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    Final Conquest Tests on PTS ?

    This might be the final testing of Conquest before it goes live, all assuming that Patch 1.9 could possibly drop next week, Wednesday the 20th...or more likely the following week, the 27th

    Anyhow, this test will be conducted over two days (nights for us Europeans)...Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th....both at 4pm PDT, which will be 11pm (23:00) GMT/UTC in Europe......let battle commence !!

    Conquest PTS Test - Thursday 6/14 & Friday 6/15 4:00 PM PDT

    Hey all,

    It's time for another look at Conquest. We're not finished yet, so we're requesting your presence on Thursday 6/14 and Friday 6/15 at 4:00 PM PDT!

    Let slip the dogs of war, and get in on the action in our newest PvP feature, Conquest! Three factions will be raging for control, and it's time to choose.

    This is your chance to come face to face with the devs, and even myself (if you dare)!

    Please share your experiences, feedback, or any issues you encounter during the test.
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    Sweet! And two nights of testing is quite a bit. Hopefully people will be good at posting feedbacks. I start working again on monday so hopefully some sweet things to read here and official forum by then.
    Patch release in 2 weeks is good too, around the time when my sub for star wars run out. Or well it run out a week after, but then I got a week to check what people think about conquest on live, how participation is and most important if 3 factions actually will be 3 balanced factions. That's probably where their major work is. If there only is 2, well... then why not keep it the way it is with the 2 factions we got already =) 3 is ofcourse more fun, but they should just have made it so you queue alone or with friends and end up in a random one of them. Especially since each faction has no meaning more than a name and a so called story to it, a story that doesn't seem to matter anything in game except being text describing the faction.
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    Unfortunately it seems some wires got crossed and the planned dates for testing are tonight Friday the 15th and next Thursday the 21st...

    there is not intended to be a playtest today the 14th. It looks like he mixed up the schedule for next week with this week.

    There is intended to be a playtest on Friday the 15th, and potentially Thursday the 21st. Not Thursday the 14th.
    On a positive note, Daglar throw out some info about some of the changes been test, i like the part i bolded

    As for changes here are the biggest ones:

    -Addition of an end phase where only the "winning" team may respawn. There are various footholds and a colossi that the winning team can break open for rewards (rewards not attached!). Those not on the winning team are not forced out of the map, but cannot respawn.

    -There is a new flow for getting into Conquest. When it is available you will be able to open the Conquest Menu and select a side for the duration of that Conquest match. If a side is full you won't be able to select it.

    -The Conquest menu has received a facelift.

    -Conquest Power is now awarded at a set interval during the match based on your personal contribution as well as when the phase changes.

    -The decay rate for Conquest Power has been modified so you are not losing it during the match.

    -Afk auto kicking has been enabled.

    -Control points now have names on mouseover.

    -Two additional crafting recipies have been added to all main trades. You may now craft a portable turret or a portable lifespring.

    -Neutral control points now have less health.

    Make your own portable pew pew gun turret or healing one? freeking awesome!

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    And I would like to point out that Rift is doing something no MMO since DAOC has done in a 3 faction system, a outcome controlled raid. We don't have specifics on loot or on the difficulty but when a win condition is locked in apparently the planes launch an attack (Regulos? the picture posted on the Conquest page seems to indicate it) and the surviving players can destroy these forces for bonus loot. Now whats cool about this is that it doesn't lock out losing players. You can't respawn but if you are still alive you could try and grief them when they are killing the Collosi. I very very much love this whole idea and I applaud Trion for doing it. Its not Darkness Falls but its a great start!. I hope GW2 takes note cause one of the big things missing from WvsW is incentives for victory.

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    "There is a new flow for getting into Conquest. When it is available you will be able to open the Conquest Menu and select a side for the duration of that Conquest match. If a side is full you won't be able to select it."

    I really like that. Even though, they should just have made three different teams (could just be colours or whatev) and when you queue you get randomized into one. As a pvp player a story behind stuff and so is not that important. Just throw us into a team and we will kill the other teams =)
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    A few more updates on the Conquest..

    Here's now your faction selection screen

    A new Quartermaster has been added to the bases inside Stillmoor

    A closer look at some of these items...

    There should be one final test next Thursday the 21st, looking good

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    The polishing and adjustments are still been done to Conquest: Stillmoor, even now this close to patch

    The bases have been moved around a bit, Nightfall have moved from the Endless Citadel to the old Oathsworn base up north, the Keep at Caer Thalos

    Oathsworn have moved to the far east to Endless Watch, the base on the border of IPP and Stillmoor

    Dominion remain unchanged at Caer Kholum

    All the various crafters recipes have now been added to the Quartermasters

    pew pew time

    Some wishful thinking but maybe they'll do some form of 'capture the Keep' with parts of the Endless Citadel now that it's unmanned

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