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    i need an invite but cant pm yet

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    and whats the best server for pvp in eu ?

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    anyone that wants a invite let me know (PM me your email address)... will get it done asap

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    Still offering 1.5million credits as my previous offer stated to get my speeder.. Prophecy of Five - East Coast PVP Server

    PM me your email and I'll get an invite out. Also again will gladly help you level/quest/etc.

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    If anyone needs invite - PM me.

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    I as well have 25 trials available. And I’ll give a bunch of credits for a good start on Nightmare Lands (Europe) server to the first person that decides to buy the game after being invited by me.
    Send me your email in PM or on swtortrials at and I’ll invite you. See you in SWTOR! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR-Ewing View Post
    Upping the offer to 1.5 million credits if you sub so I can get my speeder.

    PM me your email and I'll send the invite asap.

    And again I'm more than happy to assist in leveling/questing.. Whether you choose Empire or Republic, as I have 2 alts on both sides as stated before.. Along w/3 Empire 50s.

    Take me up on this soon.. As I'm debating just making a 2nd account as I did in Wow 1.5mill is a nice chunk of change to start game with.

    Prophecy of Five -- East Coast PVP Server
    Offer still stands. 1.5million credits.

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    Got some trials.

    I'm on Canderous Ordo [PVE East Coast], and if you'd like an invite from me, I'll be glad to start you with some credits, along with helping to get some levels. Sure, I can't pay as much as the mighty J.R. Ewing, but then again, you're helping out someone nicer than J.R. Ewing!

    (the character, not the.. person using that name/awesome pic. )
    There were around 7,000 Greeks in total at the Battle of Thermopylae.
    Not just the Spartans and a few inept imbeciles to play clean up.
    Friends don't let friends listen to Zach Snyder/

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    Everyone that asked for friends invite received one.

    20 more to go.

    Enjoy everyone

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    i have 24 left im on POT5 will toss some credits your way to help you get started if you'd like

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    I will join the frey and offer my trial codes as well. Just send me a PM and I will get it to you pronto!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12davargo View Post
    I didn't get one! My email is ......
    I tried but:

    Sorry, you cannot refer this email address.

    Im guessing you have a trial allready on that account.

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    could i get one? email is
    thanks ahead of time.

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    Will give 1.5 million credits to a trial that signs up long enough for me to get speeder. Message me for an invite.

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    Looking for friend

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    I am currently on play for free but an going to start a subscription in the next week.. can some body refer me so we can get the mount?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathematix99 View Post
    I am currently on play for free but an going to start a subscription in the next week.. can some body refer me so we can get the mount?
    Only the person who does the inviting gets the mount, not the invitee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    I can give these out too, PM me your email and I will get you one. If you use my code and actually buy the game, I will give you 500k credits on the Jedi Covenant server.

    EDIT: I can also do the credits on Shadowlands, and if you are willing to wait for them till after paid transfers, Canderous Ordo as well.
    Upping my offer to 2million credits on Jedi Covenant or Shadowlands if you get me the speeder.

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