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    Research Project

    Hey peeps. Strange request here, but I'm currently a senior at a small college in NC and working on my senior project. I'm a psych major and am doing research on MMO players and have had a heck of a time finding participants. Twitch is a no go and looking for people in game apparently violates the EULA agreement. So here I am, asking everyone on here for help! It's a five minute survey and I've even sweetened the pot by adding a drawing at the end for a free month membership card to WoW or Everquest or whatever else you want, as long as you specify at the end which game you're interested in. Anyway, I'm linking it below. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks guys!

    As a final note, it is completely confidential and email addresses won't' be saved, just used to contact whoever is the lucky winner.

    Edit: apparently I can't post links quite yet, so in the meantime if you put in surveymonkey . Com / s /95ZGMXT without the spaces you'll there lol

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    Filled it out, although the wording was kind of odd. I play with a friend of mine of the same gender. Not sure how I'd categorize our ''intimacy''...

    Anyways, hope it helped.

    Also, it was pretty fast; not that many questions at all.

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    so i understand the angle. your trying to compare how much significance a person puts into an online relationship into a real life relationship.
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    Correct Disco, I'm trying to 'prove' a correlation between time spent with an individual and the quality of the relationship. Basically what I'm hoping to find is that in game relationships can be just as healthy as those outside.

    Thanks for those who've taken it! I am about an eighth of the way there and you guys have helped!

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    Guilford college, my brother goes to UNCG so I guess it's not to far away from you. Filled the survey out, for a second I was like, "Are we talking about an actual sexual relationship", but then I realized your terminology and what it was referring too. Kind of funny since it's hard to compare the two as the person I spend my time with most online is someone in a completely different country and I only talk to her occasionally to check up on her and see if she's doing alright while the guy I spend my time with the most just lives down the road from me.
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