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    405 Ilvl 8/8H hunter LF a guild.

    As the title says, I am a 405 Ilvl Surv hunter LF a raiding guild for MoP.

    Experience:8/8H DS 10 and 25 (I can easily adapt to different requirements regarding raid size)
    7/7H FL- I did not get H Rag until a few months ago due to the guild that I was in previously stopping the night before DS came out with a wipe at 14%. However, I was co-raid leader of a group that has been running it every week for mounts and achievements.
    13/13H BWD/BoT/ToTW
    Cleared TOGC/ICC/RS on H when current content.

    I can manage and play each hunter spec well, my love for BM is above all others, heres hoping that MoP helps the red headed stepchild of hunter specs make a reasonable raiding spec.

    I am looking for a guild where it doesnt feel like you have to pull teeth just to run some content, or clear it for that matter. I go into raids 100% focused and prepared and have no problem taking direction. I am of the mindset that while learning fights, a sacrifice to a little dps is worth executing the mechanics properly. I do have recent logs to provide of my performance. I have no problem taking suggestions or criticism when it is constructive. I also have an adult sense of humor, so Im not so sure someone really uptight and I would get along. I mean well, but Im a little rough around the edges.

    Now the irritating part. I am a pre-med student and work on call 24/7. While I have never had issues with making raid times and completing them (I havent missed a raid day in years), I want to make it fully clear that I am in the position where I could be called to work at any time, in the business Im in there isnt exactly a schedule=) I can raid between the hours of 6 PM MST - 10 PM MST (9 PM EST - 1 AM EST).

    I know this is almost unreasonable given the instability of my IRL on call schedule, but I enjoy my WoW time when I do have free time and would like to continue to raid and progress when Im not busy slowly killing myself from IRL stress. I pride myself on being able to take direction and do my job well in game because I do not have the time to wipe groups (unless I fat finger pack on remorseless winter, teaching me to put things like that on the opposite side of my keyboard). If this sounds like something your guild could work with please leave a message here or contact me in game. Thanks for reading.
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    Wanted to add that my post sounded kind of flakey. I havent missed a raid day in years, but I want potential guilds to know that there is a possibility that I could be called into work.

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