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    while waiting for guildwars 2 i play Diablo 3 Auktionshouse and make money on RMAH for guildwars 2^^ (some pc upgrades and money saved for the cashshop^^)

    cant play any game atm for real cause they all are boring and i like it, so i have time to work on my Spreadsheets for gw2 (crafting + gold) and make euros in diablo

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    I've been PvPing on my rogue and keeping up to date with my warrior in the MoP beta. Oh and for some reason I got back into left 4 idea why, but it's really fun...

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    Sucked back in to Skyrim...I suspect this is going to last me the duration.

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    Has someone already said Slender? It is free psychological horror/survival horror game.

    Here is Matt Visual's first go on it. ^_^

    Official page with download links:

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    Trundling happily through Eye of the North =3 Rather enjoying myself, too.

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    I'm mostly playing LOTRO and Dragon Age Origins or Planescape Torment whichever I feel like playing at the time, all of them provide enough time sink when I need it while I wait for GW2 and MOP.
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    kill time with some great free MMO's ...Age of Conan ...AION...Dungeons and Dragons Online ..I had great fun also in Vindictus and Dragonsnest ....both use the same game engine and are AWEOME action RPGMMO's ...Now none of those games stack up to wow or GW2 long term but they are goiod fun in the short term :-)

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    SC2, bit of Minecraft...

    Not much else atm lol

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    If I could get a friggen key.... I'd play the crap outta dota 2... instead I'm just bored out of my mind. Popping in WoW sometimes... but usually want to kill myself after the first few minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticktox View Post
    If I could get a friggen key.... I'd play the crap outta dota 2... instead I'm just bored out of my mind. Popping in WoW sometimes... but usually want to kill myself after the first few minutes.
    You can buy the keys no problem. Any one already playing the game can buy a key for a friend in the cash store, but they are much cheaper on ebay and it's perfectly legitimate.
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    Yeah, well that's my problem, I'm not too fond of buying something that's still in development. Especially when it will most likely eventually be free, when it's finished. I'll just have to find a free mmo or something.

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    I just started up a game of Champions of Krynn.

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    DC Universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by saras96 View Post
    DC Universe
    Why necro a thread that's all about waiting for when GW2 releases, considering GW2 has been out for almost two weeks?
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    Yeah no, Thread closed. With a sigh. -- Kel
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