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    Going into a new expansion with not one, but two, unproven and unknown tanks? Lol
    They arn't unproven, they tank for raid team 1. I tank for raid team two.

    We need 20 people for mythic, but have an imbalance of roles, so people have to switch.

    EDIT: Ok apparently I'm now a lead candidate for Main tank and raid leader of the Mythic team; that was a quick fucking turn around.

    I may as well give some context and explanation so my guild doesn't sound like too much of a retarded clusterfuck.

    There are a total of six tanks in my guild. We come in pairs.

    Me and Warrior, we led the original raid team but both eventually ended up leaving WoW for a while, only to recently return. Neither of us really raid too seriously at the moment, though I've recently become the "standby" tank for the only currently active raid team, a position I'm pretty happy with.

    Druid and Warrior2, the package deal; Druid recently had a kid and there is word that he might not raid in WoD in order to devote more time to the whole kid thing. As a result, if he stops raiding seriously Warrior2 tank is likely to stop as well (they're close friends IRL).

    Paladin2 and DK; almost everyone hates Paladin2, he is generally an unlikable guy, and while I don't personally have a problem with him, I know alot of the people in his raid team think his poor ability is dragging the team down and pissing everyone off while doing so. DK is the current guild leader. Doesn't play too much nowadays. Openly hates Paladin2.

    So yeah. That's the clusterfuck. I was chatting with one of the officers over facebook tonight, and he proposed that they might need me back to Main tank for Warlords. So yeah, get happy everyone, conflict resolved I can keep tanking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asphyxes View Post
    Taco dinner, movie at my mancave then I'll surprise her with a TCG tabard and tell her I love her.
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    Thanks for this guide. Although it is late in the expansion I just started trying out Prot Pally and it has been helpful.

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