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    Find A SWTOR Guild Thread

    This thread are for those looking to find a guild and for those recruiting as well. If you wish to update your guild information, just edit your original post. If I fail to notice your post for whatever reason- do not hesitate to PM me to grab my attention.

    The required template for posting your Guild for recruitment is as follows:

    Guild Name:
    Server Name:
    Website URL:
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU):
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP):
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:
    (This can be as detailed as YOU want it to be. Remember, you can edit it at any time.)

    All guilds listed will also have updated progression for easier browsing (if applicable).
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    The Lumberjacks

    Guild Name: The Lumberjacks
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedom Nadd
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone: EU (Most players are from GMT/CET)
    Server type: PvP
    Progression: 5/5 NiM KP, 5/5 NiM EV, 4/4 HM EC
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    • We're a Republic Guild.
    • We raid 8Man Operations at the moment, if we manage to get enough now we're on a decent server, we will move up to 16.
    • We're on the Tomb of Freedom Nadd server. It's a European PvP server.
    • We have cleared all current content on all difficulty levels, including 4/4 HM Explosive Conflict.
    • We use TeamSpeak 3 and expect all our members to talk in English.
    • Our normal progression schedule is Mon-Thurs 1945-2300 Central European Time, now that we are farming, we raid less often and less fixed to this schedule (such as on weekends occasionally).
    • Additional raids are called when required, dates and times decided by the group as a whole.
    • As close to 100% attendance as possible is expected for Mon-Thurs during progression.
    • We have a very small roster, we aim to keep it as such by having flexible players with high attendance, reducing learning & gearing times.
    • You are expected to supply your own Adrenals & Stims, usage of both is expected during progression.
    • You are expected to take care of your character and make changes according to new theory or patches.
    • The name? We were a WoW guild. We kept the name because we liked it. Besides, there has to be someone to cut down trees in the Star Wars universe too!

    Should you apply, you will be expected to read our full guild rules, located here.

    • Commando: 1 DPS
    • Guardian:
    • Gunslinger: 1-2 DPS
    • Sage:
    • Scoundrel:
    • Sentinel:
    • Shadow:
    • Vanguard:
    As we fill certain roles it will obviously stop our recruitment of other classes playing the same role.

    A little more...
    • We want people that have a good sense of humour, we don't really appreciate drama queens.
    • You should have good knowledge of the current operations tier, make sure you know what the bosses can do and how to handle them.
    • English is the primary language of the guild, so you really need to understand English well, even though very few of us actually are English.
    • You must be prepared to raid additional days during progress or as required, though we try to sort additional raids to everyone's schedule.

    Our aim is primarily to have fun, but ensure that we do the best we can, progress as much as we can, and to always push for these things. We want to be raiding the hardest content we can get our hands on.
    We started The Lumberjacks in World of WarCraft, a setting where cutting lumber seems more appropriate, but as it is part of our identity, we stuck with it heading into Star Wars.

    You may contact Raeli or E'thana in game for more information, or you can PM us on our website with any questions.
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    Guild Name: <Chosen>
    Server Name: Prophecy of the Five
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    <Chosen> is an Empire guild focused on 16-man PvE end-game content progression. We are currently 4/4 Hard Mode Denova and Nightmare Pilgrim, along with 10/10 in Nightmare Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace.

    We are looking to solidify our 16-man roster for upcoming Nightmare modes and future content.

    We are always recruiting and if you can prove your worth, we'd love to have you aboard.

    We raid Tuesday through Thursday from 7:15 p.m. to midnight CT.

    Chosen's core players have been together for nearly five years beginning in World of Warcraft through Rift and now into The Old Republic. When we're not playing ToR, we continue to game together through various other games in different genres. Chosen started out on the Terentatek server but has since transferred over to Prophecy of the Five.

    Visit our website and head to our forums to apply. For more information, contact Neverhett, Shai'tan, Nierre, Trois or Aerroh in game.

