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    Could someone who knows a bit more rate my chardev profile for HM Madness?

    We're working on HM Madness right now and I was messing around with chardev to get to hit/exp caps while staying ctc capped and staying with full stam gemming.

    Here's my current setup: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Bryce/advanced

    Here's my chardev.org setup: http://chardev.org/profile/401588-bryce-hmadness.html

    Here's the chardev.org setup without any mastery food and mastery/prismatic elixirs: http://chardev.org/profile/401590-bryce-hmadness2.html

    On my current setup I'm at 316k hp fully buffed. But I'm going to lose a stam flask for having to use the mastery and prismatic elixirs to stay ctc capped as well as mastery food. Or should I forgo that and just use the stam flask with mastery food since only the corruption and bloods allow for blocking?

    And I was sitting around 38-43k with 2% hit and 14 expertise on my current setup, the new one should boost that number quite a bit since holy wrath won't have a chance to miss and thus proc even more spellweaves.

    Here's our log just in case. I was dpsing the first hour half or something like that. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/0uceif1ywtxzb43q/

    EDIT: Another thing, I was talking to someone about this right now and they said the bloods/corruptions are only 86-87. Is that true? If so I can drop hit/exp down some more and stay ctc capped while still capped for 86-87 mobs. And they were saying I should bump my crit up a bit as well, yet I can't find anything saying anything about that at all.

    chardev.org setup for the 86-87 mobs: http://chardev.org/profile/401599-bryce-hmadness3.html
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    I'm not sure how chardev works at all, however I would like to ask, for what reason do you need to be hit and expertise capped for HC Madness?

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    DPS reasons, I figured it couldn't hurt having it.

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    may I ask why you're bothering with dps? your role is to stay alive and keep adds of the raid. if your raid lacks DPS then it's not your problem.
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    Yea HM madness isn't really a dps race fight. As a tank you really want to get as high hp as you possibly can to soak impales/blood damage/add damage.

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    In top 10 tank dps matters, for everyone else it's irrelevant because they get there when most nerfs have happend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galook View Post
    DPS reasons, I figured it couldn't hurt having it.
    What are you wiping to? Impales, p2 or....cataclysm, not sure what else there is to wipe at
    and you wont need ctc cap for madness since the "only" high damage comes from the big adds in p2 and impales, neither gets lowerd with ctc cap and thus making stamina extremely good.

    dps shouldnt be any issue what so ever either really.

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    if you are having trouble with impales due to health and not damage, make sure the cds are properly spaced out. your group is not exactly optimal(*cough*restodruid*cough*) but still you should manage. i am not sure if they fixed it, but hunter's pet sac used to work.

    if you are having trouble with congealing blood tell your mage to stop being stupid and use blizzard, right now he is just slacking.

    to sum it up - go hard stam stacking, dps is not your job.

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    Would make your life easier if you had your mastery on your gear either via gemming or reforging then using elixirs that are used up every attempt, and then can use guild flasks which are cheap :P I can't see your current tanking ratings because you're specced ret but in tank gear =P Like the consensus said here though, you dont need to dps so you can drop all that hit and expertise for more favorable stats. One thing that will help on impales if healing was perhaps the issue, and this is only a suggestion since I can't see your trinkets is http://www.wowhead.com/item=68996 from Avengers of Hyjal.

    Also if you want to squeak more dps out of the group, 1 tank it and have the shadow priest take the second impale

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    an other tip for the impales, if you're having problems with that.
    Drop the mastery trinket, ctc cap isnt that important on madness, as damage comes from impales and the debuff in p2, rest is easily healable. Drop the mastery trinket for stay of execution (50k shield), nice extra cd for the impales

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