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    AWESOME this expansion looking better and better

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    Quote Originally Posted by grexly75 View Post
    Easy answer to that then either quit WoW altogether, or if still playing don't use the pet battle system there is always plenty of fun farming mats and doing dailies when not in a dungeon or raid.

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    Just using the pet battle system to only farm pets to sell on the AH would be even less fun if that's all you intend to only do with it.
    Except, achievements and achievement points became part of the gameplay for me. Thus I must have as many as I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    Well, there goes my easy pet achievements...
    They should've just NOT implement achievements for pets at all, I so hate this pokemon shit.
    Indeed. Not sure about you, but gold really isn't a problem for me. So the more achievements I can buy with gold, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Turkey View Post
    I'm so glad they decided to do this with the pets. As a pet collector and having played Pet Battles on the beta, I pretty much got the 400 pet achievement after 5 days, don't get me wrong I was out battling all over the continents, and had a blast, but it was also too easy to just pick up the *harder to find* pets off the AH, or even certain pets that were from zones that were a little farther out the way.

    I never looked at pet battles as something I would make gold from, because for me it's all about the collecting, but it certainly defeats the purpose of *content* when you can just buy everything off the AH without setting foot out in the world.
    I never looked at pet battles as a major income either, but the chance to get some extra income besides the boring mat farming was interesting to me in a more TLPD lucky type of way but that aspect is now completely gone it has become a solo/self thing.

    And in this case the funny part with this change is that now after those 5 days (or give it 2 weeks if your taking it slow ) most diehard players will be likely completely done with their list and don't have any incentive to go back out and look for rare pets. So some months in to the game most zones will be desolated anyway and the others can pick up easy rares anyway.

    Normally to keep things healthy and alive you need some competitively between players.
    It just requires some tuning in most cases. For example make the more rare pet spawns more rare and make the rare quality pets less frequent. In that case you don't have the AH overflowing with them.
    Or more simple put a restriction on the payers that want to buy them there so many options and most of them are not even hard to implement. But seems they rather stick with some half assed band aid solution instead.

    but right now this change is going to make the repeatability value shorter. Which is pretty much the opposite of what blizzard was trying to attempt. it also even worse since pets and even the pet battles are being shared between characters on the same server.

    Wow is starting to look more and more like some small spoon fed gating game log in for an hour get your little list done log back out and if you have the stomach for it log an alt and rinse and repeat previous steps.
    Interesting stuff being blocked with daily gating progress.
    pet battles starting to look more like a one time capture thing to fill out your personal list after that there's no incentive to go back out and your stuck in the daily sitting in ogri/sw queuing for random battles, dungeons, LFR.

    Personally I was looking forward to the caging process. It would have resulted in having something extra to do and spending some time outside of the raiding calendar and besides the daily mat farming and most important something you could have done for a whole expansion. now its just a thing that will get crossed of your list in the the first couple of days or weeks and then the majority of the whole system is gathering dust for the rest of the expansion.

    It seems nowadays people are happy to just complete the blizzards daily to do list everyday log back of again. but yet they complain they are bored and everything gets stale so fast.

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    As proved by the video, MoP is going to be a failfest in terms of people attempting to pronounce the names in the game. The name of the boss is pronounced (Lay-shi) not (Lay-shee) or (Lay-shi) with a long i. Learn some Manadarin Chinese to spare the rest of us pls.

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    rofl Id kick this little thing off a bridge! cant wait to kill her!!!!! or it or w/.e hah, Pretty stoked on raiding this xpac

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    What's going on with the shaman dps in the video? the numbers are actually pretty nice. i bet this will be "adressed" or "hotfixed" (nerfed) before release. competetive shamans... this is madness!!11

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    Originally Posted by Mumper (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    There will be a way to get Warbot fuel in MoP. Still figuring out the specifics, but we are going to make it happen.
    I want the original name back as well.
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    Actually I'm on the other side of the fence on the pet issue, was looking forward to farming rare pets to give to friends and family who don't have as much time as I do to play. Also thought of it as a potential source of revenue to help some of my toons out, but what really gets to me is that this doesn't even fix the issue blizz supposedly has with selling them which isn't even forcing people to explore from their point of view. You can still train, level and sell pets that aren't caught in the wild, and that pretty much negates their stance that buying pets allows you to circumnavigate the leveling process and fast track your way through the trainers and such. If people can still buy high level pets then how does removing the ability to trade/sell wild pets even affect those that want to skip it? You could arrange so pets of a certain level can't be used in battle until you defeat a certain trainer, you can arrange for caged pets to revert to level one, there are many better solutions than simply removing the ability to trade and sell wild pets, but trust Blizz to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyxx View Post
    I'm just curious so let me ask about it - are you in age 8-12 by any chance ?
    I love her too ...26 6'2'' 200 lbs male with 3 stop with your cliché!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFrotton View Post
    I love her too ...26 6'2'' 200 lbs male with 3 stop with your cliché!
    6'2, 200 pounds?!? My god, EAT SOMETHING ALREADY!! (stupid thin people, always going around and falling into storm drains and such, then the rest of us have to get them out.)

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    Can't trade doubles? I had a passing interest in wow pokemon.... and it's gone.

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    Some people have said it better than I could have. Selling something CAN be part of roleplay and I do consider the Auction house part of roleplay. My toon caging an animal obtained through petbattle was part of roleplay, judging the pet and considering what to do with it was part of roleplay. I understand why Blizzard removed the option and it doesn't hurt me that much, but it was a whole lot of fun. Does fun always have to be rational? I think not. And it would have only hurt those that actively chose to spent their gold on farming pets from the auction house - because they would have missed out on the pet battles, but that's their choice isn't it?

    As it stands now, it's just a something Blizzard forces on the players: either get out there and explore or miss out on achievements and I'm not sure I like that.

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    I hope this expansion will be so good as it looks right now

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    I don't think many people will care about buying leveled non-wild pokemon pets, since the rare ones will be the best, and those I forsee only getting though pet battles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyxx View Post
    I'm just curious so let me ask about it - are you in age 8-12 by any chance ?
    No, I'm 35 but I'm a woman and women love cute things such as kittens, bunnies and things like that boss -.-U.

    Speaking of:

    What a cute thing!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Storm View Post
    As proved by the video, MoP is going to be a failfest in terms of people attempting to pronounce the names in the game. The name of the boss is pronounced (Lay-shi) not (Lay-shee) or (Lay-shi) with a long i. Learn some Manadarin Chinese to spare the rest of us pls.
    I'm not about to learn Mandarin in order to play a video game. I'll just do what I do with the other ones - call her whats-her-name or the boss. People will know who I'm talking about. LOL

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    I didn't even know that Wild Pet Trading was going to be a thing, but now that I do know and that it has been removed.. kind of upsets me because their reasoning is flawed. Of course in beta people will choose to buy the pet rather then hunt for it themselves. They haven't the time in beta. In live people will rather hunt for and capture the pet for themselves because they'll have all the time in the world to do so. Also only the very few will choose to buy the pet in AH. It's a catch 22. Only a real pet collector will pay gold for a pet. You see the conflict there? Real pet collector, obviously would choose nearly 90% of the time to go out and capture the pet for themselves. Removing the option to trade the pet, is simply unnecessary.

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    Can't say I'm surprised that wild pet trading was removed.

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    Except they've also made a list of quite a few pets that are bought, both in game and from blizz itself that will be rare just by themselves and I mean of rare quality not just rare to find. So leveled and put on the ah they will affect players in exactly the way they're saying that wild pets bought and sold are supposed to.

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