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    [SWTOR] Friends trial invite/reward program

    Following the release of F2P to level 15, Bioware has updated the Friends Trial Program.

    The new/old program operates in the same way as the old program with the addition of a reward for those who invite friends who later subscribe to the game.



    Originally Posted by SWTOR
    What restrictions, if any, will be placed on a Free Trial Account?
    The following game restrictions will be placed on your Free Trial account for the duration of the trial:

    - A Free Trial character cannot exceed level 15. The player will be notified via in-game notifications and chat message once they have hit the maximum level for the trial experience.
    - A Free Trial character will only be able to play on their Origin World, Capital World, the Fleet, all Warzones, and in their first Flashpoint. A message box will appear if a character attempts to go outside of these areas.
    - A Free Trial character will not be able to use general chat, trade chat, or PvP chat. The character will only be able to use local chat, group chat, guild chat, and reply to whispers.
    - A Free Trial character will not be able to send or reply to mail by other trial characters. However, your character will be able to receive in-game mail during the trial.
    - A Free Trial character will not be able to use the Galactic Trade Network or trade with other players.
    - A Free Trial character will only be able to level their Crew Skills ranking to around 40.
    - A Free Trial character will not be able to earn Legacy XP.

    Please use this thread and only this thread for trial program requests and/or posts offering invite emails.
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    I have 20 Trials left on my Acc. Pm me your Email and i send you one.

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    I can give these out too, PM me your email and I will get you one. If you use my code and actually buy the game, I will give you 500k credits on the Jedi Covenant server.

    EDIT: I can also do the credits on Shadowlands, and if you are willing to wait for them till after paid transfers, Canderous Ordo as well.
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    Got 24 trials available, PM me your email if you'd like one.

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    Got 25 trials available here. Will most likely give something to help you start out if you buy the game, also.
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    I aswell have 25 free trials available. If anyone would like to start playing SWTOR and need , let me know via pm or email me through my account description

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    I as well have 25 trials shoot me a PM of email so that i can send

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    I have the full 25 invites available again PM me if you would like an invite I also have a friend willing to send them out will only send to PM's to stop bots and spammers I would also like to offer a place in our guild The Casual Travellers to anyone taking me up on the friends request offer.

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    Still 10 invites left for anybody still looking.

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    i have 25 if anyone needs

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    Could someone send me invite to the game?
    My email is "lukas.sichan gmail com"
    I cant send PM. Thanks

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    I have the invites as well and am willing to send to those who are interested, pm or contact me by email to get it

    also, I can provide some credits and guild in the Tomb of Freedon Nadd server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patras1111 View Post
    Could someone send me invite to the game?
    My email is "lukas.sichan gmail com"
    I cant send PM. Thanks
    i sent you one i hope you do end up buying if you take mine

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    Let me invite you and pay for swtor and I'll give you a bunch of credits to get started =D

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    I've got 25 invites and perhaps can help with a little bit of creds...if your interested in a RP server with a decent population (Not sure if its the biggest since transfers.) I'm on The Ebon Hawk.

    Feel free to pm me.

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    I have 25 free trials. I am on server "The Bastion - west-coast PVP server" if you're interested in just trying to game hit me up! If you're interested in trying the game and will buy the game and will pay for a month or use a pre-paid game card I will give the first 3 people 750,000 credits each after you have purchased both and I receive my mount.
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    I haven't used any of my trial invites yet. PM me if you'd like one.
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    Got 25 invites left as well!

    PM me your email for an invite!

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    Got 25 invites left as well!

    PM for an Invite =)

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    I'm going to leave mine here too, haven't used any invites so if anyone wants in then let me know! Would love one of those new mounts.

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