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    Suspicious Hunter ranks in DS HC

    I was just browsing ranks for certain bosses, and this surprised me quite a bit :


    How the hell can his dps be that high when he's never passed the 50k mark on morchok/ultraxion hc?

    I mean, he didn't have DI nor tricks, nor unholy frenzy and other temporary buffs.

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    serpentsting/multishot, add whoring -

    Forgotten One 38316462 76.7 %

    if he gets good timing on the kill/adds spawn he can reck i guess

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    Still don't think it's possible, even if they were the only ones touching them, they still die too fast to keep aoeing the entire fight long?

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    Good timing, solo AoE in the grp, black glob at every phase and have the rest of the raid dps really burn the boss fast.
    Not very much more impressive than 200k+ fire mages on alysrazor really. Just plain (ab)use of fight mecanics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ayashi View Post
    Good timing, solo AoE in the grp, black glob at every phase and have the rest of the raid dps really burn the boss fast.
    Not very much more impressive than 200k+ fire mages on alysrazor really. Just plain (ab)use of fight mecanics.
    Still think it's rigged, the mage did fairly aoe aswell, his combustion spreads should easily gank the hunters dps by a huge margin.

    How do logs get reported for tampering? I mean how we report it.

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    Abusing fight mechanics to rank has existed since WoL was created. The guild likely decided they wanted the Mage/Hunter to rank before they even began the fight and, to do so, ignored the adds.

    You can't just say "omg high numbers, they must be cheating". The log is there for you to view, go look.

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    just have the hunter be AFK til a certain point, do not kill black/yellow collect adds, let hunter aoe his heart out before killing the boss, win.

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    if you're just tunneling the boss, and get black/yellow every time, it's possible with exp trap and multishot spamming.
    And btw, the 120k dps was done in 25m, where you get a shit load more adds.
    Click on his name, and you'll see the 25m rating
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    Think I'll chip in to this since I'm not sure if he includes me or just the guy who is rank 1.

    Basically what everyone else has said, you whore on the adds for the full fight (No different to madness/spine). Basically just pick 2 people to rank, and no-one else AOE's and if you're lucky enough to get black/yellow combo on first spawn and then black everyone spawn until you kill it, you get rank 1. In 25 man they last pretty much the duration of each spawn or blobs. We didn't get a black blob for the first 2 spawns so ye, no rank 1 for me. We wanted to wipe but for everyone else in the raid having to wait for us to rank is pretty boring to them (as well as farming DS for 6 months being pretty dull) so we just went on anyway.

    But as most people said already, WoL is about who can cheese the best, theres nothing special about ranking on WoL anymore, its just fun to do sometimes to make farm raids a little less boring. Pretty sure even you the OP could get rank 1 with a guild willing to boost you to it, and if you're lucky with spawns

    Only time WoL is every really useful to compare DPS is on progress when people are more bothered about killing the boss than cheesing it on their first kill. After a while when ppl start farming it, it just because a little bit of fun and shouldn't be taken seriously. If a boss is dying, then its enough dps.

    If you're interested in seeing, I will be streaming the farm raid as usual tonight and we'll have another 2 ppl doing it.
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    If you check out the other aoe specs (Fire Mage) you can see that the 1# hunters/mages guild, Freak Me Out, is obviously letting their raiders reach these levels (judging their logs) by having a controlled amount of players aoeing for 30 or so seconds instead of 15 players for 5 seconds. Nothing suspicious there.

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