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    ok im about to tank thok hc tomorrow solo tank it and i was curious about any advice you who all ready did it can give me? anything special i should watch out for what debuffs can be bubbled of 100%? so i know if the info i have is true and when it s good to use what cd.

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    I think all except for the the p1 debuff can be bubbled. (you don't want to bubble that debuff anyway due to it's vengeance boost).

    Then either use HA or SW and pop them at 4 stacks of the debuff for p1 (this will be enough ShoR uptime to survive 30 stacks on thok) and early in p2 to blow up bats.
    You'll also want Light's Hammer for raid heal and bat damage.
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    All the Phase 1 debuffs can be bubbled. However, if you do Poison -> Ice -> Fire like we did, I bubble the Ice stacks off (get Frozen at 5 stacks, then broken out, then after 4 more stacks bubble and cancel until the next phase) but not anything else. If you only do that you'll get more Vengeance from stacks in other phases without a massive risk (more EF as a result makes it pretty safe) and can use Lay on Hands in P1A with Forbearance being off well before P1C... and probably have LoH up again for P1D.

    The most dangerous part of the fight providing you are bang on with CD usage, is the start of Phase 1 imo. Boss is hitting hard but giving relatively low Vengeance and thus self heal. From Acceleration 3, I started rolling small CDs (divine protection glyphed) / vigilance / barkskin / iron bark. When the boss gets to about 10-13 stacks I pop HA and go god mode, until the time your AD -> GOAK so that they line up ending just as you push into P2A. If your raid is struggling on heals, popping Lights hammer right on the pull (on the raid) will have it up again in time to heal through several stacks of Acceleration when your Vengeance is massive towards the end of the phase. Obviously if your raid leader needs LH at an earlier point, you may have to just delay in until then. What we did was push for maximum DPS so we could do fewer stacks in P1B/C/D and I waited until we were about to phase into the first kite phase and popped Execution Sentence at Vengeance peak - if you do 30 stacks, that should easily put you at 600k DPS plus in P1. For our kill we messed up and only got 24 stacks or something, but it's still a sizeable DPS increase. Up to the needs of your raid!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jellospally View Post

    setup to enough haste for elixir+food to cap haste.

    33% crit...maybe I can get more i just put it together in like 2 minutes.
    Slightly old post but was wondering about what would happen if the skeer's trinket was to be replaced with healer or dps (doesn't really matter) amp trinket.
    Esp since they sort of scale off each other also.

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    Hrm possibly. Guess it depends if that amount of haste/crit dmg out does it. Wouldn't really know without personal testing if I could ever get that(GL 10 man loot lolz)

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    Finally got some loot luck in LFR this week. Up to 9/12 Runestones, shield dropped off Nazgrim then I got the bracers off Juggernaut which whilst not great due to the state of my other items, were an upgrade. Got the tier chest from ToT and bought the ret one. Haste is up to 37.3%, ilvl from 513 to 517 (irrelevent really, totally important to pugs though) and my expertise is capped for the first time in a long time. Seems to be a lot of exp on SoO gear.

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    Ya you have a stupid amount of Hit on your Neck/Bracers and (if you go for 4 set) exp on shoulders/at least 1 ring, chest, gloves, shield.

    Its kinda silly how easily you get over hit/exp even with ideal gear.

    I personally am just using all the haste/crit offset items, but once I(hopefully tonight) get H Tier gloves ill have 3 of 4 prot tier as 574s and ill mess with 4 set..heard its pretty good for H Paragons which ill probably be starting soon(maybe its good for garrosh idk)

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    Has anyone ever experienced a sudden aggro drop whilst tanking? Several times last week and today, I've had my aggro randomly drop and the boss I was tanking would go straight for our shadow priest (last week it was someone else IIRC). I checked WoL to see if I was maybe fat-fingering Salv or Bubble or something, but that doesn't appear to be the problem. I doubt any of our rogues or hunters are using MD/Tricks on the wrong target and even if they were, there's no reason that it would be to the priest (vs. the other tank).

    This happened on H Protectors and H Galakras today and I just had no explanation. One of our raiders kept an eye on the aggro meters after this happened several times and saw my threat literally go from 100 to 0. DBM usually gives me a notice when someone taunts off me or rips threat, but there was no notification for this occurrence.

    I never have any threat issues apart from whenever this happens so I'm fresh out of ideas.


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    I think that happened today to me when our warrior someone ripped off agro with revenge cleaving, and then later on i ripped off agro when he was ~40% ahead.

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    That sounds very weird :S
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    Howdy everyone. I think, the question I have, could have been asked a few thousand times. But since I couldn't find a really convincing answer I want to ask my question here.

    I'm currently struggeling with a few gear descisions. I rerolled Prot Pally a few weeks ago, because my guild wanted me to. After reading up on guides and stuff, I started to follow the haste/mastery idea. We are currently raiding 10 man, nhc (8/14) and I'm tanking together with a warrior. Our healers have been bringing up, my healthpool was to low (somewhat around 750k, 544 ilvl). To this point a didn't really care for Stam, apart from that, being on the items. I didn't use any Stam trinket. So after listening to the complains (they been telling me, compare to warrior - he's on about 100k more health, few ilvls above me) I tried to fix. I didn't want to cut a lot of haste in favor of stamina, so I juggled around with items and stuff. Finally I dropped spark of zandalari for vail of living corruption to increase my health-pool as much as I could, but stay on 30% haste (would love to be much higher...).

