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    February Producer’s Livestream Notes

    Some decent information.
    It's posted in the referral thread but I though with the opt in perk it needed it's own thread.

    Here are some highlights.
    • A perk for subscribers that you have to Opt in yourself.
    • All subscribers who opt in to email by Feb 14 will receive 1050 cartel coins (it is a code you can give anyone). Opt in via your account settings on the forums (account settings > basic information).
    • Information on the Eternal Championship - Fight through 10 bosses solo. (drops and mounts and missions)
    • New PVP warzone with: "Cross faction alliance teams train for their ongoing fight against the Eternal Throne. You can play on the same team as opposite factions."
    • New Rishi Arena (PVP)
    • Some nice guild (1000 members up from 500) and Stronghold QoL (now 5 instead of 4 can be active)
    • and a fair amount of other interesting things.

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    Sounds really good so far, will wait and see how eternal championship is when it launches, hopefully it won't be too punishing for healers
    Always thought swtor needed a wow style proving grounds tho
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    As much as i appreciate new content, hope they also pair it up with some MUCH needed fixes for new bugs (after last patch) and some rly old ones....

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