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    -deleted- wrong forum, was intended for a fun section.
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    /vote for Mining & blacksmith Cap
    /vote for Tailor Turban
    /vote for jewelcrafting crown
    /vote for leatherworking leather hat
    /vote for Alchemist Mask
    /vote for Superawesome skinning knife
    /vote for fancy herbalism flower hat
    /vote for some kind of headpiece which doctors prefer to wear

    I mean c'mon, everyone had a moment where he wished at least for one these items.

    I know it's not directly related to the topic but who cares.
    Too often, we are mistaken for druidic types. perhaps that's true for some shaman, but do not let yourself be plagued by the ignorant belief that we are always peaceful.
    Nothing about what I do is harmonious. I command the elements to my will. There is nothing offered in return. I would have it no other way.

    Never assume an ogre's stupid, that's when they'll get you.

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