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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantViolet View Post
    How much do people usually make on these transactions? I'm just curious.
    Ive seen people make little as $2 on an item, or ive seen many things sell for the max of $250. Its a mix of luck(both on getting the good item and having it actually sell), and just knowing how much to sell it for and when.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharkkun View Post
    Except you're paying nothing for the items you're selling. Time = money but it's still just time. So Blizzard/Paypal are taking a transaction fee off your profit which you're earning on Blizzard's IP. Not many business's would allow this.
    True, good point.
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    Im tired as Hell so i probably missed it but i would really like to know.

    Can you buy game time, pets, mounts with battle.net balance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starry101 View Post
    Just FYI, you can't use the battle.net balance to buy wow subscriptions. You can use it to buy wow server transfers and other paid services but not game time.

    Since battle.net balance can be bought using anything in the store, and This is in the store, then buy your game time using this. Problem solved.

    (If not in the US, use the regional store of your choosing. Mine was an example)
    Originally Posted by Zarhym
    It does no one any good to make GhostCrawler the scapegoat for all design decisions you disapprove of. Not how reality works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantViolet View Post
    How much do people usually make on these transactions? I'm just curious.
    It really depends. I made 182 bucks and 25m gold(wanted to buy more upgrades...coulda made more irl money, but yea) this weekend playing like 5-7 hours on sat and sun. Though my friend on first day of RMAH made near 800 bucks(after it went to paypal). Though he is some accounting crazy guy who can turn almost any of these items over for more gold(guess its not hard, but really who wants to look for cheap items on that style of ah to resell?). Either way if you can farm inferno you can make quite a bit of money off this game atm.

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