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    Troll has the best cat armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder View Post
    Voiceovers for quests... any chance they looked at SWTOR, when deciding on this?

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    So much work on bears and cat forms already, and now even more work done to them for such a limited duration.
    While us Moomies have needed an upgraded form so badly for a while. And these look horrendous

    Seriously, just give us the option of changing our moomies colours, to the other colours of moomies in the world.

    I don't usually have anything to complain about, but I have been a Moonkin for 6 years, and it's annoying that we're still waiting, here's hoping they have some new artwork for us Moonkins and updates to our actual form soon. Though if the armored moonkin models are anything to go by, maybe it'd be best if they left them alone;/

    I love Moonkin form too, I would be happy to just beable to be a white/pale blue/lilac Moonkin

    Not to mention all the forms have a masculine feels to them, I know it would be alot of work to have a female and male form, so I don't mind, but they could at least make them more neutral, that cod piece on the moonkins.... urgh.
    (No I'm not asking for a moonkin form with boobs.. I am female, I play female toons, and I don't want my character looking all masculine in their forms.)
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    Now I feel smart, having bought the Phenom II x4 960t BE for $80 on sale :P Picked up a Crucial m4 256gb for $180 too. Also only had to pay $40 after rebate for that same OCZ 650w PSU.
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    Armored Moonkins looks like a monster of Power Ranger, the others are ok

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    Just purchased the Logitech Speaker System Z523 this last month from looking at the posts here and man i gotta say that is an AMAZING 2.1 system the best $90 ive spent in a long while. Of course i could be saying this moving from a probably 8 year old 2 speaker set that was partially broken on the left side but this setup beats my 120+ dollar speakers+bass i bought (and had stolen) years ago. When they say Room filling sound (probably from the rear facing speakers)they really do mean it.

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    The bear looks okay, cat is meh, moonkin armor looks horrible

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    Anyone notice the Troll Boomkin form looks like the Taurens now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yourcatdead View Post
    Armors look awful. Please make it optional.
    How about we make having to see the boomkin model at all optional?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gibborim View Post
    How about we make having to see the boomkin model at all optional?
    glyph of astral whatsitcalled. you stay in caster form and have stars flit around you or something.

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    I am usually not a person to question Blizzards priorities.. but I find it odd that Blizzard is spending so much time on druids for what amounts to 1 talent choice, that has a short duration and moderate cooldown (30 sec duration, 3 minute cooldown) and will only probably be used in raids or dungeon boss fights.

    I am hoping they have something else in store for these models for us. I am probably not going to even take this talent, and even if I were, it would only be up for times when I am probably not really even looking at my character (and nobody else is either).

    Just seems very unBlizzard like to spend so much artwork for something that will rarely be directly seen.
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    I hope this is not the overhaul they said its coming for moonkins, because if it is, major disappointing, it plain looks like a enhance graphic armor over the old doodled old design that screams for a change...

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    pfft as if you care..
    shame im too stupid to understand the build your own pc stuff otherwise id do so instead of buying a store bought pcand being dissapointed by it when i get a 32bit win7 and cant handle minecraft with a few mods -.-

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    bold Karasshi,... is that Optimus Prime?

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    Black cat and bear for alliance looks good.
    The moonkin armor for alliance and horde are too similar.

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    Not sure why Chaud wants to add a Heatsink to every build. Stock heatsink should do fine if you don't overclock, no?
    Also, I'm not sure people know that WOW is a CPU intensive game and whether setups should take that into account.

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    WHy does Chaud never do Sound cards?

    I need a new sound card, any suggestions?

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    Scarlet Halls is cool at hc. Good job blizzard.

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    armor forms looks awesome!

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    wow..i hope they give us an option to not display the armored models...they look stupid

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