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    Advice on new harddrive

    i'm going to be buying a new hard drive, a 2TB one, and put it inside my computer *duh* anyway so i looked inside my PC today and found that it has no shelves that will fit it, checked by dismounted my current hard drive which is mounted onto one of the walls with some screws doesn't fit, now my question is can i simply just lay it down on the bottom of the case? or will is that a bad idea that will lead to something bad? is it worth purchasing a new case with actual proper trays ? is it easy to transfer all the parts to the new case i really don't want to play around with much in case i break it, also to top off my 50 questions i've found a 2TB hard drive for around 120$ i'm feeling that's a good price from what I've seen.

    anyway any input or help would be much appreciated.

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    You can get adapters that will allow you to mount a 3.5" HDD in an optical drive bay for about 10 dollars.
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    What kind of computer do you have, is it a pre-built one or custom built?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymzkerten View Post
    What kind of computer do you have, is it a pre-built one or custom built?
    yeah custom built not by me, but by the company i bought it off.
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