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    Let's Play a Game Together! The "Looking for Friend" Thread

    Okay, I searched through the MMO Champion fourms, and was quite surprised that this wasn't already posted somewhere, let alone stickied to the top of the page.

    How it works:

    - Your In-Game-Name (Steam, character name, whatever)
    - The Games you want to play
    - When you can play them
    - And how to contact you
    - Anything extra you want to add


    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    -[Steam] Phantoka Phantok
    - Don't Starve, Kerbal Space Program, EVE Online
    -Anywhere from 6-10 PM PST on Weekdays, 9 AM - 6 PM PST on weekends.
    -Contact me through Steam or through MMO-C
    That's it! (And if the mods think so, perhaps a sticky please?)
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    There was already a thread for this, but it's old and unorganized. Let's sticky this one and see how it goes.

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    Steam: Megagoodfeeling

    Wanting to play any sort or RT(real time) game, love MMO's but haven't found any that are populated and full of end game content. I wouldn't mind getting back in to WoW again if I had the right drive to do so ( have like 7 chars at 90). FPS games are fun as well. I am looking for organized gaming, whether that is PVE content in an MMO or just a few people that are dedicated to playing a game!

    As of right now and through the 26th I am free to play literally whenever. The 26th I start a new job on 2nd shift so I can play any time before 4pm est and any time after 12-1am est. Have no other attachments that would hold me back from playing whenever I feel like it.

    Would be best to contact me through mmochamp first and we can go from there.

    More about me: Played WoW for years, on a hiatus right now but like I said I am willing to come back if I was convinced enough or had a good reason to. Playing hearthstone casually right now just to kill time and have also been getting into MTG(non online). Really miss the days of playing video games so I want to get back into it! Got rid of some slack on my life that held me back from playing video games(what i loved) and now I am able to and want to find other people who are dedicated and fun to be with.
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    - Your In-Game-Name (Steam, character name, whatever)
    [GS] Nuke
    - The Games you want to play
    I play alot of different games, especially (mmo) rpg's, played WoW for a very long time but i'm taking a break until WoD
    - When you can play them
    during the evening hours (eu) time
    - And how to contact you
    I'm pretty much always online on Steam, but you can also just send me a pm on mmochamp
    - Anything extra you want to add
    playing alone can be fun, but some games are just meant to play together, for example: i'm having alot of fun when playing Terraria alone, but playing with someone makes it just so much better.
    were also building a community with some colleagues/friends, were hosting some servers (minecraft, Rust, CoD4, 7daystodie and Chivalry: medieval warfare), if you're interested, just let me know.

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    Dota 2
    Team fortress 2
    Day light
    League of legends

    I play primarily after 4 p.m PST after my classes sometimes earlier

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    I'm a filthy casual, but I'm usually down for anything involving a BattleTag (mainly WoW or Heroes) or League of Legends. I've got a few Steam games that are co-op, too.

    PM me for the deets

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    Battletag: Metalsteve#2962
    Xbox live: Metalsteve1989
    Origin: Metalsteve89
    Steam: Metalsteve

    As you can guess I came on a few platforms, I would be here all day if I listed all the games I played. Play all the blizz games and a fair few games on steam and xbox, forgot my playstation Id but not playing on it much atm.

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    Oklahoma, USA
    I've got FEAR 3 sitting on my drive, untouched ever since I got it in a humble bundle thousands of years ago. It's a co-op shooter, which means it probably sucks played solo. If you're in the US and up in the early morning, give me a shout on Steam.
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    Steam name: Faluzure

    In order of "What I'm playing these days"
    Unepic - I have a friend who plays regularly, but the multiplayer maps are geared to 3-4 players, so another who wants to regularly play would be great. We're just starting out [level 6 & 7] and would boost you through the first 3 levels to help catch up)
    Terraria - I've cleared everything, and I focus on building fun minecart tracks, but I also like to do bosses with friends. I can help boost people, but I don't hand out items.
    CiV - Preferably co-op games against hard AIs, but not totally averse to head to head also.
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    Castle Crashers

    Based in Ireland, usually can be found after 6pm GMT except Wednesday and Thursday (sports).

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    Steam & Origin: Nutricul
    BattleNet: Neqael#2206

    (Multiplayer) games I currently play:
    Battlefield 4
    Borderlands 2
    Diablo 3
    Portal 1 & 2
    Sim City 2014
    Starcraft 2
    World of Warcraft

    Playing: mo/tu/wed/thu evenings, most of sundays. EU gmt+1 timezone

    Contact me: Here, or just add me on Steam/Origin/Bnet

    Extra info: I'm trying to start a Twitch stream, so you might be included in that when playing!
    Also, I'm all open for new games. Any suggestions (to stream) are welcome.

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    Smite name: Frigoffrick
    Steam: lumina999
    Xbox one GT: HosTeL aSyLum

    Obviously looking for some people to play some smite.
    On Steam I currently play CS:GO and some Company of Heroes 2.
    Xbox one I play BF4 and have my own server. Search #DRMB in server browser.

    My schedule is all over the place, I play games when I have the time, that's what it comes down to.

    You can message me on here or send me a message through any of those games engines/systems.

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    have you found some

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    This thread needs more love.

    I play: Sim City, CS:GO, Marvel Heroes 15 and FFXIV:ARR. PM me if you play any and are lookin' to play.
    I'm free after 10PM EDT every day, and any weekend.
    Do you play SimCity 5? Come join us on the MMO Champion Regions!
    My Origin friends list is full but hit me up by PM if you want to build a city with me.

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