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    Question What faction will you play? [Wildstar poll]

    I curious for the numbers on each faction since we are getting closer to release, so I am posting on multiple websites to get a bigger pool (hopefully)

    vote here! http://strawpoll.me/1529523

    thanks for helping me out

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    Dominion, because of Space rats!

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    dominion have the more interesting races

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    I'll be playing both, but I voted Exiles because that's what I'll be playing more (Granok Soldier and Mordesh Medic vs Draken Spellslinger)

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    Chua FTW

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    Dominion, Anything to get away from Aurin players.

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    Dominion, for the horde! Err I mean dominion!!!

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    Exiles, Dominion ain't got nothing on space bunnies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mihalik View Post
    Fel Reaver in God damn Hellfire peninsula. Back in the day that piece of crap asshole creeped up on my ass trillion times. You could never hear the fucker coming, until he was on top of you stomping your head into the dirt.

    And old Morgan Ladimore in Darkshire. The bitch could smell you on the other side of Raven Hill and rub the floor with you. And again just as you corpse ran. Then again.

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    Exile, Aurin of course. Though Draken are also sexy.

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    Exiles because Teflon is the MATERIAL for the IMPERIAL.
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