View Poll Results: Who is gona crown himself winner EURO 2012.

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  • Spain

    24 53.33%
  • Italy

    21 46.67%
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    Euro 2012 Winners?

    Who's gona win the Euro 2012.

    Is it gona be Spain with their tic tac football
    Or is it gona be Italy with their defensive/attacking play.

    Put your answer and click the poll

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    Italy I support them every tournament and they don't fail me. Forza Italia.
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    Aye, Pirlo for the president!

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    I think Spain is very overrated and have looked lackluster in their last few games. Italy seems to be hitting its stride the last few games and Super Mario is starting to catch fire. I think that Italy will pull it off in extra time, though it wouldn't surprise me if it went to pks, which of course can go either way.

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    as italian guess what i say

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    Italy looks "ok" this year seeing that they didnt do to well and bearly made it out of Group C but they are producing what they need to seeing that they made it to finals and past a Germany team that looked amazing this year.

    Spain is spain...its stacked but this year it looks like they are playing it safe because they dont have David Villa. which can look boring but they are crazy good at creating opportunities

    Spain will win...unless italy pulls a 2006 FIFA, and calls for fouls every time they are poked a little bit.
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    i want Italy to win, but i think Spain will. Italy cant really play the possesion game against Spain, and they cant exploit a weak defense like they did with Germany, i expect it to be a great game at least, but Spain are the kings are keeping the ball, i dont think they will let Italy make lots of chances like Italy did vs Germany and England.
    oh well, COME ON ITALY
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    I think it will be another typical Spanish elimination round match. 65/35 possession and a Spanish goal around the 30th minute.

    1-0 Spain

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    I want Italy to win but I think Spain will win.

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    I think Italy is superior right now. Spain last games have been crap.

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