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    Hopefully I get one :\

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  4. #3004

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    <- Acquired dagger of beta_key_acquisition_odds_increase +1.

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    don't have beta yet

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    I'd love to be able to participate in the beta !

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    I'd love a beta key! Then I'd be able to play on beta with my guildies and wouldn't have to play on my own.

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    Replying to win a beta key, would love to finally see MoP after so much praising

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    i would like a beta key plz

  11. #3011
    I would love a Beta key! rolling that dice! GL everyone

  12. #3012
    Wanting to test out Mistweaver Monks very badly key please,

  13. #3013
    I would like to have a beta key for raid testing gogogo!!!! Love you MMO-Champion!!!

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    I would love to participate in the MoP-Beta

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    Sep 2010
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Good Luck to everyone

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    Bah, like 50 thousand ppl will try to get a beta key, so I'm just a dust spot in the air... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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    Would love to win a beta Key been wanting to check out the changes to all my toons, though I won't be able to play as them the chance to check them out would be awsome.

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    Beta! Come to me!

  20. #3020
    Would love to experience the beta first hand.

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