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    Bonnie's Bedroom
    League of Legends
    Starcraft II Legacy of the Void
    Shadow of Mordor

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    7 Days to die - This is my main game at the moment witrhout a doubt, its the game most of my mates play so we all have our own server and enjoy the crap out of the game, I love the mincraft / creative side of it, they enjoy the survival side of it.
    League of Legends - A couple of my mates still choose this as their main game, so yeah i'll play it whenever the 7 days to die crew isn't around.
    Mario Maker - Just can't get enough of this game I love the level building aspect more then anything, its great solo game.

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    Columbus, Ohio
    World of Warships
    H1Z1:King of the Hill
    Warcraft 3
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    Marvel's Avengers Academy
    Various mainline Pokemon games, working on Living Dex.

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    Fallout 4
    Diablo 3
    Quote Originally Posted by Aakarshan View Post
    This is best comparable to fighting fire with a blowtorch to your own face.

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    Dark souls 3
    Street fighter 5.

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    League of Legends

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    fallout 4
    Path of exile

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    Dark Souls 3
    Dark Souls 3
    Dark Souls 3

    This is my first souls game and I fucking LOVE it. I've been having a hard time maintaining interest in games the last few years and was beginning to think I'd lost interest in gaming. I've learned that I just haven't been playing the right games. For the first time in years I'm losing hours that seem to just fly by while playing. Rather than playing a game for 30 minutes and losing interest before trying another and repeating the process until I watch Netflix or whatever.

    I'm sad that this will be the last souls game but if anything similar comes along for PC I'll definitely be picking it up.

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    Ratchet and Clank (PS4 2015) - got for Christmas. Loving it. Have not played a good action platformer in a long time, let alone one that looks beautiful as this.

    WoW: Legion - addicted-for-life friends.

    FFX HD (Vita) - never played original. Working through it when TV and PC are unavailable.
    F2P: If you don't think it's worth my money, I don't think it's worth my time.

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    Windwaker HD

    I put 4 because rebel
    Top mmorpgs: World of Warcraft: Legion, Wildstar: Power of the Primal Matrix, FFXIV: Heavensward, RIFT: Starfal...hahaha nevermind

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    Los Pollos Hermanos.
    Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    Ori and the Blind Forest.
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    Rocket League
    Batman: Arkham Knight

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    World of Warcraft
    Mass Effect 3
    Dishonored 2

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    Path of Exile
    Wolfenstein New order

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    World of Warcraft
    Heroes of the Storm

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    Oh, England! Sceptered isle of lute and chattel
    Elder Scrolls Online (On a short break while I wait on my friend)
    Skyrim Special Edition (Heavily modded)
    Fable Anniversary (Planning on playing once Skyrim burns me out)
    My Game of the year 2016: Enderal <-- Seriously, play this game. It's the best thing 2016 produced.
    Most Hyped Games/DLC 2017: Enderal:Forgotten Stories, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (June 6th).

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    Last Guardian
    FFXV - Just beat it recently, okay game

    Not playing yet but eagerly awaiting KH2.8

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    Sweet Apple Acres
    Right now

    1. Trove PS4 beta
    2. FFXV
    3. FFXIV

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