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    Question The Part you Hate the Most?

    What part of a video game do you dread hate the most?
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    Tutorials. They're rarely skippable, and they're rarely helpful in any way, shape, or form.

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    The ending. I don't want it to enddddd! So far I haven't finished a single game that I can remember. I tend to play up intil the ending and then I just watch it on youtube insted (might be why I tend to stick to mmorpgs... ).

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    Ps1 loading screens are up there.

    EDIT: Love the library though, not trying to console bash

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    Trying to quit a game.

    Many games don't have a quit game button in the game. Because they are crappy console ports. They tend to have a "return to the main menu" button though. Which essentially just reboots the game. You're served tons of splash screens and whatnot all over again. Maybe even a new loading screen, just because that is what you wanted to wait for when you try to quit. Then when you finally have the menu loaded, you can actually quit the game. But that is when the real fun begins.

    Cue 10-40 seconds of black screen. The CPU is working ferverently trying to free up memory allocated by the game itself, before it can actually quit.

    Hint to progarmmers out there:
    Cleaning up your memory is nice and important, but you do NOT need to run 15 million destructors in order to terminate a process. Save what needs to be saved, and just end the process. Just let the OS sort out any resource cleanup, it's far more efficient at doing so, and most importantly, doesn't hog your entire desktop for a minute!
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    The first hour.

    The first hour of almost every game is usually the worst, especially if it's poorly made ('let me force you through this unskippable tutorial with a talking head that won't let you progress through it before you've listened to everything it has to say').

    This just reminded me of Supreme Commander 2, and the first few missions for each faction in that game. Man, those missions pissed me off. I couldn't even get through the third faction, just because the initial tutorial mission was so obnoxious. I already did this twice game, give me a rest.
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    Worst part of video games is the part where I separate with my money to buy the game. I'm devastated each and every single time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    Hint to progarmmers out there:
    Just let the OS sort out any resource cleanup, it's far more efficient at doing so, and most importantly, doesn't hog your entire desktop for a minute!
    I don't see how this could possibly ever go wrong.

    OT. Probably overused tutorials or more precisely, games that fail to teach through actual gameplay and resort to walls of text or disrupt gameplay every other minute to tell you about their mechanics. There were games that did better 20 years ago, yet developers still resort to this sort of antiquated nonsense to the day. Let me play the goddamn game already.
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    Tutorials. In some games they can be hour-long. I think FF X is the worst offender, as tutorial only really ends when you are about to leave Besaid Island (and then 30 minutes of cutscenes follow just to through you in boss fight, and then another 25-30 minutes of cutscenes).

    Extremely long cutscenes are probably second offender.
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    Ps1 loading screens are up there.
    I had problems with loading screens on PS1 only with FF remakes. But those were long enough to make those remakes entirely unplayable for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simulacrum View Post
    The first hour.
    I love Final Fantasy games, but the first 5-10 are hard for me to stomach usually. 5 to 10. If I can push through, I fall in love every time, like rekindling an old flame

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    Unskippable cutscenes, holy hell is there a lot of games that I would have played more times if i didn't have to f***** leave my PC out of boredom because a cutscene takes 10 minutes and the entire game is drenched in them...
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    Unskipable intro's, though they can often be disabled with some renaming of files. So my next pet peeve would be slow tutorials.
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    I don't necessarily have a problem with tutorials in general, but I think they should be optional. Just have a "tutorial mode" or something that you can select at the start screen. Players who want to run through the tutorial mode first can do so, and those who want to just skip the tutorial, fire up the game, and jump in can do that. The tutorial shouldn't be a mandatory, unskippable part of the game that's just baked into the beginning of the story mode.
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    Flashbacks that have no gameplay and take too long.

    Kalm flashback in FF7, im looking at youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    The bootup sequence for most games that shows the company logo that can't be skipped. Generally they're pretty quick but you need to watch them every time you start the game and most cannot be skipped ever.

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    when developers cave to the masses

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    Weird/obnoxious riddles that are obvious only after you googled solution. (la mulana i look at you)

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    Tutorials. How many times do I need to hear right trigger to shoot, click Attack to Attack, or the spell Heal restores health.

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    The learning curve. It almost physically hurts me to learn a new game.

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    It's usually that one level somewhere in the game that is so terrible you want to throw the game out, but you have to drudge through it to progress

    Dragon Age Origins: The Fade
    Mass Effect 1: Noveria
    Skyrim: The Blackreach (while Skyrim is open-world, you do have to trudge through Blackreach before getting to Alduin)
    Arkham Asylum: The Scarecrow.

    Etc, etc.

    Also, the intro to Skyrim . . . like dayum. Though I assume there's a mod for that.

    And this one is for Mass Effect 1:

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