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    [Megathread] Skyforge

    No idea if we have one yet but searched for it and didnt find it so here we go, 20 for a founders pack isnt that bad. If you know anything at all about this game feel free to post it XD


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    seems reasonably priced for a founders pack, at least compared to some other games
    I'm still hesitant about it though

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    Deffo going to get the basic founder's pack. Been wanting to try this game out for a while and I think it will be a good part time MMO to jump into when I am bored.

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    More Sci-fi games is never bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acidbaron View Post
    More Sci-fi games is never bad.
    I feel it has a nice blend of environments, kinda reminds a bit of Final Fantasy from watching these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e27j...Muw2qRiFdFI8RO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otcw...Muw2qRiFdFI8RO
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    Graphically wise, Skyforge looks incredible.

    Could be the best looking MMO ever, but It has to dethrone ESO.

    Bought the $20 pack. Really not worth paying for the others.

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    This... Actually looks pretty damn good . And it's free to play so who cares if it's not?
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    It looks amazing, but I'm curious just how "F2P" the game is.
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    I just watched the video for the Cryomancer class.. wow o.o

    Too bad my computer wouldn't be able to handle it.. anyone know if there will be an eventual console port?

    inb4 pc master race
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    I'm not going to pay for a beta anymore, betas have become a way to get as many pre-orders as possible
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    Hopefully it won't be on consoles, don't need it to be held back by shit hardware.

    We have not seen the system requirements yet. But It won't be super demanding, It's an MMO.

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