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    [Music] The your favorite songs thread

    Idk if this thread exists, so if it does please delete.

    What are some of your fav songs? post as many as you like, because im trying to broaden my musical tastes.

    atm i like


    and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTLYOF1BdTA

    also i don't know how to post actual vidoes, so im just posting links.
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    They are redoing every single spec in the entire games talent trees, PVP trees, Build 36 weapon talent trees and Balance it with specs and make sure it's fun. Tiered CM tuning, 4 raid modes and flex tuning for 17 bosses, a large world with MORE to do similar to mop, PVP honor system rework, Profession overhaul. They have WAY more to do under their belt then just build continent terrain. It's going to take a long time when you consider what actually has to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    also i don't know how to post actual vidoes, so im just posting links.
    It's next to the insert image option. Gonna edit in my songs in a min

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    The "What are you listening to now" thread is pretty much the favourite songs thread that we've been using for some time.

    I try to limit the number of threads where it's just posting random songs from any genre. It gets a little out of hand and nobody will follow the threads at all. at least the established ones are active daily.

    Of course if you want to post Genre specific songs that are your favourites you can do so by looking up the genre in the media index sticky.


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