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    Help with my UI and how to progress ...

    I haven't really played my Paladin since the start of Cata and have just decided to go back to him, as you can probably guess he needs a fair bit of work to get him well geared, I did the LFR this week (and got nothing - typical!) I have 600 VP's and am capped for this week, any suggestions as to how I can improve him in the short term? On Ultra I did 19k dps, is that good for my lvl of gear?

    my paladin - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...t/Jagen/simple

    The other thing is my UI seems a bit unorganised, I seem to spend most of my time moving my mouse to click spells, any suggestions how I could change it to make it easier?

    thanks for any help you can offer guys, its much appreciated!
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    Get some keybinds, desperately.

    Also, you have so much empty space. Bunch the spells together, you don't need huge gaps.

    I'll try and find an SS of my UI before I uninstalled (and plan to make back to how it was when I return on friday) and post on here to show you what I did.

    Essentially what I'd say with yours is to try and bunch those spells up more, get some keybinds, so you can drop the chatbox down into line with the spells to grant more screen space. Can probably afford to shrink some of those buttons a bit.

    EDIT: Found one from firelands, it remained the same pretty much cept it got more keybinds and shizzle. Heroic Beth progress was phun with a capital P.

    Second EDIT: Modifier macros. Learn them live them love them. For me, 2 was CS and alt-2 was HOTR. 4 was SHOTR and alt-4 was Inqui. For ret, 2 was CS and alt-2 was DS. That sorta stuff. Saves space.


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    That could probably help you with your professions and mount, even seals if you want to.

    Everything else can and should be bunched together, or even put into small sections, like 12 spells bunched in the middle, 12 on each side. Make it look organized. Have your bags only show 1 bag and just open them all together, Makes it look so much nicer.

    Once you've done that, you can probably move the chat box down, get a frame for it. Use something like chatter or prat so it fits the rest of the screen, or keep the transparency but get rid of the border for it. You can prob use a mouseover feature for the bags and micro bar (Bar with character, spells, guild on it)

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    I suggest you give Rekcinad UI a try its an amazing ui for any tank with all the information you need shown in an organized and clean way.

    but the most important thing you can and should do is to keybind your spells.

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    thanks guys, some really good tips there, i'll get to work on it now
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    I know that a lot of people may not agree with this, but I think that getting a dps helper like CTC Ret will help a bit. It's not something you follow strictly, but its nice to have it there to help you get the rotation into muscle memory and improve from there.
    I personally don't know much about Ret, but a friend of mine wrote up a guide here that may be of some use.

    As far as your UI goes, I would say to try to go with something simple that leaves you a lot of room to see your character and what's going on around you. Also keep any important stuff centralized so that you can look at it without looking at the far corners of your screen. This means keep our player frames to the bottom/center area and build from there. Also, I think that Power Auras or Weak Auras to show you buffs, procs and anything else like that is amazing. It gives you a (possibly huge) visual (also possibly audible) way to know when certain things come up.

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    You merely something like this to perform well as ret. Almost default UI.

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