discover Pandaria after the Cataclysm? Jaina, instead of creating a portal to save Theramore from a bomb, created a portal to Pandaria. So lets go have a war there instead, and force pandarens to choose a side and fight each other instead of remaining peaceful.

    Or is it not an accidental discovery of Pandaria anymore?
    Did you read the answer?
    "Through portals. Currently there are no routes to Pandaria." It's a BETA, they put portals in for easy testing of new zones and such, that isn't how it will be on live.

    Also, the question wasn't "How did we discover Pandaria?" It was "How do we get there?" As in: after discovery.
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    I thought doing the toothpaste-tube-squeeze and vigorous shake was the "traditional" way.

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    I love how they treat world bosses as a new feature, ROFL.

    It's almost as if they slacked with content in Cataclysm just to impress people with pandaland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    They are merging and shuting down servers in Azia but not in EU? Lame.
    Let's hope they are testing it over there and that they can iron it our for the EU and US servers.

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    I wonder if they will allow level 90 Premades after everything is worked out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myzou View Post
    It was an accident.

    The Skybreaker crashed into the starting zone. Through that, you recruit the Pandaren, who show the factions the way through the mist.
    Not correct. The Skybreaker crashes on the Wandering Isle, where you recruit the pandaren - correct. However those Pandaren do not know how to pass the mist - they haven't had contact to Pandaria for over 10.000 years. You stumble upon Pandaria by accident.

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