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    OMG yay now my main will go from 35k to 150k+ HKs

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    Guess I'll be a lot closer to battlemaster then
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    From what i've read, achievements with a "Do this X times" don't get merged (so you can still track who gets which achievements and when) but if one too earns it, it's earned across account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by expectwar View Post
    OMG yay now my main will go from 35k to 150k+ HKs
    I went from 65k HKs on my Warrior to 270k. Bahaha!!

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    Now that most of the information is out, does anyone know if they will in fact me merged? I still cannot find an answer, maybe someone else can. :-\
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    Yep, HKs will be shared among all your characters. So if you have 30k on one and 40k on another, you'll have 70k as soon as they implement the account-wide features.
    That is epic! Now i will go from 12ish HK's to about 80 on my main

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    it may be a bug or whatever but

    check eots veteran 337 / 100 wins (337%) looks like they will be merged if its not a bug

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    it sucks i can't wear my "of the alliance" title on my twink when he earned the most hks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistfang View Post
    it may be a bug or whatever but

    check eots veteran 337 / 100 wins (337%) looks like they will be merged if its not a bug
    i really hope that it isn't a bug. checked the linked chars other veteranprogress, and it said the same in wsg 440/100. guess me and all eu-players will have to wait a few hours to find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakeshii View Post
    Pretty sure no achievements with a form of progression (Think 50 Defense Caps, 50 Assaults, 100 Wins, 50 Flag Returns, etc) will be merged come MoP.
    This. They're brown/character only achievements. Not blue account only achievements. But honestly, if all you need for Battlemaster is the wins, you're on the home stretch. It's not that hard to just switch off and win a few dozen games.

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    BG wins aren't merged. (probably)
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