    Question now is: Should I really care for Stam? Or just ignore my healers... I'm not beeing instagibbed ever, most of the time, if we wipe, I die the last. And my damage taken is a little above our warrior, but we compensate that with EF afaik. So... plz brothers, help me!

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    Only thing I would do is to take stam flask and food. And replace the Focusing Crystal with your Spark (as said before in this thread, the Jugg trinket is pretty useless for us).
    What you already got is largely enough if you know what you're doing (timing SoTR, using cds, whatnot).
    For reference I think most of us didn't have much more hps during normal progress (at least, me) and really, bosses don't hit that hard in 10.

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    Only change i'd do in your gear is changing that exp-haste gem on your helmet for a pure haste one, and reforge your shield from mastery to haste, instead of expertise to haste.

    That way you'd increase your haste a 0.35 while reducing you mastery for more or less the same amount.

    But well, that's not such a big deal. You shouldnt have much problems on 10NM with the hp you have. Got any logs around?

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    If you want to juggle around with more or less stamina, the best way to increase your stamina is simply to go with 1 or 2 stamina trinkets, I would wholeheartedly recommend gemming haste as prio and in general 1 stamina trinket is enough, but 2 if you feel like you need it, otherwise, stay haste.

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    Here's his armory link, just as noone else posted it - and incase someone else wants a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patchopfer View Post
    Howdy everyone...

    ...Armory: Duckjumps on Blackmoore - cant post links...
    I would recommend replacing juggernauts focusing crystal with spark of zandalar. Gems and reforges look good. A lot of improvement will come as you get more gear (hows that legendary cloak coming along?).

    Without logs, all we can say otherwise is to do things correctly: SotR uptime; maybe time your sotr with boss swings; stack hp to 5 before using it unless you just took a big hit; EF uptime if you took EF; SS uptime if you took SS; even if you don't have EF, using a 3+ bastion WoG after a big hit can help your healers out a lot; vial of living correuption + unbreakable spirit gives you a very short CD on divine protection, be sure to use it often.

    Is there a particular boss that gives you grief? Bosses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kethmil View Post
    Only change i'd do in your gear is changing that exp-haste gem on your helmet for a pure haste one
    Imo it's the only one I wouldn't change for a pure haste one
    270 stam for 160 haste is a bonus I'd take most of the time. Plus in his case he is still not hard caped exp (more of a choice than an impossibility it seems).

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    Thanks for all your fast replies!

    To answer some questions: Actually we are making decent progress (started building the raid a few weeks ago), killing 1-2 new bosses every ID. So I can't say, we are really struggling. It was more some kind of info my healers were giving, to make their lives somewhat easier. I took EF and think my uptime is decent (depending on boss, but always above 55%). Timing SotR is something I have to put some more learning into - I was spamming it, the first days... not that good of a deal. I have changed that already and try to flatten swings and hard-hits with it in combination with cds. I tend to be a little conservative with both 3min def-cds, because I don't want to blow it to early. Divine Protection is something i rely on strongly - I use it as often as possible (when it makes sense... not when im off-tanking^^). There are no Logs, unfortunately until now. I'll record some tonight and will post them here.

    Cloak: I'm at 4/12 atm, with a lot of luck I might be able to get it this id. Otherwise next id.

    I find it kind of hard, to come up with good stat weights. Been using askmrrobot a while, but he's recommending strange stuff lately. Seems like he puts way more weight in Stam than I would. The weights, I came up with would be:

    Stam 1.12
    Hit 1.02 (to 7.5%)
    Exp 1.01 (to 15%)
    Haste 1
    Mastery 0.75
    Armor 0.6
    Strength 0.55
    Dodge 0.30
    Parry 0.30
    Crit 0.30

    That's what I was using after my healers talking to me. Before, it was basically the same, but Stam was weighted with 0.6 (as Armor).

    Again, thanks for your helpful answers!

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    To me you really do not want to weight stam that high. Even less in 10 man.
    What I can see being the reason your healers said that is, well, you kinda started the whole thing.
    Once everyone of you will be accustomed to fights, there will be improvements in healing, avoiding damages and gear.
    Heck at some point we pretty much self heal ourselves with high enough vengeance.
    I was always told by our heals that they do not have to really take care of me, whereas they are constantly on their toes with my war co-tank.

    TL DR: I do not think there are any issue with your healthpool.

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    Stam is a good stat. If your healers are asking for more of it, then it might be wise to oblige them until you become more comfortable with handling the damage. There isn't anything wrong with being conservative with your 3-min cds as long as you arent dying.

    Your progress sounds solid and you'll be getting cloak soon. If you just formed the group, then there could be a whole other level of synergizing between the players that will need to take place as well: other people using CDs on you, raid CD calling, you being comfortable asking for CDs from people.

    It looks like you just got 4-set, so your EF uptime will probably look a lot better in the future as long as you're tracking it. How's your addon / UI situation looking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by celinamuna View Post
    Slightly old post but was wondering about what would happen if the skeer's trinket was to be replaced with healer or dps (doesn't really matter) amp trinket.
    Esp since they sort of scale off each other also.
    I think the amp trinket only works if you're in the right role for it. Like, healer amp only works in healing spec.

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