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    Good Burst Team?

    Hey Guys,
    Me And 2 Other Freinds are planning on doing Some 3s to get quite high,
    We've chose to go with a good sudden burst sort of style,
    Would this Comp work for that?
    Fury Warrior
    Retribution Paladin
    Survival Hunter

    Tell me What
    is best/what you think

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    some of the nastiest burst ive had lately is from feral/rogue........ and go MM not surv, MM does uber dmg.

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    mm hunter/arms warrior/feral or mmhunter/armswarrior/subrogue. have fun 1shoting anything but paladins and mages.

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    best burst in order for physical damage classes:
    bm/mm hunter/arms warr/enhance

    have your hunter go bm or mm and warr go arms. or even better, run Ret/Ret/DK or Ret/DK/Rogue and cheese your way to high ratings.

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    Triple DPS. How unclassy.

    Feels like the warrior is holding you back. But judging from that thread you made "I got most killing blows as arms warrior and I just came back to game," I assume you're the warrior.

    I'm sure it'll work to some extent.

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    oh yea rets with hc gurths are GODLY atm ;p

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    why do people think shit like fury warriors work at all

    the best burst team is obviously a triple dps. Ret/ret/dk is good as well as ret/ret/rogue or ret/hunter/rogue

    if you really wanna play with that set up, the only way it will EVER work is arms/ret/MM.
    this game sucks

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    don't have as much arena exp as some of these guys proly do. But i'm a feral, and have run with most other dps classes, and the more ursty ones i have run with is Feral/DK/ret feral/arms/mm feral/arms/dk if that helps at all, besides the obvious ridiculous rogues lol, dk's and ret's seem to be the more bursty classes with survivability, and until MoP i consider feral's to be inda high up in there too

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