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    Hey Guys im new to this my situation....i have no money......i just started playing this game.....the trial account is good but i want the full effect of the game i hate not being able to chat to people and what if someone out there in the giant mmo world could be kind enough to possably maybe grant me with a 60 day pass code it would be really appriciated

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    i know a lot of people have already said this but if you want a trail or are thinking of getting the game pm and I'll invite you i still have 25. my friend got the speeder from inviting me and he loves to show off. I can help anyone out with getting started if you buy the game after.

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    Offering invite as well, pm me.

    Tomb of Freedon Nadd, best EU server

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    I still have lot's of trials to send out (all of them for that matter) so please send me a PM if you would like one. I still want that awesome speeder so ya.

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    hey could someone invite me?
    my email is udidntcanythingg at

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    Quote Originally Posted by finbar94 View Post
    hey could someone invite me?
    my email is udidntcanythingg at
    Sent. 10 chars.
    Formerly known here as Nakaya_Kilrogg.
    I don't play Nak anymore, I'm not on Kilrogg, and
    I haven't played WoW seriously since the end of LK.

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    Contact me via PM -- Offering 1Million Credits on Prophecy of Five, East Coast PVP Server.

    Will help w/ Leveling/Questing/Etc.

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    Being a game founder I have alot of these invites I can send out. Let me know if you want to try the game.

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