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    Dota 2 mainly, cause as always I have very little gaming time =)
    Will try to hit lvl 60 in Rift so I can try new conquest when it comes, but really hard finding the time.
    I want to try smashmuck champions, seems like a fun game to try, anyone tested it?
    Sometime I might try forge as well, but a bit sceptical to it... however, it's free now so why not (but will probably never find time to that :P)
    GW2 is still on shelf, read that they are working on other spvp game modes so that might be fun when it hits, and in 2 days there will be a balance patch... wonder if those thieves will get fixed :P Most likely not. So yea, no hurry taking that game of the shelf.
    Im interested in checking in to planetside 2 and see what has happened there. Really fun game, but... the time
    Star wars hinted warzone limit will begone some day, and when that day happens another hutball or two would be fun.
    Ah, and that game developer game on steam seems fun to try =)
    So many games, so little time...=(
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    3 games ? World of Warcraft, Heroes of Newerth, Dota2!

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    A few days ago I was playing:
    -Pokemon X (3DS, till my battery ran out and I still cant find my charger)
    -Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)
    -Heavy Rain: Directors Cut (PS3)

    -Freekstyle (GameCube, found the disc in a CD case I found along with Crazy Taxi and some sponge bob game)
    -Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)
    -Puss N Boots (NES)

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    1.) Super Hexagon. Must...get...better...
    2.) Terraria
    3.) TF2

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    1: SC2
    2: D3
    3: I came here to find something else to play because I'm bored of 1&2 atm.

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    I just completed GTA so right now honestly nothing at all, might crawl my way back to BF3 for a few games but I duno.. havent much care about buying BF4 so actually duno! need new game

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    At this moment:

    1. Pokemon Y (3DS)
    2. Valhalla Knights 3 (Vita)
    3. Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

    ...Yes, I have a system from Nintendo, Sony AND Microsoft WOOT.
    ...Ok, time to change the ol' Sig ^_^

    This time I'll leave you the Links to 3 of my Wordpress Blogs: 1. Serene Adventure 2. Video Games 3. Anime Please subscribe if you like what you see. As a Bonus, I'll throw in my You Tube channel =D

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    1 Dota 2
    2 WoW
    3 Diablo 3

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    1} Binding of Isaac ~ Trying to 100% the game before Rebirth releases early 2014. Only have 9 more achievements to earn!
    2} Guild Wars 2 ~ Just started playing recently, even though I've owned it since launch..lawl
    3} Final Fantasy XIV ~ {although not so much lately, endgame sucks}

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    Marvel Heroes
    Diablo 3
    Dragonvale - shut up, it's fun playing dragon-farmville!

    Also thinking about getting back into WoW but may spend that $15 on a hero for Marvel. Luke Cage is calling my name!

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    1. WoW
    2. WoW
    3. WoW
    I'll be playing wildstar too though.
    EU first PG wave 30, come at me bros.

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    1. Star Conflict
    2. WoW
    3. Smite
    4. Trackmania Valley
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    Pokemon Y
    Angry Birds Trilogy (3DS)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    3. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (Hope they do a KH 2.5 HD Final Mix for ps3)
    They are!

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    1) Pokemon
    2) LoL
    3) Does Cookie Clicker count?

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    Pokemon Y (3969-5096-1949)

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    World of Warcraft
    Dragon's Prophet

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    The Nether .... lands
    Pokémon Y

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    Dota 2
    soon to be: How to survive

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    Age of Empires II HD
    Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

    I have also been playing alot of Spyro: The Dragon, Ripto's Rage! and year of the Dragon (PS1 games) on my PS3 lately. Been pretty fun! Next stop is Crash Bandicoot!
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