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    Guild Name: Barely Lethal **Morning/Daytime Raids**
    Server Name: Canderous Ordo
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US Ease
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Barely Lethal

    Website - Forums - Application

    Leadership Style: Hybrid Democracy
    Alignment: Sith Empire
    Style: Mixed Playstyles | PvE End-Game Focus | Secondary PvP Events
    Server: Cenderous Ordo - PvE US EST
    Communication: Mumble Server | Website Forums
    Age Group: Preferred 18+
    Time Zone: All Accepted (US EST Based, Morning priority)
    Event Times: 11AM-2PM EST Weekdays (Schedule on main site, as more groups are formed times may vary slightly)

    Barely Lethal Mission Statement
    Barely Lethal represents the ideals that the individual is collectively as important as the group. These ideals are represented by fairness and equality being extended to all of our members, new or old. We are a mature guild interested in mature member recruitment.

    Ultimately we would like to create a guild that offers a home to the hardcore as well as the casual player. We are striving to develop an order through which all play styles can be united under a single guild for the same cause: Fun. Ideally we will be more focused on advancement through SW:TOR's many facets with end game in sight. Barely Lethal will accomplish this through strategy, dedication, and hard work as we strive towards excellence through practice and patience.

    In Barely Lethal you will find a guild that seeks to maintain all of our members' vested interests while establishing a standard of excellence in what we do. The premise behind Barely Lethal is a hybrid democracy. The leadership of Barely Lethal is only meant to structure the guild and give it stability. All matters that effect the guild as a whole is decided by its members through majority decisions.

    Events and Activity
    Attendance at events is not mandatory, but you are expected to maintain reasonable attendance. While our primary focus is progression and endgame content, we will always maintain that casual atmosphere for those who wish to delve into the world of SW:TOR on a limited schedule!

    We at Barely Lethal wish to create a meaningful and drama-free presence in the community and as such do not participate in dramatic matters. If something of this manner were to come up within the guild, then appropriate and swift measures will be taken to deal with it. We do not promote bickering within the guild over anything. As members of Barely Lethal we should all be representative of the fundamentals of the individual being as important as the collective. There is no room for greed and jealousy. Hard work and dedication are rewarded fairly and equally so there is no reason to not be either of those two things when in this guild. Mumble will be used for in-game events for coordination and progression.

    Above all Barely Lethal was founded on the principle that an end game guild can be productive, rewarding and fun while not feeling like a second job.

    About our Family & it's Members
    Barely Lethal, like many guilds, is comprised of a diverse and intriguing player-base. We cater to many different regions stretching from the States, to Europe and even the Pacific Isles. Each member brings his or her own special personality to our family. We have a large niche of members that have 5+ years experience in the FFXI HNM scene, years of WoW end-game experience, as well as members that have no prior end game or MMO experience. Barely Lethal caters to all walks of life to strengthen it's ranks. All of our members talk on a daily basis which has made our bonds of friendship strong.

    What we expect of our members:
    o Our members are expected to put the guild's goals before their personal ones. Most activities we do are for benefiting the guild as a whole so we can remain strong and all get what we are looking for.
    o Know your class and task in every situation. You should have all appropriate gear and know what's expected of you.
    o You should be willing to learn about other classes and what they are capable of. Only as a team it is possible to succeed.
    o Know your way around. If you are new to an area find yourself some info on the web, or don't be afraid to speak up.

    What we are NOT looking for:
    o People who are out to benefit themselves, and will only think of themselves and their own gain.
    o People who think Barely Lethal will be their quick and easy way to get the items/drops they want.
    o People who like to flame and spam on other Community Pages without respect for anyone.
    o People who don't play, or aren't willing to learn their class well and what's expected of them during events.

    If you wish to know more about us please visit the Guild Information section of our forums.

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    Guild Name: Reaper Crew
    Server Name: Master Dar'Nala
    Website URL: N/A
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Sydney (GMT+10)/ NZ (GMT+12)
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    We are a newly formed Oceanic guild that are looking for active players to fill the ranks.

