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    Hi We area rapid growing pvp guild looking for more members

    Guild Name: Orchestrated Chaos
    Server Name: Jedi Covenant
    Website URL:
    Time Zone Central time East
    Server type PvE

    <Orchestrated Chaos> Is recruiting IMP side on Jedi Covenant for PVP We are a active group of dedicated pvpers. We have a guild flagship for world pvp. Mumble and +10 experience bonus. Orchestrated Chaos has over 42 active sub accounts . We pvp nightly from 6:30 to to around 1 central time. We are rapidly expanding guild dedicated to having fun pvping winning and putting 110% into are nightly pvp groups. If you like to join a adult pvp guild that is a laid back group of people with no drama come join the Chaos Put in an application at or whisper any one in guild fora invite. Even if you are a casual pvper we will help you get better with your own game play. We don't mind teaching players about pvp and gearing. The more you teach players the better pvp is for every one on a server.

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    Ruthless is recruiting new Swedish players, whether you play casual or hardcore, PvP or PvE doesn’t matter, all are welcome to our awesome community!

    Guild Name: Ruthless
    Server Name: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    Website URL:
    Republic/Empire: Empire
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Central European Time (CET)
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP
    Description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Language: Swedish (only)

    The guild currently has two active raid groups progressing through the hardest content the game has to offer. We are looking for dedicated Swedish players to expand these groups and maybe even form a third raid group. We also look for players to form a ranked PvP team in order to make our presence well known in the arena.

    Via our community, we have access to great tools such as TeamSpeak, forums and an event manager. We aim to be active within both PvE and PvP by encouraging players to take initiatives and start new groups or events, either spontaneous via TS or guild chat or planned via our event manager.

    The guild aims to continue being the natural choice for all Swedish SWTOR players. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming, regardless of previous experience. We are not focusing on any particular role or class in the guild but are looking for mature and decent people.

    Sounds interesting? For more information please visit our website at, or contact one of our officers for a chat or leave a comment here in this thread.

    Want to join the most active and oldest all-Swedish guild? Since we are very keen on preserving our good atmosphere within the guild we use an application form in order to get to know you a little bit before inviting you in-game. Therefore, in order to apply first please register an account on our website and then fill out this brief application form:

    With hopes of talking to you soon!
    Ruthless Guildmaster and Officers


    Officers: Check our website at

    Guild Statistics
    Members: 100+
    Average Age: ca. 26
    Focus: PvE, PvP, leveling, progression, achievement runs, ranked arena and fun social gaming.
    Raid Groups: 2 active atm but we are looking to expand with a 3:rd.
    Ranked PvP teams: None atm though we are looking for dedicated players willing to form a team.
    Perks: 10% Xp bonus, 10% reputation bonus, guild bank, guild ship and guild stronghold.

    Some of our progress
    5/5 Terror From Beyond Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)
    7/7 Scum and Villany Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)
    5/5 Dread Fortress Nim (Gate Crasher Timed run)
    5/5 Dread Palace Nim
    4/5 Ravagers HM
    4/5 Temple of Sacrifice HM

    Brief History of Ruthless
    Ruthless was founded in 2010 as a SWTOR guild, we were then the first all-Swedish guild. In 2012 management along with members chose to transform Ruthless into a Multi-Gaming Community. This meant that we were no longer only tied to SWTOR but created new sections for games that members wanted to play together.

    Today Ruthless has over 1,000 active members and is present in many different games. We also have external sponsors and partnerships that benefit our members. In addition to playing games together we aim to have many different IRL events each year.

    The goal of Ruthless is to remain Sweden's most welcoming, funniest and best community for all, regardless of gaming experience, gender or age.
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    Figure I'll throw this here since not sure where to put it:

    I'm on Jedi Covenent now (not sure where I was originally at launch since they've consolidated some). I have a free transfer available on my 60 Jedi Sentinel and before I start making the new characters as part of the 12x XP bonus, I want to have a guild I enjoy hanging out with.

    I did the raiding thing in WoW both hardcore competitive and slightly more casual for about 10 years. Now that I have moved on from that game, I'm playing SWTOR and enjoying it again. Not looking to get into any consistent raiding schedule, but I'm always down for the occasional SM opp or whatever.

    Looking for something active enough that it doesn't feel empty. Just want to play with some like minded people and have a good time.

    Should mention I have no desire to go to a PvP server. RP or PvE is fine.
    After 10 years, I've finally put down WoW for good. It was a great run.
    Playing SWTOR again. Get 7 days of subscription access free:

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    Guild Name: Narrischkeit
    Server Name: The Bastion
    Empire faction
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US east or west
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvP

    We are a new guild that just formed about a month ago. Looking for anyone who wants a guild with a flagship, populated by friendly, helpful, mature players.
    Looking to start up regular operations, nightmare modes, and warzones.
    Send an in game mail to Nyxias if you're interested.
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