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    Ciderland, arrgh.
    Command and conquer for me but that is a great list, blood, tie fighter, dark forces so many great games.

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    King's Quest series. Pref 5 and 6. Still take a few hours outa my weekend every year or so to play through them.

    Too many to list. Dude said it best that the 90s were the golden era of gaming. So many.

    Anyone play Toonstruck? Or circle of blood series? More good stuff. I could go on forever.

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    Good to see Starflight is on his picture, one of the most amazing games I ever played from those days.

    I also was a Commander Keen fan ... hell too many of those games sucked up my life back then
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    Toonstruck was awesome. Everytime I mentioned it to someone they hadn't heard of it. Absolutely loved it! I was blown away by the graphics at the time, and that actor guy was funny (:

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik765 View Post
    King's Quest series. Pref 5 and 6. Still take a few hours outa my weekend every year or so to play through them.

    Too many to list. Dude said it best that the 90s were the golden era of gaming. So many.

    Anyone play Toonstruck? Or circle of blood series? More good stuff. I could go on forever.

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    Ascendancy, the greatest galactic empire building game of all time, is not on the list. This list therefore fails by default.

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    Shadow warrior!

    You no mess wid da Lo Wang!
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    First off, its the old school RPGs that got me into playing games like EQ/WoW in the first place. Anything by New World Computing was gold like Anvil of Dawn and Might and Magic 3-5 (6/7 weren't bad either). Stonekeep was another good one, innovative and crazy graphics for its time. Ahh, back when nearly all RPGs felt like DnD with a particularly sadistic DM...

    Albion was fun too, and so was the Dig and of course Monkey Island. I also liked the more comedic adventure games like Woodruff and the Schnibble and Torin's Passage.

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    Loved them all, most of all Bioforge, Little Big Adventure, Sam & Max and Transport Tycoon Deluxe


    I do cry a little every time I see the MS DOS logo... nostalgia...
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    Wow that image OP posted .. wow!
    I instantly remebered like 10+ games that i haven't played / thought of for atleast over 10 years
    Commander Keen, Bio Menance, Cosmo Adventure, Doom, Wolfestein, Hocus Pocus, Jazzy Jazz Rabbit, etc ..
    Time to get me dat Dosbox installed

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    Miss Gauntlet and Rise of the Triads, hours and hours of fun in the OP image

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    I'm actually surprised at how many of those I recognise (about half) and for what's missing atleast Cyberdogs and Raptor that I played and can remember.

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    Lands of Lore.

    Little Big Adventure 1 and 2

    Are still great games that everyone should play at some point
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    Too many obscure games (Day of the Tentacle?) and no Might and Magic (non-heroes) and Wizardry series? No Cosmic? No Dave?


    no Prince of Persia? O.O

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    Can't believe the Gold Box series (Pools of radiance, etc) aren't on there - I worked at Radio Shack in the late 80's and those were extremely popular!

    Preferred MOO 1 to 2
    Preferred Ultima iv to all the others before and after
    Railroad Tycoon? I played the heck out of that!
    Harpoon should have been on there IMO

    Can't believe I still have some of those games shelved !

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    The Incredible Machine
    Operation Carnage
    Heroes of Might and Magic
    Terra Nova
    Dungeon Keeper
    Duke 3d
    Mechwarrior 2

    These are the games of my childhood.
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    Star Wars: Tie Fighter

    I would KILL for an exact same game with modern graphics. No literally, I would kill someone for it.

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    Well thanks guys. Seeing Dune2, Darklands, Warcraft 2, and Raptor on that list has me smelling cherry scented candles. Thanks.
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    Kind of surprised no one mentioned the "Aces of" franchise. I was always partial to Aces of the Deep because no one else had a submarine simulator.

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    Blood, Doom, Heretic, Duke Nukem, Heroes of Might and Magic, dungeon keeper.. to name a few, was really obsessed with these games.

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    C & C was great, but a funny game I enjoyed was Constructor by acclaim I also thought the pepperami game was hilarious

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