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    Question How Many People Still Play Diablo 3?

    Just curious.

    I've been stumbling around surfing the internet and playing some League of Legends to see what the rage is all about. My WoW account might see me log in maybe once every couple of days or so just to see who is on and then I log out.

    I'm curious to see who still plays D3 and if there's still a decent amount of people to game with, I might start a new character, I don't know.

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    I haven't touched it since the week after it came out, and probably won't ever again. Too many other fun games I can play, most of my time goes to DotA 2 if my friends are on, Starcraft 2 or a random single player game if they aren't. Diablo 3 really has absolutely nothing interesting going on. Spending hours farming mobs when bots do it 24/7 is kind of a waste of time.

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    Haven't played it since I beat it. Not worth doing the same thing over and over again for countless hours.

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    I still play it as a form of relax... I turn on music and smash my way trough the monsters, nothing else to worry about.

    I have plenty of other things to do so the game is perfect for me, but I have to admit it could be better. Hopefully the expansion and patches will improve it.
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    Spending hours farming mobs when bots do it 24/7 is kind of a waste of time.
    why play any online game if you feel that way?

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    I still play; it's mostly on and off. Sometimes I don't play for a couple of months, and then I all of a sudden play a lot again. Kinda similar to D2. Depends a lot on what other games I'm playing like currently I play a lot of DOTA 2, so less time for Diablo 3. Week nights I raid in WoW so my other game time is mostly limited to weekends.

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    From time to time, I spend an hour or so in it. Nothing major though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavaalamp View Post
    why play any online game if you feel that way?
    But it's an ARPG, not an online.... oh wait, that's one of the reasons I play Torchlight 2, because it's an ARPG that isn't a game that requires internet access for no good reason :-P

    *shrug* I played D3 for a while, tried to enjoy it... there's nothing wrong with it, there's just nothing about it that makes it at all superior to any of the other ARPGs out there in my opinion. Sadly, D3 will be the first Blizzard game I've owned where I didn't buy the expansion pack (and I've owned every game going back to Warcraft 2), just because there's no incentive to play it for me.

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    We are doing with friends something that i belive is called iron chalenge. We removed all chars and get rid of gold and are leveling new ones without AH or any kind of trade and i have to say game is much bether this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zrudo View Post
    I still play it as a form of relax... I turn on music and smash my way trough the monsters, nothing else to worry about.

    I have plenty of other things to do so the game is perfect for me, but I have to admit it could be better. Hopefully the expansion and patches will improve it.
    This. I occasionally play it when I get bored, get annoyed at the low Demonic Essence droprate/shit amulets I get, and then stop. Looking forward to the expansion, but I'm not sure if I'll spend as much time on that as I did on the base game.
    I did take a really long break, and then a friend got me back into it(and now all my friends have quit again, just like at launch)

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    Define "playing" it

    I haven't played it for a while but I will play it again some time in the future. At least when Reaper of Souls comes out. But since it's a single player game, I can't say that I don't play it anymore.

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    Just finished a few days of leveling with a friend on multiple different characters, it was quite enjoyable. You can tell they've fine tuned it quite a bit(particularly in the last few months, whether that has to do with Jay Wilson leaving or not, I don't know). As far as how many people play, I know it's not the '1000' or so that some people were posting last time there was a major D3 announcement(I remember people quoting the 'amount of users using this specific capture program, with it turned on, playing D3' as the 'real numbers' of people on the servers). It definitely feels much larger than that, and most of the chat servers ingame that I've been on have been relatively lively(as opposed to saying something in general and not getting a response). I'm not sure what the official numbers are though, if anyone knows where to look for them that is.

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    Not really... Quit after beating nightmare since I don't believe its worth repeating the same thing 2 more times as I find it boring. Other than that its just farming endlessly which also bores me after awhile but I'm considering coming back the next expac if they ever decide to add PVP in it.

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    Still playing - i like how the most bashed thing is "but you need to redo the same run over and over and over".

    It's like the basic premise of an ARPG, and for sure is the main goal of the Diablo franchise - farming. If you don't like farming, it was basically expected that you would burn out fast and won't play anymore. There's nothing wrong with it, but i think a lot of people just jumped into the bandwagon not knowing what Diablo is about.

    Not that D3 was perfect at release or it is right now, but it's giving me hours of fun. Beaten the 360 hours on my DH, still playing it and trying HC for the sake of it.

    Maybe i'm not on D3 hours every day, but i play it regularly.

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    I don't play daily by any means, but I do log a couple of hours and a paragon level or two every few weeks. Pretty good time-waster when you just want to destroy something.

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    I only saw a few minutes of it but it looked slicker than a lubed up olympic swimmer fleeing from a shark.

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    I geared a WD and a Barb for MP10 before getting bored of it. Currently playing D2, but I'll start playing D3 again once the expansion hits.
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    I started with a lot of friends, had a friendlist of about 15 people, only ONE still plays and it's not me. He plays 24/7 and I just don't get how anyone still could. I wouldn't even dare ask my friends during conversation to start playing again, it's hard enough to get some onto WoW again.

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    recently started playing again, it's awesome tbh!

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    Dota 2 24/7 / Dark Souls II
    I came back to it since preparing for the expansion as much as I like to trash talk it really hard and such, of course I'm going play it. Since my DH is 100 now leveling a OP monk woooooo

    Really though lets face it people who say who aren't going to grab it are going to grab it as much as they deny it.

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    Got a bit annoyed early on, because as a Barbarian it was just frustration to do Inferno. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

    Decided recently to re-visit it a little. Bought some Gear on the RMAH, because the Gold Prices are beyond retarded at this point. Figured I'd finish Inferno at least and maybe I will get Reaper of Souls for the Crusader.

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