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    I'm sorry to disagree with everyone....but there is only one movie that the guys from MST3K had trouble mocking because it was so bad.

    I give you: Manos, the hands of fate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OtterTeej View Post
    Also, thanks for the plug, Gothicshark. I really appreciate it (I know it's really you because you posted it with a reverse-psychology ploy).

    You should talk on this more often.

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    I tell as many people as I can and I advertise with Project Wonderful, but it's through the fans that the word really tends to get out about these things.

    I love how you can't have a conversation about bad movies these days without Nostalgia Critic getting mentioned. That said, there are a lot of "bad" movies that are closer to "glorious train wrecks" where you watch it EXPECTING a bad movie. IE: Judge Dredd.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wysmark View Post
    Hold on, man's genius

    I don't think anyone else could have gotten funding for Bloodrayne 2 +3
    You know, i have a suspiscion that those "nazi gold" jokes weren't jokes at all...

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    In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

    A movie so bad it will give you cancer. Flaming Orcs on Catapults, Wire Fu Glamazons, and Shaggy fropm Scooby Doo as the Villain.
    To sum it up Michael Bay visits the Shire.

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    "We don't know if it's the fresh, sea air or perhaps some important life choices he's decided to make, but Shia LaBeouf simply cannot stop speaking truth to power. Scant days after telling the world he thought Transformers 2 was an ungodly mess, LaBeouf told reporters in Cannes that he believes that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was an unworthy entry in the series -- and that he doesn't care if Spielberg hears him complaining or not."

    Remember, when you're watching Crystal Skull, you're watching a movie whose plot was dreamed up by a man who actually believes, among various insane things, that the world will end in 2012 via a Mayan apocalypse. George Lucas, thank you for the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, now go die please.
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    Not really worth watching.

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    The Last Airbender, hands down.

    I love the cartoon, that stuff is awesome, but that movie... My god. As people have said prior to this post, it should never have been made. The cartoon itself is executed very well, isn't too short, didn't drag out for too long and ended in a bang, the movie was the exact opposite.

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    Op already /thread with the last airbender..... It really doesn't get any worse than when none of the characters can pronounce the main characters name correctly...
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    I have to agree with people saying the spoof movies. For me, the worst was 'Epic Movie'. I liked spoof movies until I saw that.

    I liked Scary Movie 1&2, and didn't mind 3&4, but I couldn't stand Epic Movie. Horrible pace, bad jokes, repetitive bad jokes, and just plain dumb shit. After that, I couldn't watch any "<insert genre> Movie" ever again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synaxis View Post

    Cloverfield remains the worst movie I have ever seen.
    I watched this recently, having had it in my DVD collectiong still wrapped for about 3 or 4 years =p

    I liked the filming style, made for an interesting twist on the "genre" if you will.

    HOWEVER! i f*cking HATE the ending, I have a, possibly, irrational hatred of films not being explained, I don't mean leaving a few questions leaving room for a sequal (for example) but the basics of the story - you never find out where the "monsters" come from in Cloverfield, why they're attacking and all that sort of thing.

    It was very similar with a film called "the birds" the credits started rolling and my mum just laughed at how angry i was at still having so many questions >_<

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    Troll 2 was so terrible that it was awesome. Best worst movie. Besides the horrible acting and terrible costumes, what made it hilarious was that the director still believes to this day, that the movie CHANGED THE WORLD or some crap, and that it had a meaning. "you don't understand."

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    Boogeyman 2 -

    The leading actress fubared it so much you have to see it to believe it.

    Ghosts of Mars -

    Director : John Carpenter
    Actors : Natasha Henstridge, Jason Statham, Pam Grier, Clea DuVall

    This movie had cult written all over it but it turned out soooooooo bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    This...well add Bruno to that list, the movies you said and Bruno were the only ones that I can remember that I didn't finish to the end.

    Edit: Jack and Jill...can't forget that one, I literly got pissed off from watching that movie...I think I even threw my pillow at the monitor to shut it off, sadly it didn't work.
    I actually found Brüno to be amazing, you have to look at it as a documentary really, and not as a comedy.

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    There is a ton of really worthless medival/fantasy movies (eragon, airbender, that dungeon and dragons movie whatever it was called...) well the list goes on, but the 2 movies that top my list for being horribly bad is Ghostrider 2 and Grimms snow white.

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    I got 20seconds into the film and turned it off :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    There is a ton of really worthless medival/fantasy movies (eragon, airbender, that dungeon and dragons movie whatever it was called...) well the list goes on, but the 2 movies that top my list for being horribly bad is Ghostrider 2 and Grimms snow white.
    It was just called Dungeons and Dragons, and yes - it was probably one of the worst movies ever made.

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    Freddy got fingered. Worst fucking film ever.

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    The crow 2 : city of angels, they couldn't have damaged the memory of brandon lee any more, if they had dug him up and had relations with his corpse.

    edit: crystal skull, close 2nd

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    Im sorry but anything with Nicloas cage in it is gonna be dribble well maybe Face Off was ok

    The Room
    Street Fighter
    Alone in the dark
    Star wars the Christmas special george lucas must of been doing crack with Princess Leiah
    R.O.T.O.R the movie is really bad but also has some of funniest lines in movie history, really worth a look

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