    Currently just running flashpoints but want to expand to 8 & 16 man Ops.
    PvP is a branch that we want to look into soon.
    Members enjoy the odd Republic Spaceport raid and the open world ganks.

    If this sounds like you message Vilmos ingame (or and member of Reaper Crew) or alternatively contact for email as not allowed to post links.
    Any class and level are welcome so long as that player is active (Alts also welcome).

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    Intoxication Guild (Prophecy of the Five)

    Guild Name: Intoxication Guild
    Server Name: Prophecy of the Five
    Website URL: intoxicationguild DOT com
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    First off, as the guild name implies there might be drinking while TORing. The core of the guild has been around for a while and has played many previous games. We were recently transferred from Death Wind Corridor to Prophecy of the Five. While we have many members, we truthfully have a handful of active players who play every day. Still we are active and always recruiting more players.

    Here are some reasons to consider Intoxication:

    • Primary Focus on PvE, but some PvP - and probably more with 1.3
    • Accepting All Experience Levels & Types - from newbs to hardcore raiders
    • Willing to help players improve their play - You don't have to have your class mastered, but you do need to be willing to learn.
    • Helping each other gear up is expected within the guild
    • Many members are leveling alts so there is bound to be someone to help you in your quests.
    • We are a serious, but humorous group and have a dedicated vent server to facilitate game play and tell bad jokes.

    If you want more info message me in game: oofalong or visit the website.

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    Guild Name: DIABOLIC
    Server Name: The Bastion
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US West
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: MARAUDER DPS

    4/4 HM EC guild, Empire 3rd in The Swiftsure, now transferred to The Bastion. We are recruiting MARAUDER DPS for PVE and ALL CLASSES FOR PVP. We have 2 8-mans that currently are at 4/4 HM EC. And looking to finish the roster for our 3rd 8-man EC GROUP. Apply at We will review the app and schedule an interview via Team Speak

    Guild Status:
    1st 8-man core group has end-game content on farm
    2nd 8-man core group has end-game content on farm
    3rd 8-man group - RECRUITING

    PVP RWZ Group - is looking for HEALER, TANK and DPS

    Send a mail to B'oarder or B'oard for more info
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    Guild Name:Remnants of Surik
    Server Name:Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU):EAST Coast
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP):PVE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    We are a Galactic Republic casual, mature guild that is currently focused on gearing up for End Game Content through both PVE (Dailies, Flash Points and Operations) and PVP. We are very organized and enjoy helping each other out and having loads of fun doing it along the way!

    We believe like most casual guilds, that REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! We understand that everyone has jobs, families and obligations outside of SWTOR, so we keep a very loose, flexible and worry free environment in terms of attendance, attitude and overall atmosphere.

    We are currently recruiting openly any and all classes regardless of spec and builds; Right now our current focus is on increasing the amount of members and activity we get in our new guild/virtual family

    So if these simple things appeal to you, and you are a mature/friendly/polite player then feel free to join!

    Ways of "joining" the guild:

    - Go in-game and whisper to any of these: Ajaxz, Inoroshi, Evardin, Eldeling, Morocia, Tigro, Helion, Solen, Otom, Hayward, Duren, Mrxgrimreaperx, Lacroix, Foote, Sakic, Drury, Abeischer, and Brakeirus.

    - Go to our current home outside of the game: and apply through there. Though we encourage all our members to join us on the guilds page anyways even after joining in-game to continue the fun

    If you'd like to know where the name of the guild came from, maybe this will help serve as good reference:

    We represent the Galactic Republic in the Jedi Covenant (PvE - EAST Coast) Server, come and join us and May the Force be with You.
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    Guild Name: Contraband Inc.
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US EAST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: <Contraband Inc.> had many of the server/faction firsts in HM and NMM EV and KP, as well as achieving Unyielding and Infernal in 16man! Our progression is 10/10 NMM, 4/4 HM with Nightmare Pilgrim down. We are currently clearing HM8 Denova, and would like to build back up to 16mans.

