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    Hey ! if the guide still up to date ? there is no "5.4" in the title like the two other specs ! Thanks

    (I'm still gonna read it but just want to be sure )
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    It's still relatively accurate, although if you are a real man you stack crit after 21250 haste.

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    Yeah it's still fine, as the expansion has gone on it should've become shorter if anything but with my inactivity and just how simple it is have made that not happen. They wanted it to be about player skill and they achieved that, but they didn't fix the problem from previous expansions of mindless stat stacking. It's almost worse or just as bad if anything. With ilvls as well, things like "what should I do in X situation" aren't happening any more because the situation doesn't occur.

    Hit to 7.5% > Exp to 15% > Haste to 21250 (factor in Thoks) > Crit/Mastery

    That's it, there is not a lot else to being a prot paladin other than being a good player, things as simple as hitting your buttons and 360 awareness as well as pre-emptive movements is what makes the difference rather than your gear - same can be said for the end of any expansion to be frank.

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