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    Scarab Lord TheramoreIsTheBomb's Avatar
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    Favorite Alignment?

    I love doing Light Side Sith and Dark Jedi though DS Sith are fun too. Most of the non-force-user classes for me are always neutral or predominantly LS if pub and predominantly DS if Imp.
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    Depends on what class I play.

    Bounty Hunter - Neutral
    Jedi Consular - Dark

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    Brewmaster Rakatashi's Avatar
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    Pick what I would pick and see where it ends up alignment

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    I'm on the fence, I tend to pick different for the alt it's for
    Tho for kotfe I much prefer dark side , purely to get rid of a certain someone
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    My character is a lightside sith-assasin.

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    So far I mainly play LS.

    I still play each toons alignment based on my own inner story for them.

    DS just really is a bunch of people out for their own ends. Kill or screw over anyone else and it doesn't matter how screwed up the DS decision is. Even on some of my DS characters I wonder how some of the choices are even there.

    I do find myself playing Neutral on many occasions and it is a very close second to LS when it comes to choices but LS just wins out overall.
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    Really depends, but usually my characters end up light side or neutral. Full Dark Side just makes you look like a sociopath. Full light usually makes you seem to lenient and/or unable to make the tough decisions.

    Favorite so far is Neutral Bounty Hunter, acting like a pragmatic contract killer. Not soft hearted and able to kill someone with no remorse when needed, but doesn't just kill needlessly. Fuck with him though and you need paper towels to clean you off the floor.
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    Usually dark side/neutral for my sith assassin. Depends on the choice really.

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    Most of mine are LS, though playing against type is fun for example my full light side Sith Warrior. My main (Vanguard) has a couple of dark side hits from choices that she made that I'm not sure really should have counted as DS.
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    pro-empire on my sith. that means not wasting imperial lives when it's unneeded, no backstabbing other sith, and most usually reducing chances of imperial citizen casualties.

    on my jedi, light side. in general, i prefer being a goody goody.

    no real preference on my non-force users.

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    I prefer dark, just because of the red eyes <3

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    Dark to neutral. Usually get to dark 1 at least.

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    Warchief Pterodactylus's Avatar
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    I just started a smuggler, and I am going to make her as self-serving as possible and see where that gets me.
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    Bloodsail Admiral TheCount's Avatar
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    Bounty Hunter and Smuggler were neutral
    Sith Warrior, Jedi Counslar, and trooper leaned to the light
    Sith Inqusitor, Jedi Knight and Agent were dark

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