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    [Bio] Prince Malvet

    Name: Prince Malvet
    Age: 42 (he believes)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Deathknight

    Languages: Common

    Faction: Neutral

    Pompous, easy to anger, fast to act. and often acts without thinking.
    Malvet is quick to discard anything or anyone that does not advantage him in anyway.
    after being a soldier in the lich kings army, malvet sees no gain in friendships that do not
    benefit him, he wants to find out what happened to him before his servitude and is doing
    all he can to find out about his family.
    Prince malvet frequents Stormwind and dalaran reading and searching old archives for
    documents relating to his empire, whether it actually exists or not.
    Malvet likes to wear a hood whilst in a crowded place, as to not draw attention to himself
    believing that a rival may have given him over to the lich king, in one way or another
    and this enemy may spot the prince in one of his outings.

    Likes his memories returning to him
    his horse Silverbrand, malvet's first memory that returned to him was his horse
    on a hike back to any kind of human contact after the battle for lights hope chapel
    he came across a corpse of a horse bearing a flag that was all too familiar to him.

    Appearance: usually wearing a full hood.
    Bone-shapen plate armor, given to him by the scourge during his servitude.
    sunken eyes, glowing bright blue.
    harsh, decaying features.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: a Worthy fighter, able to deny his adversaries any ground.
    But unwilling to accept help.
    likes to always be alone.
    easy to anger, hard to calm down after making him mad.

    History: at the events leading up to the battle for lights hope, Malvet began
    to peice togther what he believed to be his past.
    he recalls being a prince close to succeeding his father a king, of where and when he does not know.
    after the battle with lights hope, he left humanity to search for answers.
    after searching for over a year to no avail, whilst in a tavern close to stormwind, he hears of
    an attack on the great city by the scourge.
    thinking the lich king may have answers. he bands with the alliance so that he can get into icecrown
    citadel. after fighting his way through the frozen deathly palace, arthas proceeds to mock him, and in combat
    backed by the alliance malvet kills the lich king before he can get any information out of the once royal man.
    upon the alliance no longer being of use to malvet, he leaves and roams the frozen wastes.
    until one day. he notices wyrmrest temple under siege by elementals and this same band of alliance soldiers
    defending it he rides hard and fast to join them.

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    Welcome to the RP Forums.

    While your character Concept is solid, there are a few things in you bio that are not possible within our set of rules.

    The first one is "no ties to major Lore character" So you character can not have killed the Lichking in combat. He may have participated in the Siege of Icecrown citadel but the defeat of Arthas is attributed to Tiron Fordring and some "adventurers". Also into that category, every King would be seen as a major Lore character, so again being a prince is questionable. But if you can explain which Kingdom your family has ruled and what your current rights in you former kingdom are, I might even go with it.

    The biggest problem however is the lack of a real backstory. I see the point why your character doesn't know about his past. But you as a player should know the facts. We generally want to know all that is known about a character in his Bio, even if he doesn't do so himself. If you do not know yet yourself, and want to make the story up as you go along that's okay too, but it still has to fit the real lore of Azeroth. and be consistent in itself. That way your character gets mroe believable.

    I hope those pointers are of any help to you.

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    as Khor pointed out, he can't have killed the lichking, and being of royalty is a bit too much if you ask me

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    Well if he lost his right of succession and has no real power (Rp-wise) coming from it it would be rather okay. Maybe not a King, but a Count or Duke maybe?

    In my Pen and Paper Roleplaying group we had a noble that was cursed to live as a frog for 200 years so he still had his noble gear and wealth but lost the social status since he couldn't put down evidence for his story. He was fluent if "frog" though. : D

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    Interesting writing format too. Looks as if you were typing this out as a poem; sorry, thought I'd comment. Also, Malvet's actions are exceptionally vague. You have the oppurtunity to go into more detail allowing us to understand the character. For example: He simply searches for answers, finds a tavern and hears about an attack on a great city. What city? Where did he search and why? Describe his tome at the tavern. If you fleshed out this bio, I think it could be very succesful. Like Khorianas said, Welcome to the Rp forums. We're glad to have fresh talent.

    ((Khorianas, my RP is open still if you're bored. It looks like you're busy though. Regardless, the offer stands!
    That goes for everyone. Maybe I'll see you in the Forge of Souls, fuds.))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darced View Post
    ((Khorianas, my RP is open still if you're bored. It looks like you're busy though. Regardless, the offer stands!
    That goes for everyone. Maybe I'll see you in the Forge of Souls, fuds.))
    Well I am tempted to try out a new character, but I just stepped away from another RP due to time concerns so joining would be a tad hypocritical on my part. Although, playing an RP is less work than hosting it,... Eh you'll see.

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