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    [WoD][Beta]Boss strats

    With the upcoming raid testing treadmill that we'll be doing on beta, I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread that deals with the boss mechanics for the bosses being released. Here's a writeup I did on my guild's forum that I thought you guys might find useful. Nothing Specific about Monks in this post, but before or after the raid test, it might be helpful for those in the beta to post their impressions of the fight and what talents, glyphs, and strategies work best.

    It doesn't look like we'll be dealing with any cleave or AoE stuff on these bosses. Pure single target. Come prepared with gear and talents that will maximize your single target DPS.

    The Butcher (Heroic):
    Chooses the largest clump of players in melee range and cleaves everyone in that clump. The cleave damage is shared among all the players taking the cleave. The cleave also applies a stacking debuff that causes cleaved players to bleed for 20 seconds. After reaching 5 stacks of the bleed, the player dies.

    Bounding Cleave:
    The butcher has an energy bar. Once he hits full energy, he stomps. The stomp knocks everyone back and deals physical damage. After that, he will charge towards the largest group of players (regardless of if they're in melee range) and Cleave that group of players.

    Tank Stuff:

    Heavy Handed:
    Whoever is closest to the main tank (hopefully the off tank) takes the same damage as the main tank. I think it's just the damage and not the debuff that we'll talk about later. If no one is in range of the main tank, then the damage against the main tank is copied on to the main tank, essentially, the main tank takes double damage if the off tank isn't close to him.

    The Tenderizer:
    Hits hard for physical damage. Can't be dodged or parried but can be blocked. Each hit applies a debuff that increases damage taken by The Tenderizer by 50%. Kind of like Ji'kun. It's the tank swap mechanic. Probably at 2 or 3 stacks.

    The Cleaver:
    No link for this spell in the dungeon journal. Not sure if this is separate from the cleave ability. Says it will only apply the DoT if the attack successfully lands on its target.

    Looks like we'll probably have to do an Iron Qon stacking thing to stack the cleave up to 3 or 4 then switch and have another group take it. Assuming we have around 10 raiders for this, my guess is we'll have groups of 2 or 3 players in each group making up either 2 or 3 groups depending on how often he cleaves and does his stomp thing.

    Tanks will stack on each other and taunt at 2 or 3 stacks of Tenderizer.

    Gruul (Heroic):
    Gronn's Range:
    He does more damage the lower his health is.

    Inferno Slice:
    Has an energy bar. Once his energy hits 100, he hits the tank for 600k. Cleaves all other targets in front of him for 800k and applies a 15,000% fire damage taken debuff. Will probably have to rotate a group of 3 or 4 players in front of the boss to take each alternating Inferno Slice.

    Crumbling Roar:
    Causes rock to fall from the roof. You take a fair chunk of damage and get knocked down (stunned). After the initial stun, it looks like rocks will fall from the ceiling kind of like they did with Tortos. Dodge red circles.

    Just like the original Gruul effect. Knocks everyone back and puts a progressive slow on everyone. After you are slowed to 0% movement speed, you'll do damage to everyone within 8 yards of you.

    World Shaking:
    Deals small raid damage (possible over time). During the cast, he'll cast overhead smash that does damage to anyone in front of him. Looks like tanks might not be able to hold aggro during this phase. He might just turn in random directions and smash, kind of like Malkorok.

    As the fight progresses, he does more damage. We'll want to save lust and major healing CDs until close to the end of the fight to counter this. The dungeon guide recommends the tanks taunt swap and turn him before he uses Inferno Slice. From this, it sounds like we want two groups, one on either side of the boss with a tank in each group to taunt swap the boss 180 degrees each time he does his Inferno Slice. During the crumbling roar, we dodge red circles. During Petrify, we spread out 8 yards between each other. During World shaking, we dodge the conal ground effect in front of him like on Malkorok.
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