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    Warcraft Adventures recreation, looking for help

    Maybe some of you remember the cancelled adventure game by Blizzard, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. There are lots of screenshots, documents and more about this game on the internet. Well, my goal is to recreate the game in Adventure Game Studio, to be fully playable on modern computers and as much complete as possible. I've already made a proof-of-concept alpha version, of which I have uploaded a video some time ago (search Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Replica Alpha Test on YouTube). It's really AGS, not the actual game, but the difference is strikingly almost unnoticeable.

    What probably makes you wonder about is how I did get the graphics and sounds from the game, when it was nowhere to be downloaded. Well, there's been a leak, and a Russian guy called MAN-biker uploaded a playthrough of the leaked game from the beginning to the end. And guess what I've done: I've downloaded all his videos, made myself a couple of graphics extraction tools, and began extracting sprites from the video, comparing them with the background I've remade. Getting the sounds and voices was just ripping them from the audio track and cleaning them a bit. I've also made an editor addon to help me insert the animation quickly into AGS. I have finished three other rooms aside from the first one, and they're mostly playable.

    The point of this topic, I can't make the recreation alone. I don't have that much experience with AGS, and the sprite ripping process, if straightforward, is time-consuming as well. But that is not all. I have actually received a couple of resource files from the game, and though the overall format is quite well documented by now, the animation files and image compression is still yet to be cracked. So, if you think you can help me with or provide any of the following, please contact me.

    • Experience with making games in AGS (scripting, interface, editor etc.)
    • Fixing the cutscene videos, enhancing the sound etc.
    • Graphics editing to allow playing the game in higher resolutions
    • Reverse engineering skills to crack the resource files
    • Audio editing skills to enhance the quality of sounds and music
    • Ideas how to fill missing parts of the game
    • Motivation to keep the project going
    • Anything you think the game needs

    If you are willing to help, please contact me on e-mail (illidans4(at)gmail.com) or Skype (illidans4). I will be most grateful.

    I'll post new updates here.

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    You're aware that, even though the game was never released, ownership of all existing content remains with Blizzard...right? Meaning that the moment you start actually developing anything, you'll simply be taken down...

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    Yeah, I'm not looking to get involved in a project that will force Blizz to issue a cease and desist.

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