    Our Op schedule is Tuesday-Wednesday, 9pm-12pm EST.

    We are looking for attitude first, skill second, gear third. If you have a good attitude skill can be taught, gear can be earned. We are not worried about your gear level. If you are willing to invest in us, show up on time with a good attitude, having researched your class as well as the boss encounters we are running, we are willing to invest in you and gear you up.

    At this time our highest need is for rDPS but all classes will be considered! We would love a couple good Gunslingers and Commandos!

    If this sounds like the guild for you, please visit today and fill out an app, or talk to Xalen, myself, or Pinkycatcher in game!

    We also have an Imperial Alt guild, for all your alting needs, <Contraband LLC>
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    Guild Name: Military Ward
    Server Name: Drooga's Pleasure Barge (formally Mask of Nihilus)
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US West
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: Currently rebuilding after server transfers and replacing people who quit before the transfers happened. Extremely small guild right now. Progression was 5/5 HM EV, 5/5 HM KP, some players 5/5 NM EV 5/5 NM KP, and 1/4 SM EC. Stopped raiding right after EC came out. Going to update this post and make it look better later. In need of 2 tanks and range dps.

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    I will update this thread as soon as I am home. I managed to get on a computer at someones house while I am out of town to post this. My flight is at 6am tomorrow so I'll be back in action afterwards.

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    Guild Name: Eternal Oblivion
    Server Name: Corellia Run
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire (rep alts)
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EST
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:
    --Eternal Oblivion is now recruiting on the Corellia Run US Server. We are a PvE Empire aligned, centric guild with members who have multiple backgrounds in gaming.

    Our goal is simple, enjoy the game while striving to conquer endgame content, Flashpoints, Questing, Leveling Mains and Alts alike, ect. As our guild grows our structure will grow and change with our members and our goals in mind.

    All characters and classes are welcome.

    Sith Warrior
    Both classes -Mid

    Sith Inq
    Both Classes -Mid

    Both classes -High

    Both Classes High

    - Applicants should be atleast 18+ years of age, exceptions will be made for mature younger players
    - Must have access to Ventrilo. (Microphone is not required)
    - Signing up on our website is required. Participating on the forums is encouraged. There is no minimum or
    maximum number of posts, however members should post as much as they want
    - Drama'lamas need not apply
    - No disrespecting your fellow guild members
    - No verbal assaults on Ventrilo, the message boards or though ingame chat

    We are also looking for other smaller guilds who are interested in forming an alliance in order to see more end game fun. Feel free to send PM's in forums on our website if interested.
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    Everything has been fully updated. Sorry for the wait!

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    Guild Name: Crusade
    Server Name: The Fatman
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone: US EAST/US WEST
    Server Type: PVP

    We're looking for players that are active in the game. We have frequent rated war zone groups and are looking to rebuild our raid core after server xfers. PST Atronic or Cruncher for more information.

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    Guild Name: Rule of One
    Server Name: Canderous Ordo
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US East
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for: Currently we need a tank and healers for HM EC progress, but we will accept dps. Currently 2/4. Feel free to apply on our website, or find me in game as Rothulivic.

    Rothulivic, providing protection since 2007

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    Barely Lethal, US PvE Empire guild on Canderous Ordo, is now 2/4 HM Denova. Thank you very much.

    Guild Name: Barely Lethal **Morning/Daytime Raids**
    Server Name: Canderous Ordo
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US Ease
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE

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    Quote Originally Posted by supaflyau View Post
    Barely Lethal, US PvE Empire guild on Canderous Ordo, is now 2/4 HM Denova. Thank you very much.
    Progression updated.

    Just so everyone is aware: If you want your progression listed and/or updated, please leave a post here with your guild name, website, and what the progression update is currently.

    This will not bog down the thread and I can still sort through it fairly easily.
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    [Starfighters] Tomb of Freedon Nadd - Eu is recruiting more norwegian players!

