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    Arrow Money on the ground?...


    I have noticed that there are constant locations where there is money on the ground, random ammounts. No monsters there, I have not killed stuff.
    What`s that about? Is it a sign / bug / feature / suuuuup!

    Any of you guys and gals have seen this before ?

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    Nope, just a bit of random cash sometimes thrown down
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    Most likely left over by an adventurer making an escape from a fierce foe.

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    What Dars said, plus in Act 4 I'll see some left over after an angel kills a mob.

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    I always saw them in act 2 - forgotten... dungeon something, in the oasis area, and in act 3 core of arreat(stuff) just close to one of the entrances.

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    You might have attacked a treasure goblin that was off screen and just not noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyahn View Post
    You might have attacked a treasure goblin that was off screen and just not noticed.
    Treasure goblins would leave a long trail of gold before they teleport out. The gold the OP is talking about is just a single pile here and there. I've seen those too myself, and yes, I did look for a goblin when I saw gold on the ground. Like I said though, goblins would leave a long trail of gold which would be relatively easy to recognize.
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    Happens to me too in act 3 - the crater. I zone in to a fresh map and there's money on the ground visible from the portal without moving. It's not from a goblin or anything like that, because like I said it's a fresh map and I haven't moved an inch yet. I think it's from the environmental things, like the flamethrowers. But that's weird because that would mean the maps are active before you zone into them. Not sure exactly where they come from.

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    Gold seller joined your game and is luring you to his store.

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