    Guild Name: Starfighters
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Republic
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Starfighters has now moved from the server Bloodwrorthy to the server Tomb of Freedon Nadd, which is a bigger and a more active server.
    What is Starfighters like?
    We are a norwegian guild, that's always on the lookout for new and great norwegians whom we can share this great game and everything it has to offer!
    We're a casual guild, but we wish to have a arena for all kind of gamers!
    That is why we have a PvE team and a PvP team. Our team is aiming not to reach the top first, but we're heading for a more stable progression with both PvE og PvP, aswell as the Social aspect!
    We as a pure-norwegian guild is also aimaing for keeping up the good mood, as for that the kind of players that doesn't have time or interest in progression of PvE or PvP may join the guild.
    Our PvP team have their days on Mondays and Thursdays, and they are always looking for new players that's willing to participate in the PvP group.
    Our PvE team have their days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and they are always looking for new players taht's willing to participate in the PvE group.
    How's our team doing?
    We have recently fired up the guild once again, and both our teams are up and running, but they are still in the phase of gearing up for some of the bigger and more challenging challenges the game has to offer. As for now we're going Storymode with a gull guildgroup, but we are trying to collect the better geared players for HM's.

    Starfighters er nå flyttet fra serveren Bloodworthy til serveren Tomb of Freedon Nadd, som er en større og mer aktiv server.
    Vi er en helnorsk guild og det vi vil oppnå er å lage et norskt samfunn i SWTOR hvor vi kan snakke norsk og kose oss masse!

    Hvordan er Starfighters:
    Vi er en helnorsk republic guild, som alltid er på utkikk etter nye og flotte nordmenn vi kan dele det flotte spillet og alt det har å by på med!
    Vi er et casualt guild, men vi ønsker å ha en arena for alle type spillere!
    Vi har derfor et PvE team og et PvP team. Våre team satser ikke på å nå toppen først, men vi går for å ha en stabil progresjon i både PvE og PvP, samtidig som vi går inn for det sosiale!
    Vi som et helnorsk guild satser også på å ha god stemning, og med dette følger alltid sosiale spillere som kanskje ikke har tid eller interesse av progresjon i PvE eller Pvp.

    Vårt PvP team holder på dagene Mandag og Torsdag og er alltid ute etter nye spillere som kan bidra med noe til PvP gruppen!

    Vårt PvE team holder på dagene Tirsdag og Onsdag, og er alltid ute etter nye spillere som kan bidra med noe til PvE gruppen!

    Hvordan går det med teamene våre?
    Vi har nylig startet opp guilden igjen, og har begge teams oppe på bena, men er enda i fasen med å geare opp for noen av de større og vanskeligere utfordringene spillet har å by på.
    Foreløpig går vi storymode med full guildgruppe, men vi prøver å samle de som er bedre gearet for HMs.

    Hva forventes av deg:
    Må kunne snakke og forstå norsk.
    Minst 18 år gammel.
    Registere deg på forumet.
    Være pålogget minst èn gang hver 12 dag. (hvis ikke andre avtaler er gitt med offiserer)
    I organisert endgame er Mumble et krav og samtidig følge raidlederens instrukser.
    Vanlig folkeskikk.

    Hva kan DU forvente av oss?
    Et helnorskt samfunn.
    Aktive spillere.
    Hjelp med diverse ting (klasser, bosser, quests osv) av mer erfarne spillere.
    En trivelig plass hvor vi er aktive på mumble og dine dager i SW:ToR blir så mye bedre.

    Vi har følgende å tilby:
    Mumble til VoIP
    Eget forum
    Aktive og sosiale medlemmer

    Hvis dette virker som en plass du vil tilbringe dine dager i Star Wars: The Old Republic, kan du søke her (link)

    Har du noen spørsmål kan du kontakte en offiser ingame, eller sende oss en PM på forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by supaflyau View Post
    Guild Name: Barely Lethal **Morning/Daytime Raids**
    Server Name: Canderous Ordo
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US Ease
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    We are now 3/4 HM Denova. Thank you very much.

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    Updated. Hopefully more guilds will start participating as much as before!

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